Scorpion has made the leap from the koliseum of Mortal Kombat to the superhero universe of Injustice: Gods Among Us! As the latest downloadable character; the iconic yellow ninja represents the franchise the Injustice game makers are best known for, bringing the silhouette featured in their company logo to life in-game.

As with any guest appearance in an established franchise, there will be a variety of reactions. Mortal Kombat fans experienced the gamut of emotions when Kratos and Freddy Krueger made their submission into the 2011 reboot title. The less said about that, the better.

Where Freddy proved to be a particularly obtuse and unexpected inclusion; Scorpion has the benefit of having been there and done that before in Mortal Kombat versus DC Universe. Smoothing things over from the other side is a brand new design by comic book icon and current DC Co-Publisher: Jim Lee!

Despite best efforts to distinguish the new franchise from their well known classic, we kinda expected some kind of nod to Mortal Kombat somewhere in the game. Whether it's a testament to the decision, the ease of expectations, or the success of its execution, plenty of people are embracing the ninjas crossover leap. Here are just some of the positive responses members of The MKOmmunity have had to share:

"I wasn't excited for scorpion at all until I saw him costume and then I was like dude that's awesome. Now I'm actually hype to play as him even though he shouldn't be in this game." - Heavy-Rain

"The outfit is awesome, I'd like Jim Lee's designs on other characters. Maybe he can help with better costumes for MK 10." - Venkman28

"Honestly, this is easily one of my favorite Scorpion costumes of all [...] time. I really hope he gets it as an additional costume for MK10. I like that his super is very Kratos-esque. Obviously his encounter with Kratos in MK9 made him realize that he needed more emphasis on his chains. I like that they made him more spectre like as well. His throw, clash animation, and super really highlight his spectre side. I'm very excited to play as Scorpion in Injustice." - KungLaodoesntsuck

"I love how they had Jim Lee design Scorpion for this game. While it's not a design I would like to see in an MK game, it works for this... I do prefer it in the sketch tho." - JAX007

"Backflip kick is back + air throw + air teleport. Scorpion is officially the best anti-air player in the game now or at least gives Doomsday and Wonder Woman a run for their money." - Dasher10

"Never was a fan of Scorpion but the costume is pretty cool, the intro and outro are good, and the super is interesting. - TheNinjasRock071394

"I love what I'm seeing, and that Jim Lee design is great." - Vash_15

"I wasn't a fan of the idea of Scorpion being in Injustice, but seeing his Jim Lee [d]esign totally made me change my mind. I love the way he looks, and I can't wait to try him out." - Siroj

"Scorpion looks awesome!! I hope Jim Lee helps design some of the MK10 fighters who need updates (*cough* Nightwolf)." - warrior

"Ya know, I'm actually proud of NRS [for] how they executed this. I mean, I knew that Scorpion would make his way in this game some way the other. But it actually wasn't a half-assed, lazy MK9 port. They actually gave him a new costume, intro and wager animation. Good job to you all, Jim Lee and NRS. You did not disappoint." - S0nofKrypton

"They translated him really well in this game, his moves, personality, and design. I really like his wager clash, and I'm glad they made his disable require a bar of the super meter. Overall, he fits well into this game." - fijikungfu

"I LOVED that line "There is no justice!". Very clever,because we know what Scorp has been through with his and his family murders." - Noobsmoke92

"The most interesting bit of all of this is going to be seeing how well an mk fighter makes the transition to [I]njustice. Going by that video, it seems like its going to be a success, and like him or not, he looks to be a viable member of the roster. He is an anti air beast. His super is cooler than everyone is giving it credit for. He takes them to hell and ragdolls the [...] out of them! I can't wait to take him for a spin." - Detox

"I like this costume a lot more than his MK9 primary, but less than his MK9 alternate. I'm happy that they redesigned him rather than recycle him from MK9 (one thing I love about Mortal Kombat is that the characters get new designs in each game). Even if it's not the best Scorpion costume, it's still better than recycling it imo. It keeps it fresh. I agree the spikes on his wrists are a little too over the top. I don't really mind those sword things though. The thing is, I didn't get Injustice. But I definitely want to get the complete edition when it comes out now. But this really makes me hope another Mortal Kombat will be announced soon." - johnny1up

"The costume is awesome, with the minor exception of spikes on his costume. It reminds me of the way the ninja hood looked like in his MK1 sprite, that's just sweet. That's how it should be if they want him to look like a ninja." - legoslayer10

Of course, while many may find enjoyment in the variety of a crossover guest character, not everyone is so easily convinced.

