Today we learned the next Injustice: Gods Among Us gameplay trailer would be delayed, Bane looks like a badass in concept art, and Dr. Fate could be somewhere in our future...

As is becoming custom; NetherRealm Studios Creative Director Ed Boon just added to his Twitter playlist, throwing down a track from 'Empire of the Sun', with the above image attached.

Either Boon's just really jazzed by the Ambrosian Boys Choir put to the machines of death [from Terminator] -- or he's trying to tell us something... "No Fate But What We Make" and a figure in blue and yellow can only suggest DC's resident master of magic: Doctor Fate!

The wielder of the Helmet of Fate; Dr. Fate is heavyhitting mystic and lord of order! In various incarnations, he's held membership with the Justice League and Justice Society of America -- DC's two premier superhero teams. He clocked in at #3 in our Kountdown of the Heroes We Want Among Us, and would be a welcome addition, but is no certainty! Boon's image leaves a lot unanswered and looks an awful lot like a background.

With Superman assuming the role of tyrannical antagonist, a man who can defy the laws of reality would be a powerful enemy. As an agent of order, will the spirit of Nabu compell Dr. Fate to support the New Regime, or combat it? Questions we cannot hope to answer yet, but will no doubt enjoy pondering.

You can ponder until your heart's content by joining the action on the DC Universe Injustice forum. There you can discuss and speculate on all things Gods Among Us, including Boon's many other teasers, such as that little suggestion of Martian Manhunter last month. Injustice hits home consoles in April.