In Injustice 2, your play style is intricately customizable thanks to a new system of hardware unlocks that affect both the appearance of your character -- and how they play! Watch:

The system adds an RPG-like layer to stats that will help players enhance their character, adapt their abilities, and alter their strengths and weaknesses in the ultimate refinement! Unlockable gear comes with each fight, with in-game currency allowing for further control within the massive customization menu.

Some designs borrow from fondly recognized references to the comics and other adaptations, but visual purists will have to sift through a lot of action figure tack-on junk if they want their superhero to live up to the iconic designs that have proudly adorned DC Comics for more than 75 years!

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Premier Skins are the ultimate adaptation of fighters, transforming familiar heroes and villains into well recognized counterparts! Deluxe and Ultimate editions come with a skin to transform Supergirl into her buxom Earth-One alternate Powergirl! Other confirmed skins include John Stewart (Green Lantern) and Professor Zoom (Flash)!

Injustice 2 arrives for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One starting May 16th! Register to discuss all the designs and share gear tips on the DC Injustice forum!