You watched the fight announcement preview -- now the ScrewAttack DEATH BATTLE is finally here! Representing UltraTech and The Lin Kuei respectively it's a full metal main event as Fulgore takes on Sektor!

Once, long ago, Killer Instinct was actually touted as the Mortal Kombat killer. While the Nintendo-centric series amassed a strong cult following, its fusion of Kombat and Street Fighter influences always felt a step or two behind its older brothers. It's fair to say years in obscurity reflect the contrast of Mortal Kombat's ultimate dominance as a cross-platform, pop culture phenomenon.

Of course, as fans on the forums know; Killer Instinct made a bold comeback in 2013, resurrecting the franchise for a new generation with on-going micro-transaction updates! This came two years after Mortal Kombat had its own franchise rebirth -- KI forever following in its footsteps. What does all of this mean? Well, it's the premise of a franchise grudge match that hasn't necessarily picked its competitors evenly.

Death Battles profess to look only at the games and characters' abilities to determine their outcomes. If you ask us, they go a little too far. If you haven't watched the view [embedded above] - this is your last chance to jump before we engage cyborg spoiler mode!

Tekunin Warrior: 2006 Official Sektor Concept Art.

Previous ScrewAttack battles featuring Mortal Kombat fighters have shown inherent advantages to one participant over the other. Lightning manipulating Thor faced the electric Raiden; soul manipulating Shao Kahn faced psycho soul powered Bison. This Death Battle was a welcome return to a more even thematic platform, at least in the basic premise. The way we see it -- this was a match-up of an A-list character from a B-list series, taking on a B-list character from an A-list series. That alone has the potential to weight the advantage in favour of one over the other, but there's a debate to be had over which way it goes.

ScrewAttack look to the in-game content for their references when breaking abilities down. With very few cross-media appearances: neither character was bolstered or penalized by inferior adaptations. They were, however, matched on a literal interpretation of their in-game abilities. In this respect, we would have to acknowledge that Fulgore seems to have some legitimate edge -- but how adequate is this comparison?

For Sektor to have a shot, you have to respect that brute force and bulk aren't always the best way to win. There's no denying Fulgore has a full metal shell that gives him a weight and power advantage, but Sektor could be well equipped to handle these abilities.

Ninjas or not [not] -- The Lin Kuei are a clan of martial arts master assassins. They clearly value a certain amount of ninja-esque stealth and manoeuvrability. We're not convinced Mortal Kombat has ever applied its fighting styles with enough consistency or conceptual grounding to take them literally. If we did: Sektor's sambo would give him a strong Judo style grappling base, with kenpo being a system built on counter attacks. These skills would certainly be put to good use against the bulky Fulgore and his weight advantage. If you've ever been on the end of Sektor's teleport punches -- you know how well he can out manoeuvre foes and attacks.

Sektor's penchant for flame probably wouldn't do him a whole lot of good against his metallic foe, but missiles pack a punch, and have been shown to be system guided for precision in moves like the Robo-Sek fatality. As ScrewAttack note -- Fulgore's defeat came when he was ripped apart. Sektor's missiles are sure to soften up those joints and those pulse blades that were mentioned? Perfect for loosening and cutting UltraTech engineered joins. The conclusion? The Scarecrow!

Sektor Wins: "The Scarecrow" separates the men from the boys... and the limbs from the body!

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