In this week's Injustice Battle Arena main event it's a clash of the red and gold, the science of the Speed Force and the mighty mysticism of Shazam: The Flash versus Captain Marvel!

The official Flash Facebook and Creative Director Ed Boon's own twitter (@noobde) have combined to give us a graphical face-off between the two legendary icons!

It won't take X-Ray vision to spot that previously released Dr. Fate teaser [full story], suspended in the background of Captain Marvel's close-up.

It seems the good Doctor's fate has been sealed -- or at least his costume. Is this the master mystic himself, or has he already suffered his fate in a world ruled by a Superman unbound? Who knew the battle between Flash and Captain Marvel would arouse so many questions?

Newly released Bane and Harley Quinn concept art has introduced the possibility of alternate Earths impedeing on the world of Injustice: Gods Among Us. There's also the promise of a major character reveal and new story points coming tomorrow!

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