MKO Forum Game: Kombat Fight League - Friday Night Fights 9/25
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MKO Forum Game: Kombat Fight League - Friday Night Fights 9/25
12/09/2014 08:13 AM EST
Within each of us there burns the soul of a warrior - time to unleash it!
The realms of the MKO Fan Koliseum and live chat have been merged to create a weekly event pitting user against user! Friday Night Fights serve as a yearbook, writing the names of some of the best members in the community into the history of the Kombat Fight League!

You can play actively through forum challenges and role-playing, build stats in real-time in the #mortalkombat chat room - or simply be part of the weekly saga as battles unfold every week!

To register, all you need to do is post in this thread! As a member of the league, you will then be able to challenge your fellow users 24/7 on IRC, or find yourself booked in ranking match-ups as part of our weekly Friday Night Fights! Forum user m0s3pH continues his role as head booker in 2015, deciding the match-ups every week in formats of: 1v1, 2v2, 3-Way, 2v1, 3v3 or 5v5!

How does it all work? Fights earn players XP which then contributes to a carefully created fight-simulation algorithm, designed to recreate all the facets of a real battle! In other words -- a Random Number Game! Almost any competitor can win a match, but the greater the XP, the greater the potential to punish your opponents with maximum impact!

You can fight 24/7 and boost your stats by joining MKO's official IRC chan!
For questions and discussion about the IRC, refer to the sticky thread. You can also find links to a variety of connection methods, including MKO's java applet (which is totally safe for use, but may require confirmation with your firewall).

The commands you need to know on IRC are pretty simple:
!fight NPC -- fight NPC minions & bosses to boost gamerscore (XP)!
!fight [nickname] -- fight an online opponent!
!ID -- check your gamerscore, health, lives!
cheev -- recover health, gain XP & unlock silly achievements!

You must be registered to trigger actions on IRC. Many of you may already be registered based on previous visits to the chat room, and could have stats ready to go! For more details and past results visit the Kombat Fight League sub-site! [Note: Competitors who participated in previous years will carry over into Season 2015!]

Internet Relay Kombat 2015 Registrants:
- [Killswitch]
- 4avenger5 [IRC: avenger45]
- Asesino
- Baraka_MK
- bdog_13
- CaTigeReptile
- CCShadow
- Chryo_Spyder
- coltess
- DarknessDragon
- DeathScepter
- dibula
- Genku
- Ghostdragon
- hydraslash
- irulegames1234
- jack4813
- Jerrod
- Jironobou
- kentei290
- legoslayer10
- LordSkarlet
- m0s3pH (Head Booker) [IRC: m0s]
- Maridany
- Methuselah6463
- Mick-Lucifer [IRC: ElJobber]
- MKRocket [IRC: MKR]
- Moco64 [IRC: Moco]
- Murdoink
- mwgrant0
- Nephrite
- nightbreed_16
- NovaStarr
- onimike
- Onryo
- Philip94
- redman
- rick991
- Scott-Howell
- Sekktor
- ShoeUnited [IRC: Shoe]
- SK9608
- subzero776
- tghuhyg19
- TheNinjasRock071394 [IRC: Knickxasawrrrr]
- The_Purple_Bunny
- TheMetinPorta
- TonyTheTiger
- UlcaTron
- Unknown265
- VenoMark
- zebraska
- Zentile


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RE: MKO Forum Kombat Fight League - Season 2015 Sign-Ups!
12/09/2014 01:24 PM EST
Y2K is heading to the top this year.
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RE: MKO Forum Kombat Fight League - Season 2015 Sign-Ups!
12/09/2014 03:28 PM EST
Another year, another 12 months of jobbers tryin' to put their tainted fingers on my gold.
BunnyHaetsU - Ramblings of a man who probably shouldn't be allowed into society.
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RE: MKO Forum Kombat Fight League - Season 2015 Sign-Ups!
12/11/2014 05:11 AM EST
Get ready for 2015, folks. I want to see some fresh blood enter The Great Arena!

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RE: MKO Forum Kombat Fight League - Season 2015 Sign-Ups!
12/19/2014 03:10 PM EST
My name gets thrown into it automatically anyway's so I'm in lol.grin
I will rock you.
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RE: MKO Forum Kombat Fight League - Season 2015 Sign-Ups!
12/19/2014 06:40 PM EST
I'm in.
Shao Kahn did nothing wrong
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RE: MKO Forum Kombat Fight League - Season 2015 Sign-Ups!
12/20/2014 04:46 AM EST

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RE: MKO Forum Kombat Fight League - Season 2015 Sign-Ups!
12/20/2014 09:17 PM EST
What the hell. Site cred, please.
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RE: MKO Forum Kombat Fight League - Season 2015 Sign-Ups!
01/01/2015 06:52 AM EST
Final 2014 results are up. Make sure you sign-up for 2015! Join & forget simple fun!

