With the promo poster leaked and a new Dragon Logo confirmed - we pretty much know to expect a Mortal Kombat announcement come June 2nd [8amCST to be precise]. All of this seems to have dashed earlier reports of an Injustice sequel, but as the old saying goes (or something like it): "The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist."

Fan Regime: Will the Gods be Back Among Us in a Sequel? [Image by @justsayF]

Font of pre-release hints and Creative lead Ed Boon steadily included the DC Comics fighter throughout his early nods to a new project. In a world of grimly serious fans, it would be understandable if the smoke screen is all just a little bit of fun -- but what if it isn't? Wouldn't the greatest joke of all be convincing everyone a soon-to-be-announced game doesn't exist?

Our money may be square on a new Mortal Kombat, but it would be negligent to ignore the lingering possibility of an Injustice sequel.

What if MK is actually the answer and not part of the question: Who's Next? In Injustice: Gods Among Us, a parallel universe Justice League does battle with a corrupted Superman. What if a "Regime Resurgence" means the warriors of Earthrealm are the next to crossover to stop the mad heroes?

Teasing MK and not delivering seems like playing with fire, but now that the studio is a Warner Brothers backed developer, what's to stop them working on (or overseeing) multiple titles? The hugely successful Batman: Arkham franchise took a break from the vital element of Rocksteady Studios when Warner Bros. Montreal developed Arkham Origins.

Then there's the emerging possibility of developing technologies. All of this Mortal Kombat x DC Comics gave us the perfect opportunity to illuminate a concept for future crossover gaming. A platform of distribution and co-branding that could resolve the lingering resistance of a hardcore fanbase and create a crossover that pleases everyone. Read and comment on the feature article: Editorial: The MKvsDC Crossover Nobody Sees Coming.

What ever is coming: The countdown officially ends 8AM CDT, June 2nd! Make sure you register to be part of the new game experience and share your thoughts & opinions with us on the forums!