DC Comics' emerald archer has joined the growing list of superheroes (and villains) coming to Injustice: Gods Among Us! In an exclusive first look, Entertainment Weekly revealed Green Arrow with one of the games' first character render images of the promotion [below].

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Green Arrow (aka; Oliver Queen) made his first appearance as a fresh-faced crime fighter in More Fun Comics#73 (1941). One of the many characters to spring up during the pre-war "Golden Age" of superhero comics, Green Arrow was essentially an archery themed Batman knock-off. With the Silver Age revamp of the fifties and sixties, Green Arrow became the first new addition to the classic Justice League of America line-up [in issue #4], complimenting the growth of a character coming into his own.

In creating Green Arrow for their 2013 fighting game, NetherRealm Studios appear to have stayed close to the nigh definitive Silver Age vision. This era saw the character grow a goatee and social awareness through classic stories by Denny O'Neil which tackled moral and ethical issues. These same changes led to an increasingly politicized character, whose left-wing leanings have at times complimented the convention of internal superhero friction!

As an expert archer and hand-to-hand combatant, Green Arrow's fighting game credentials are pretty self-explanatory. He was among the small handful of characters to appear in 1995's Justice League Task Force fighter, and is on the cusp of returning to television in the all new live-action series, Arrow (airing October 10).

EW.com also feature a fresh gameplay trailer, showcasing some of GA's arrow slinging skills. Injustice: Gods Among Us arrives on home consoles April 2013.

Green Arrow was one of the most unanimously anticipated characters we ranked amongst our Top 10 Heroes We Want Among Us. Discuss the coming attractions and already confirmed details on the DC Universe Injustice forum.