After 20 years in the pop culture landscape - Mortal Kombat isn't exactly an unusual touchstone. Broad references to ninjas, special moves, and fatalities are so commonplace - we couldn't possibly report on them all. An unusually specific reference during a sketch on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon has stood out from the pack. See if you can catch it:

Spoiler Alert: The Intense Staredown between absurdist mountain masters Fallon and Robert Downey Jr hits the sweet reference right around the 1:42 mark. Did you catch it? You may have missed it. It's not often you hear a shout out to "The Dragon King" Onaga!

It just so happens 2014 marks the 10th anniversary of Mortal Kombat: Deception! Released October 6, 2004: The game was the first full appearance of The Dragon King - a once immortal ruler of Outworld who was slain by Shao Kahn, and resurrected through the plot of the game's "Konquest" adventure mode.

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Onaga served as final boss in Deception and was an outsider pick in Mortal Kombat Online's Kountdown: Top 10 Bosses for Mortal Kombat X. Register to share your Onaga slaying memories on the forum. Find more klassic video by following Mortal Kombat Online on YouTube. Special thanks to MKO User LordSkarlet for calling attention to the fun skit!