Injustice 2 already has exciting new additions like Supergirl, Blue Beetle, Gorilla Grodd and Atrocitus, but there's still plenty of room to be filled in the 2017 roster!

Uncle Ed [Boon] ended another week tapping at his phone to ask fans their preferences for a variety of characters. The first of two Twitter polls asked which incarnation of the Red Hood fans would rather see. With 81% of 15,868 votes registered; sidekick gone rogue Jason Todd was far and away the preferred choice. He dominated the original crimson dome and tails of The Joker's ill fated first persona.

From 1983 to '89, Jason Todd served as the second young hero to be Batman's sidekick Robin. He famously stole the tyres off the Batmobile and showed aggressive tendencies toward arch-nemesis Two-Face, and others. He was eventually beaten to death with a crowbar by The Joker in A Death In The Family: a story with a fatal outcome decided by telephone vote. He returned ambiguously in 2003, before adopting the Red Hood persona inspired by his killer throughout 2005.

In a second poll, it was a fresh batch of miscellaneous heroes and villains. Teen Titan Starfire edged her way to victory with 43% of 12,874 votes. She edged out chain smoking, trenchcoated occultist John Constantine (32%) and armored acquatic villain Black Manta, who secured a quarter (25%) of the votes. We've already seen Manta lurking the waters of Atlantis in stage transitions, possibly affecting enthusiasm in the vote.

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