As a third draft DLC inclusion, Scorpion skips ahead of some of the most iconic heroes and villains of the DC Universe. One could argue that those options should have had maximum priority in a DC product - particularly some of the most shocking omissions [e.g. Martian Manhunter -- teased at the end of the Scorpion trailer]. The existence of lesser guest characters may have soured the broth for the better picks, but is it so wrong for consumers and fans to expect a franchise to be what it claims to be and nothing else?

Scorpion's arrival as a previously unannounced Season Pass character - or even as $4.99 extra - raises questions about consumer satisfaction, the gaming experience, and the exploitation of DLC. In some ways, it may be disappointing Scorpion wasn't included as a deeply embedded secret in the disc game itself. For others, no amount of reasoning will do. Here are some of the negative reactions from The MKOmmunity:

"What I don't like is that his spear is shaped like a scorpion tail. No. Yeah, his name is "Scorpion", but that doesn't mean he should be decked out in a giant yellow scorpion carcus. Just make him a yellow "ninja"." - legoslayer10

"I only liked his super. Seeing pretty much all of his MK9 moves copy-pasted into this game feels lame. Not impressed. I just expected something "fresh" and different for Injustice, not almost a literal copy/paste from MK (moves, that is). Although, this is not surprising considering how much it helped them time-wise." - Nephrite

"As for his design... I'm kinda indifferent. I like the loose hood, but I hate the obnoxious spikes on the gauntlets. I like the golden armor, but I hate the lines and loose cloth on his legs. I like that he looks very MK-ish, but I hate that he's in the game at all." - TemperaryUserName

"I find it funny that I was really excited for Scorpion, and then they get him re-designed by Jim Lee who I hate and he makes Scorpion look like a [...] dork. Worst design in Injustice, bar none. Yeah, his name is Scorpion, so let's cover his whole chest with a bulky yellow scorpion. So bad." - Mobster_For_SATAN

"Im very glad they re-designed him and not just by the NRS team but by JIM LEE :D I still feel however he doesn't belong, and his moves aren't very new or interesting to me...but I got the season pass so im stuck with him. He does look very cool tho." - Wintergoose

"I think Scorpion's super could have been better. Rather than raising some pillars at the start of the super, he should have summoned a bunch of other Scorpions like his UMK3 fatality and just beat the crap out of his opponent. I'm kind of disappointed he made the roster, but I'm glad they redesigned him. His move set looks almost identical to MK9 save for his throw. His Clash is pretty cool too. " - Kabal20

"I don't wanna see this design in MK 10 but it works well for the comic book universe." - colt1107

"Same sh*t as MK9, fire animation still sucks, the design is meh." - GodlyShinnok

"I really hate people in twitter saying: "wow Scoprpion gameplay looks amazing" ... come one thats a simple copy an paste from MK9...the only thing we can say its awesome is his design... but gameplay, combos, specials ""get over here" everything is copy and paste from MK... thats lame..!!!" - hayder_online

"Lame Super Move. My overall feeling about this is meh." - MrSchmuckHead

"Well I do like his design, but the moves do look a little too similar to similar to MK9." - Darkhound74

"I only had one problem with Freddy, and it's the same problem I have with Scorpion. No Jason, No Sub-Zero. I've been a Friday the 13th fan for over 20 years now. When I saw Freddy was in MK9 my heart skipped a beat. I figured "if Freddy is in, Jason has to be, right?" Wrong! i feel like that has happened again with Scorpion. [...] It's not that Scorpion can't stand solid ground in Injustice, he just needs some company." - evilekim

"... I hate all these Scorpion themed costumes they keep coming up with for him. What happened to the good old days when they felt the need to establish he was undead with his design instead being so god damn literal with his name!" - Onaga

"Love the hood mask combo, but hate his overall outfit in general. The shit on his chest and below is a big yellow eye sore. His Super is great. His victory animation is wicked. The moves, I'm not mad that he has the same moves plus a few new ones, it was to be expected really. I don't like that a MK character is in the game, but I'm kinda glad he's in, just to combat against the Sinestro spammers." - WeaponTheory

"Only his hood and mask are good (remind me about his awesome design from MKD). Otherwise it's superhero costume, not warrior's. While fitting for this particular game, I hope his design in the next MK will have nothing to do with such style." - RedSumac

"The only thing that makes me twist my head is the diamond thing in the center of his chest. I mean I get that he "needed" something like that to fit in with the DC superheroes, but a diamond? I dig the rest of the costume." - DjangoDrag

Whether you love it or hate it; Scorpion is now live for holders of the DLC Season Pass. An individual purchase goes live on PlayStation Network & Xbox LIVE starting June 11 (next Tuesday).

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