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Where's Scorpion? Ultimate Mortal Kombat Seek & Find Art

Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath will bring the playable roster up to a robust 34 characters, but as die hard fans know - there are dozens more in MK's three decade long canon! They can't all appear in every game, but you can find most in the ultimate Mortal Kombat Seek & Find! Take a closer look:

Supreme Mortal Kombat Champion Tournament 2018!

It's been four years since Mortal Kombat X was first announced and unveiled at E3 2014!

Along with a couple of series favourites; initial previews thrust a mysterious new generation of fighters into the spotlight. Their stories were told in MKX, a mobile game, comic book tie-ins, and the expanded edition of Mortal Kombat XL. A couple of franchise legends even made the leap into Injustice 2 in time for last year's 25th Anniversary celebration!

At every step of the way, MK Online has invited fans all over the world to take stock of characters new and old. This year our annual tradition is turning our attention towards the future of the series! We're thinking about what happened last, and what will happen next, while asking the eternal question: Who is the Supreme Mortal Kombat Champion?

You'll decide the answer as the ultimate fan voting tournament returns to Mortal Kombat Online for another year! We're inviting every fan to make their voice heard in the Fan Koliseum as we speculate about the future of the series! Read on to learn more about the ins and outs of this year's unique tournament! Keep scrolling for regularly updated results and links to each battle!

Shao Kahn Overthrows Onaga in PCS 1:3 Scale Statue

Pop Culture Shock Collectibles are paying homage to a major piece of Mortal Kombat lore with their latest statue reveal! Shao Kahn takes the throne of Outworld for the 1:3 Scale collectible, which references Mortal Kombat II and the secret history revealed in Deadly Alliance!

Surprising MK Anniversary Reference on The Tonight Show

After 20 years in the pop culture landscape - Mortal Kombat isn't exactly an unusual touchstone. Broad references to ninjas, special moves, and fatalities are so commonplace - we couldn't possibly report on them all. An unusually specific reference during a sketch on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon has stood out from the pack. See if you can catch it:

Kountdown: Who's Next? 10 Bosses for Mortal Kombat X

Mortal Kombat X is less than 7 months away! Even as the April release date and pre-order bonus draw nearer - there remains much to be discovered about the reboot sequel's fundamental elements! The playable cast continues to be a source of new speculation, but one of the overarching mysteries introduced during June's E3 unveiling is the identity of the final boss!

Every fighting game needs a memorable final challenge. Mortal Kombat has enjoyed some of the genre's best bosses - MKII & MK3's Shao Kahn still looming large since his introduction more than 20 years ago!

Series co-creator Ed Boon says MKX's boss is: "a fun surprise returning character" and "[not] a lot of people will see it coming". He's eliminated a few contenders along the way, blatantly ruling out Goro, and supressing suspicions about Kotal Kahn. With this information - Mortal Kombat Online has had its finest minds on staff debating the lead suspects. After a few months of fisticuffs and consideration - the following is our Top 10 Final Bosses for Mortal Kombat X!

Supreme Mortal Kombat Champion Tournament 2014!

Ermac d. Sub-Zero (Championship)From the Palace Gates of Shang Tsung's Island, to the invaded streets of metropolitan Earthrealm: The more things have changed, the more they've stayed the same! The tournament called Mortal Kombat has raged for over 20 years -- and for the first time since that momentous anniversary -- the game is about to change!

June 2nd will reveal the long awaited next instalment of Mortal Kombat! As the month of May winds to a close, we have been asked a simple question in promotional anticipation: Who's Next?

We asked a very similar question this time last year! In 2013, it was Smoke who emerged from the months of debate and thousands of votes as a controversial victor! Like the warrior himself - the conclusion was enshrouded in a fog of doubt and uncertainty. With the new game mere days from launch - and new measures in place - nothing can be taken as fact! True champions must defend their title, and we must ask the question eternal: Who is the Supreme Mortal Kombat Champion?

