Recent events have left our world in chaos.

Millions died in one terrible moment... Friends, family, husbands... wives.

Some survivors have stepped forward to pick up the pieces. Others have succumbed to corruption and through it all, the perpetrators of that heinous crime are laughing. Now, nowhere is safe and no one is free. The criminals of this world, monsters that would gladly end your life in a heartbeat, have shown us that they do not fear punishment. They've shown us that incarceration will not deter them. They've shown us that no matter how long we fight they will never contribute anything to society beyond fear and agony.

They attack us, manipulate us, murder us. Again and again and without remorse.
The time has come to put an end to their reign of terror... permanently.

Some who oppose me you've known as heroes.
They wish to hold the moral high ground at the expense of peace. I do not.
They think the near destruction of our world is just another crisis for them to fix, an isolated incident. I do not.
They believe that a man who has brought us to the edge of ruin simply needs rehabilitation.

I do not.

Instead I believe that criminals should face consequences tantamount to their transgressions. I believe in fighting to guarantee that the millions of innocents who have already perished did not die in vain. If you believe as I do, then I ask that you join me in this fight.

Follow me into a new world.
A world where order thrives and criminals suffer.
Where the virtuous rule and peace is absolute.

Building this future will not be easy.
We'll all have to make sacrifices, but our sacrifice will give us courage. Our courage will unite us, and together... we will finally and definitively save the world.

So, is this the empassioned plea of an opportunistic Lex Luthor, or the last stand of a Superman pushed beyond his limits? What exactly is the nature of the flag we've seen since the announcement of the game? Let the speculation begin!

New characters from the 2013 fighter are set to be announced at this weeks San Diego Comic Con, which is already in its first preview day for private viewers. Breaking news from the world of Injustice: Gods Among Us will apparently be a feature of the official Facebook account.

This is the latest project from NetherRealm Studios, who were represented at Evo Championships last weekend by Creative Director, Ed Boon, who showed off gameplay from the game [full story]. Featuring the greatest heroes and villains from DC Comics, Gods Among Us reinvents the fighting formula with a bold new story.

Mortal Kombat Online named ten of the best Heroes and Villains we hope to see in the finished game. A roster of twenty-something characters is expected, with downloadable content assured. Discuss and speculate all things DC in the DC Universe Injustice forum.