Complete Outrage for Shaq-Fu Fans
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RE: Complete Outrage.
12/22/2015 02:00 AM EST
I played "The 'Fu" as a youngster but I don't find any pleasure in it beyond morbid nostalgia. It's a bad game.

That being said, I think this website is mostly a joke. Plus the webpage is really old. And even if they are destroying copies, you can always just hold on to your own :b
I need a new sig, something with Kabal from UMK3 would be sweet. Just imagine that here
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RE: Complete Outrage.
06/29/2018 09:48 AM EST
- Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn Reveals Secret Bonus Barack Obama Video Game

Today marks the release of the physical edition of the Kickstarted Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn, and with it comes a a bizarre surprise. Physical editions of the game will include a leaflet with instructions to unlock a secret bonus game called Barack Fu: The Adventures of Dirty Barry.

Holy toot! Two-for-one value!

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