The ultimate fan voting tournament has become an annual tradition on Mortal Kombat Online - summoning the entire fanbase to agree on a single champion from sixty-four fighters! In 2014: the event will reflect the promotional cycle of a brand new game - introducing newly revealed elements as the tournament unfolds! Read on to learn more about what it all means and how you can join in!

Tournament 2013: Who is the Supreme Mortal Kombat Champion?

Smoke d. ScorpionRaiden d. ErmacThis time last year, Mortal Kombat Online put the call out to the entire fanbase. The purpose: to celebrate twenty years of Mortal Kombat by determining once and for all who could be called the true champion of the tournament!

After months of debate and thousands of votes it was Sub-Zero who emerged victorious! The MKII ice warrior was a worthy winner, but as any champion knows, there comes a time when the title must be defended! With 2013 marking the twentieth anniversary of Sub-Zero and the sequel he debuted in, it's almost inevitable that we ask the question anew: Who is the Supreme Mortal Kombat Champion?

From the top of the Pyramid of Argus, back to where it all began at the Palace Gates of Shang Tsung's Island: a lot has changed in twenty years of a tournament called Mortal Kombat! We gather sixty-four kombatants and put the call out to the entire fanbase! It is up to you to help us find the true champion! Read on for more details, including how you can win prizes!

Tournament: Who is the Supreme Mortal Kombat Champion?

Grand Final: Sub-Zero d. ErmacFrom the Palace Gates of Shang Tsung's Island, to the very top of the Pyramid of Argus: for twenty long years, characters from multiple realms have battled it out in a tournament called Mortal Kombat! Now, the kombatants face the greatest fight as we call upon the entire fanbase for the ultimate challenge!

In the early days, you could take for granted that Liu Kang would be the hero of the hour, but as Mortal Kombat has developed in complexity, the question of who truly reigns supreme becomes increasingly open to circumstance. Many characters have risen through the ranks in arcade endings, offering dozens of possible outcomes in each game, but story modes and what ifs can never truly reflect the powers of the mightiest mortals in kombat history.

With the series' twentieth anniversary mere months away, it is time for Mortal Kombat Online to vote for the very first time! We hope to gather the entire MK fanbase to answer a question that has garnered debate across three decades: Who is the Supreme Mortal Kombat Champion?

Game Informer Provides Four-Page MK: Deception Preview!
The latest issue of Game Informer has hit newsstands, containing a four-page preview of Mortal Kombat: Deception! This issue sheds some new light on the game, and confirms some rumours that had been making the rounds. This article is more of an interview, with members of the MKD design team answering the magazine's questions.

The first point brought up is the character list, and John Vogel confirms that the boss is the Dragon King, and "he's been very 'deceptive'." Steve Beran confirms some of the returning characters: Baraka, Mileena, Noob Saibot, Smoke, Tanya, Ermac, Sindel, and Kabal are all returning. In addition, Luis Mangubat confirms that Liu Kang will be returning as both a ghost and a zombie. The reason for Sub-Zero's altered appearance is also explained, as they wanted to make him look more Chinese and distinct from Scorpion. Herman Sanchez also gives the names of some of the new characters, such as Kira (a female Black Dragon member, whose sketch is shown in the magazine; her costume looks similar to Sonya's), Dairou (a ronin samurai with a score to settle), Ben (a martial arts champion; possibly the source of the "Ken Masters" rumor?), and Ashrah (a mystical demon huntress).

In terms of gameplay, Ed Boon revealed that the characters will again have three different fighting styles, but that they will be even more distinct from one another this time around. Stage weapons were also touched upon, as Jay Biondo explained the stage weapons were much more powerful than standard weapons, but harder to get to. He explains that "getting these weapons will be a challenge, as they are placed near death traps, hidden in secret locations, and sometimes even encased inside other interactive background elements." In the realm of combos, Ed Boon explained that each fighting style and character will have more combos, but each character will also have "break out" moves (similar to combo breakers from Killer Instinct?). As he explains, "This should really even the playfield when fighting against someone who has mastered a character's combos."

