NetherRealm Studios will again be beyond familiar territory when Injustice: Gods Among Us takes the developer back to the fighting game stronghold of Japan!

Despite a traditionally difficult market for Western gaming; Mortal Kombat received at least a trial run in Japan, last year [full story]. The iconic American superheroes will fight their way onto shelves with a Japanese launch date of June 6th.

As reported last month by Siliconera; Injustice will join other multi-platform titles skipping the struggling Microsoft Xbox 360, in favour of focusing on more popular Japanese consoles: PlayStation 3 & Nintendo Wii U.

The game will enter a densely populated field, where a slew of new fighting game titles has been blamed by Capcom for poor sales of Street Fighter X Tekken. Injustice will be up against existing arcade and console powerhouses like; Persona 4, Gundam, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Virtua Fighter 6 & Street Fighter IV.

Those looking to get their hands on Japanese copies of Injustice: Gods Among Us -- complete with a localized unique cover [pictured above] -- can pre-order from Amazon Japan [PS3 & Wii U].

Fans in the United States can look forward to a much earlier street date of April 16. Australia receives a simultaneous release, local date April 17; while Europe will have to wait a couple of days longer, April 19. Planning to buy the Japanese version? Share your stories on the DC Universe Injustice forum!