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RE: MKO Forum Kombat Fight League - Season 2015 Sign-Ups!
01/19/2015 05:47 PM EST
January 16th Results!

zebraska d. subzero776 [+1]
UlcaTron & dibula d. hydraslash & Methuselah6463 [+1]
kentei290 d. DarknessDragon [+1]
rick991 d. coltess [+1]
DeathScepter d. Chryo_Spyder [+2]
nightbreed_16 d. legoslayer10 [+1]
MKRocket d. redman [+1]
NovaStarr d. Onimike [+1]
Baraka_MK & Onryo d. Jerrod & Killswitch [+1]
VenoMark d. CaTigeReptile [+1]
Ghostdragon d. TheNinjasRock071394 [+3]
Genku has challenged and defeated The_Purple_Bunny! [+1] [KFL Championship]

The opening night of the 2015 KFL season had tons of fireworks and lots of surprises! Coming off a 2014 that included just one lonely win, zebraska has already matched that total with a narrow victory over subzero776! After spending much of the latter half of 2014 with The Horde, dibula teamed with UlcaTron in a successful Duo debut! In the third bout, a pair of 8-win fighters squared off, with kentei290 delivering a solid performance in a win over DarknessDragon!

The next fight, between rick911 and coltess, was originally seen as a warm-up for coltess as he attempts to build on an eventful 2014. Nobody sent that memo to rick991, who absorbed a weak attack from coltess and delivered a slightly stronger one to win a match that failed to impress. It'll be interesting to see what happens for these guys next.

Forever the dark horse, DeathScepter began his 2015 season with a win over one of the surprise competitors of 2014, Chryo_Spyder! A solid +2 impact won the day for the shadowy fighter, and he appeared eager to ascend to new heights in the near future!

I think the result in match six was very telling of the direction these two fighters are headed in. In 2014, nightbreed_16 took a lot of lumps, to the tune of a 6-16 overall record, but recent time spent hitting the bricks has the former contender on the upswing! Teaming with Asesino towards the end of last year seems to have helped that development as well. As for legoslayer10, what was supposed to be a big 2014 turned sour in a hurry as he too finished with a losing record, and it was more of the same in this match. I don't know how to evaluate him at this point, but he'll need to be fed some bottom feeders if he hopes to make a comeback.

With blacksaibot suspended and MINION largely ineffective for most of 2014, it appears as though their respective partners, MKRocket and redman, will be flying solo for the time being. Perfect opportunity for them to clash, and I think the result was the expected one. MKRocket could be a sleeper in 2015. He's got good things ahead of him.

NovaStarr looked strong against a very game Onimike. I like these two this year. Once the championship is away from the super heavyweights, I think they can both earn their way into championship matches.

BMK & Onryo made it look like old times against 2014's top team, Jerrod & Killswitch! They certainly didn't make it look easy, as the victory was ever so slim, but the result served as a reminder to The Great Arena that they are more than capable of being the top dogs once again!

VenoMark and Ghostdragon both made statements on Friday night, taking down decorated former champions in CTR and TNR, respectively! Could we be seeing them clash for the #1 contender spot next week? Stay tuned!

Down goes TPB! I did not expect this result, but after a moribund 2014 Genku pulled what has to be considered a massive upset! As the newly crowned KFL Champion, Genku will have no shortage of fighters waiting to take him out! Who will he take on first?

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RE: MKO Forum Kombat Fight League - Season 2015 Sign-Ups!
01/27/2015 12:17 AM EST
January 23rd Results!

Methuselah6463 d. zebraska [+1]
DarknessDragon d. SK9608 [+1]
irulegames1234 d. TheMetinPorta [+1]
jack4813 d. Jironobou [+1]
Unknown265 & mwgrant0 d. UlcaTron & dibula [+1]
Philip94 d. rick991 [+1]
nightbreed_16 d. tghuhyg19 [+1]
LordSkarlet d. DeathScepter [+2]
NovaStarr d. MKRocket [+1]
Baraka_MK & Onryo d. CCShadow & Scott-Howell [+1]
Nephrite d. 4avenger5 [+1]
VenoMark d. Ghostdragon [+3] (#1 Contender)

The opening trio of matches had little fanfare to them; not much was known about the prospects of the fighters this year. The fans in The Great Arena were left with more questions than answers after three close fights! Methuselah6463 prevented zebraska from making it two in a row to start 2015, while DarknessDragon and irulegames1234 also entered the win column for the first time.

