FIGHT: ScrewAttack Death Battle - Thor versus Raiden!
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RE: FIGHT: ScrewAttack Death Battle - Thor versus Raiden!
12/05/2012 09:28 AM EST
Riyakou Wrote:
Gouki Wrote:

That is YOUR assumption, isnt it?

And I did imply i read 'SOME' of the comments...

I read some and some i didnt bother to even take a peak

so, how can u be so sure which were discarded, exactly...?

Also, an "explanation" can be short or long and those posts were full of both, correct me if im wrong. smile

HEY!! those all rhyme!!


I said 'most likely.'

I assumed nothing. If you did not feel that there were those who were stating how Raiden could have won, particularly within the posts you haven't read, you would not have made such a comment.

Now, if you decide to reply to this, by all means do so, but afterwards let's try to stay on topic. We're ruining the thread with our argument.

feeling and assuming are two different things...
feeling and 'hoping' could be similar...

your right about one thing, but what ur wrong about icicle, is that you "felt" that i "assumed" there were...

I did consider this is an MK site...bias icicles COULD be roaming these icy parts
but i did not assume they wrote bias comments, i 'HOPED' they did not...

now then, if U want to reply to what i said, go right ahead, but like U said and i agree;We are ruining this thread...

so to get back on track, Thor, and i guess thats, That. grin

thanks 4 the civilized convo bro, but u weren't nearly as fun as 'Jadey- Ravy' though. lol
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RE: FIGHT: ScrewAttack Death Battle - Thor versus Raiden!
02/10/2014 06:31 PM EST
Make sure you don't miss the groovy-cool Raiden v Thor by Mike Booth.

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