Your MKO Journey - Where did it begin and where are you now?
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RE: Your MKO Journey - Where did it begin and where are you now?
07/01/2019 07:27 PM EDT

A lot of old names I recognise here. Joined back at When the first few scorpion images were appearing. And then that god awful adema music video launching not long after. I remember some people Tgrant, Alpha, Bmk, totalmk, yanden, chiefthunder, reptile329,eldergodofice and many others I’ve probably forgot. Think i was 12 when I joined. Now much older. Went by Anubis on mkodyssey and mkstory/ Australia. Moved to the US before I turned 20 returned to the uk at 22. Got divorced, was homeless for a while. Now living on the city of Manchester doing my dream job of driving trains. Lot of happy memories on this site. Lot of embarrassing ones too looking back. Many nights spent on the IRC chat. Don’t know what made me stop by. But seeing this thread thought I’d pop my head up again. Hope you’re all well. And if I’ve forgotten any of you my apologies.

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RE: Your MKO Journey - Where did it begin and where are you now?
09/19/2019 06:26 PM EDT

So I was really tempted to make an "I'm back everyone!" thread but I've always thought those were lame. I figure this thread would be a good substitute.

What's up everybody! I joined this site in 2005. I was in 7th grade, psyched about MKD (still one of my favorites) and found this community. So I wasn't a total social reject during middle school and high school... just after 2PM. Nobody at school would have guessed that I never hung out with anyone outside of school until senior year and even then it was rare. This website was my only opportunity to be social and with people who shared one of my biggest interests for a couple years. I spread out to other forums for the years after but this one remained my favorite. I started as many dumb ass teenagers did, posting stupid threads, putting pencil drawings on the fan art page, trying to get stupid ass comics onto tabmok99, trying to be the "peacemaker" when flame wars started. I chilled out over time and spent more time on general discussion.

This was pretty much I learned general forum terminology through this website. I got a general sense of how people behave on the internet through this site. This sounds hella tacky, but I really grew up in a lot of ways through this website. I was 12 when I joined and now I'm 27.

I still remember DJWoodford and JimboLimbo were my first friends because we got on Dead or Alive 4 with each other. I made friends with YingYeung and Toxik, we chatted a lot on MSN messenger. I recall Crow, ummm... TetraVega, AlphaQUp, ummmmmm....... wow, my memory is fading already.... I'm sure I'll read more names and recognize. I'm facebook friends with YingYeung, Andrea (I don't remember her MKO usename), AlphaQUp, Zentile, and Tim (again, don't remember his MKO name, shout out if you're here.) One of my best buds wasn't a well known member, but Li-Mei Fan and I got reaqlly close, he went on a Mormon mission and we wrote to each other, now we're Snapchat friends and talk every now and then still.

Anyhoo, I might be spending more time on this site. Nostalgia is my favorite emotion and Mortal Kombat still one of my favorite games.

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RE: Your MKO Journey - Where did it begin and where are you now?
02/23/2020 02:57 AM EST
02/23/2020 03:08 AM EST

Joined back during the days under a different username, but switched to this one The_Truth shortly after the release of Deadly Alliance or the release of Deception if memory serves. I distinctly remember being (along with Temp) like one of the few people that liked Li Mei after DA and were looking forward to her inclusion in Deception. I posted artwork for the most part and specialized in creating custom MK sprites from old Capcom 2D fighting game sprites.

During the build up to Shaolin Monks I won the fanfiction contest this site held where I won a copy of MK Deception that had been autographed by a bunch of Midway Chicago (now NRS) staff like Ed Boon and such. It’s still sitting among my other gaming paraphernalia lol.

Not too long after that I became a Portal Guard for the forums but couldn’t maintain that spot as I ended up joining the Army. Ever since I’ve popped back into this site sporadically with each upcoming MK title to lurk and occasionally interact...typically in a pathetic plea to include more 3D era characters (specifically Li Mei). That about sums everything up in terms of my history here I think.


EDIT: Oh and I’m currently a character design artist, web comic artist/writer, and had some interesting forays into the world of video game production as a so-called “influencer.”

Dedicated, hopeless...Li Mei fan.

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RE: Your MKO Journey - Where did it begin and where are you now?
09/30/2022 04:52 PM EDT

This Topic Sucks!

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