As previously reported; the world will get its first glimpse of Injustice 2 gameplay this weekend during a live presentation by NetherRealm Studios Creative Lead Ed Boon [full story]! Those in attendance will also receive swanky new promotional t-shirts for the DC Comics fighter - which appear to hint at some of the heroes we'll be seeing soon!

Click To Enlarge: ESL's Joshua Gray wearing the tee via Ed Boon.

Fans who've seen the Injustice 2 Announce Trailer will already be familiar with the slightly retro wireframe display style seen on the tee. Nine objects allude to iconography familiar to any DC Comics fan!

Aquaman, Batman, Flash, Supergirl and/or Superman all appeared in the trailer and can be easily identified by their trident, armored cowl, winged boot, and S shield, respectively.

Wonder Woman's shield, Harley Quinn's mallet, the helmet of Doctor Fate, a Red Lantern power battery. and an unidentified gun all appear to hint at as yet unseen fighters. The Red Lantern leader Atrocitus was announced with the trailer, along with Flash villain Gorilla Grodd.

Captain Cold! The Rogue was alluded to recently in a fan character poll posted by Ed Boon and has gained greater attention as one of the recurring characters of TV's Legends of Tomorrow.

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