They also discuss fatalities as well. Carlos Pesina confirms each character will have two "tasty" fatalities. In addition, he explains, "Unlike Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance, limbs can be severed and there will be several Fatalities that take advantage of this new feature. One example would be the fatality in which the attacker rips the opponent's arms off and then beats him with them." A couple of new stage fatalities are also seen in the form of concept drawings. The first shows a multi-layer ice cavern stage, where characters break through floors of ice. If a character is knocked through the bottom-most one, he is devoured by the gigantic ice worm lurking below. In another, a large structure shaped like a dragon's mouth is at the side of an arena; when a character is tossed into it, it chomps down like a rock crusher and crushes the character within it. In addition, Mike Taran gives an idea of what to expect:
"... you will see opponents get buried in rock avalanches, smashed by giant steel presses, ripped to shreds with grinders, eaten by giant slugs, gored with spikes, shaved into chunks with spinning blades, boiled in lava, impaled on stalagmites, or cut to pieces by lasers... Awww yea!"
The article also covers Konquest, Chess, and Puzzle Kombat modes. Nothing really new is covered concerning the first two modes, but Nick Shin gives a bit of new detail concerning Puzzle Kombat:
"You select a character that's unique by their special move abilities. Some of them have offensive power moves that fill up your opponent's screen, while others have defensive moves to help clear our your own screen. Each background in this game mode is also unique in that you get to see Fatalities performed on the victim of a poorly played game. Oh yeah, both of these games modes will be playable online."
As always, we are not able to post scans of this article. However, this issue should be available at your local newsstands, so go on out today and pick up your copy!

Our thanks to all those who wrote in concerning this story, and especially forum/chat member GuiltyByDesign for providing us a copy of this article!
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Prologue - The Alliance Betrayed

The rhythmic throb of leather wings beats upon the night air.

The roaring chorus of Armageddon fades to a gentle hum.

A metallic rattle -- the only sound that endures.

The blind lady of flame had long ago forewarned of the end of all things, but even a godtouched seer could never detect the quiet of such a lonely moment. Buried beneath the symphony of a terrible end, the encroaching coda of unforseen detail. Old hatreds, destined to refrain throughout the ages.

Jagged boulders and cracked earth spew into the silence, harbingers of a deafening thunder.

Outlined by the light of the moon and the glow of a distant spewing flame, an imposing silhouette casts shadow across the fresh crater beneath. Those mighty leather wings, swallowing the sky and eclipsing all of history with a single bellow. He is Onaga - The Dragon King!

Long had Onaga lusted for the satisfaction of this moment - to taste the heart of his greatest betrayer.
In the time of his rule, ``Kahn'' had been the name of a trusted aid. To a tongue less forked, it may still mean relief from the oppression of the Dragon King`s reign. As it growls its way beyond snarling scaled lips, the name clearly takes a new tone, a bitter definition formed by centuries of bile and hatred.

For one such as Onaga, ``Kahn'' is a powerful incantation, a word of curse as vile as the infernal pits of the Netherrealm, to which he was damned. It is the name of the single mistake that cost him his throne, his immortality, his life. Circumstances had made allies of these enemies -- now no longer!

Stunned by the impact of being driven from the sky to the ground, Shao Kahn is helpless before the occult uttering of his cursed name. Onaga pounds mighty fists into the hole, blunt force that makes a mockery of the armor that sings again with a metallic rattle. The few plates and spikes are but warrior's trinkets beneath the crushing blows of the vengeful Dragon King. As ineffective as they are shiny.

As conquering ruler of Outworld, the legend of Shao Kahn had become that of a warrior.

Easily forgotten is the treachery that was Shao Kahn's method of upheaval -- poison, his weapon of choice. It must be remembered that Shao Kahn is also a great sorcerer, one who could never have hoped to match the immortal strength of a ruler as powerful as The Dragon King. Only a special concoction, the work of a sorcerer, could weaken Onaga enough for Shao Kahn to rise to the throne.

