Injustice: Gods Among Us is on the floor at San Diego Comic-Con and true to rumor, two new characters have been revealed in the latest demo -- Nightwing and Cyborg!

Nightwing & Cyborg join Cast in SDCC Demo. [Source: Tony Guerrero (ComicVine EIC)]

Creative Director Ed Boon tipped the hat to the grown-up Robin with his crowd obscured photo [above]. The Nightwing symbol can be clearly seen on the super-meter, where character logos appeared in the recent gameplay demo at Evo Championships 2012 [full story].

Cyborg [now pictured] is a classic member of the Teen Titans who was recently upgraded to Justice League status in the pages of the recently rebooted comic books. Nightwing is Dick Grayson -- the first Robin of comics fame who grew into his own crime fighting identity, itself connected to the history of the Teen Titans comics.

Michael McWhertor of The Verge has been quick to delve into the reveals. He describes the differing fighting styles that tap into the established physics and skills of the comic book heroes.

We had a chance to play with both characters, which have very different fighting styles. Nightwing is primarily weapons-based, wielding a staff that has a extended reach for sweeping and poking attacks. He's also noticeably nimbler than other fighters and can leap out of danger when backed into a corner.

Nightwing's staff can be split in two by pressing the special button — B on an Xbox 360 controller — increasing his speed and jump height, but decreasing his range. Nightwing's weapon stance change opens up a new set of attacks and special moves for the character

Cyborg's fighting style includes a series of powerful hand-to-hand attacks complemented with long-range attacks: lasers, fireballs and missile strikes. Using the game's mechanic of high, mid and low attacks, Cyborg can launch missiles straight into the air, shoot fireballs forward and emit energy blasts at an opponent's feet (then follow up with a pair of lobbed, shoulder-launched missiles).

Cyborg's special — again, with the Xbox 360 controller's B button — is a health regenerating move, ensuring that opponents must stay offensive when fighting him. His charged up super move consists of a hefty, oversized punch followed by a screen-filling energy blast a la Iron Man's super move from Marvel vs. Capcom 2.

SDCC Crowd Shot Obscures Nightwing. [Source: Ed Boon]

The two characters join a thus confirmed roster of: Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Solomon Grundy and Harley Quinn. A teaser trailer released earlier teases a 'New Regime" in the game, with the proclamations of an unknown character [full story].

Nightwing was one of the characters included in Mortal Kombat Online's Top 10 Heroes We Want Among Us. Discuss the new characters and more in the DC Universe Injustice forum.