Hammered deeper and deeper into the ground, Kahn calls upon his powers of sorcery, tugging at the edges of Onaga's soul. Such a gambit could never hope to defeat the Dragon King, but still weakened from his most recent bondage in the Netherrealm, it is tactic enough to temper his rage.

The Emperor rises.

Shao Kahn had changed a great deal since his days as a mere subordinate. As conquering ruler of Outworld, the legend of Shao Kahn had indeed become that of a warrior -- with a trail of broken bodies and defeated opponents to prove it. Kahn may be a powerful sorcerer and cunning general, but never has he relished the dark arts as much as hand-to-hand combat. His reign as Emperor did not come without challengers. His legend was not unearned.

With a hint of amusement, Kahn charges his stunned foe, returning the fight to the physical plane. A hard shoulder keeps Onaga off balance, but in the art of battle, this is more introduction than winning tactic. A playful gesture, if such a thing can be said of a fight to the death.

No longer dwarfed by a nigh immortal dragon, Shao Kahn gladly grapples with his former master -- more than equal in every respect! A grunt coincides with the flexing of muscles -- a physical command in their own right. This test of strength could go only one way. Against every fibre in his being, Onaga is made to kneel before the man who overthrew him -- the Emperor of Outworld!

Relinquishing his grip, Kahn swats at Onaga with punches powerful enough to raze any kingdom!

Spit sizzles as it stings scaly flesh, escaping The Emperor's mouth with the spew of laughter.

Even as he oozes contempt and arrogance, Shao Kahn still shows some respect for his opponent. He has known all too well the dangers of leaving a foe unfinished. The reversal of their roles is not lost on him.

Circling the titan who still sits on knee, Kahn snatches at leather wing. The Dragon King's wings -- strong and graceful, responsible for plucking Kahn from the summit of the pyramid where Armageddon still wages in the distance. With an all mighty yank, he rips at membrane, leaving only a tattered mess.

The agonized roar of Onaga echoes through the realms. A booming call, heard by hundreds who could only interpret such sound as the stirring of old gods. Shao Kahn silences it with the heel of his boot.

Humbled like never before, Onaga crawls on hand and knee. His Emperor graces him with contact. Again and again, kicking and stomping at heaving chest.

Bones pop, muscle tears, and the once unstoppable Dragon King begins to bleed, inside and out.

A second lasts an eternity as The Emperor reaches for The Dragon King's horns.

With the tensing of his left arm he lifts the defeated dragon from the dirt.

With a thrust of his right arm, he plunges his fist deep into the battered chest.

A long groan and sigh escapes The Dragon King. His heart soon follows.

With an unspectacular slump, The Dragon King rejoins the ground. His hulking form now a lifeless mass of meat and scales, food for the vultures who circle above. They will have their feast, but not the heart. The bulging muscle, squelching in his fist, is the lone right of Shao Kahn, Emperor of Outworld.

The air begins to crackle and lightning fills the sky.

Standing dramatically over his defeated foe, Kahn raises the heart skyward and squeezes the blood from it. A thick torrent cascades into his mouth, dribbling down his chin to that armored chest. The blood of a Dragon King, imbuing him with life force and energy he will need in the war that comes.

Gazing back across the barren plane, Shao Kahn sets his sights on the Pyramid of Argus.

Many warriors have already fallen in the rush to reach its top. There, an elemental awaits, promising power beyond wildest imagining -- the prize of gods! There is where The Emperor must be. Where the blinding light of Blaze is the light before the dawn, where the prophecy of Delia will come to pass.

With one foot in front of the other, The Emperor begins his trek back to the Pyramid.

The roaring chorus of Armageddon begins to swell in his ears again.

A metallic rattle -- the sound of his armor tapping at the night air.

End Prologue.