I like this win for jack4813. It was the right opponent for him to start 2015 on the right foot. After his struggles last season, it became evident that jack's aspirations will have to be brought along more slowly this time around.

Easy come, easy go. After winning their debut match this week, UlcaTron & dibula were defeated by Unknown265 & mwgrant0, who parlayed some early 2014 victories into a benchmark campaign. Good to see them continue their success.

Both Philip94 and nightbreed_16 could be seen as darkhorse contenders in 2015, and they certainly showed flashes of their potential in respective victories this past Friday. Both fighters appeared generally unchallenged by their opponents, so it will be interesting to see what happens as they both ascend the ladder.

LordSkarlet looked to be in mid-season form this week, dispatching DeathScepter in a smooth +2 win. After an underwhelming 2014, LordSkarlet surely wants to get his piece of the pie this year, in the form of the KFL Championship! Who else will he have to take out to get there?

I think it flew over the heads of most of the Great Arena faithful, but there was something different about the way NovaStarr performed against MKRocket. She fought with some serious fire out there, more than this writer has ever seen! For his efforts, MKRocket did well to escape with only a -1 to his name. Surely he won't forget this encounter!

After another win over a fellow top team, the question begs: what's next for BMK & Onryo? Could there be solo runs for them? I think we might need to wait and see how the title picture looks in a few weeks, but the future looks very bright for the Duo stalwarts.

Let me put something in perspective: 4avenger5 suffered his first loss of 2014 in April. For Nephrite to take down the breakout star of last season in their first fight of 2015 is, well, impressive! Nephrite was unable to cash in his many chances at gold in 2014, but something about the way he performed tells me this is a different man.

We have a new #1 Contender, and it's none other than the main circuit's top dog, VenoMark! Ghostdragon proved to be a worthy adversary for the powerful VenoMark, but in the end, it was a comprehensive result. With the win, VenoMark moves on to face Genku next week for the KFL Championship!

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RE: MKO Forum Kombat Fight League - Season 2015 Sign-Ups!
02/04/2015 03:59 PM EST
January 30th Results!

Zentile d. bdog_13 [+2]
Maridany d. Asesino [+1]
JUST_A_TARKATAN d. tghuhyg19 [+1]
Sekktor d. Murdoink [+1]
nightbreed_16 d. MINION [+1]
redman d. Onimike & legoslayer10 [+3/-1/-2]
jack4813 d. Philip94 [+3]
Jerrod & Killswitch d. CCShadow & Scott-Howell [+1]
ShoeUnited d. TonyTheTiger [+12]
Nephrite d. NovaStarr [+1]
m0s3pH d. Ninja_Mime [+5]
VenoMark d. Genku (c) [+3] [KFL Championship]

A loaded undercard provided an exciting start to the final KFL show of January! After Zentile wowed the crowd with his wrestling prowess, Maridany defeated Asesino in a battle of under-the-radar competitors! The third match saw tghuhyg19's early season struggles continue against JUST_A_TARKATAN. A close win to be sure, but one that should build momentum going forward for the victor.

Sekktor appeared to shake off the stench of his lackluster 2014 with a solid win over Murdoink, who was on his game. I think the result helps both men here. Sekktor can advance to tougher competition, meanwhile Murdoink gains valuable experience in defeat.

The first KFL fighter to reach three wins in 2015 is... nightbreed_16? Believe it! It wasn't a simple endeavor, but this contender looks to be for real after downing MINION to move to 3-0! Whether or not he will become 2015's 4avenger5 remains to be seen, but I advise all of the Great Arena faithful to enjoy the ride while it lasts!

Triple threat matches are never easy to predict, with the dynamics involved. With three fighters who were pretty evenly matched heading in, I didn't expect redman to score both eliminations! Delivering a combined +3 impact over the course of the battle, redman asserted himself out there. I'm interested to see who he takes on next!

I think that jack4813 needed this win more than Philip94, but I also believe that he wanted it more as well! A +3 impact is sure to turn some heads around the KFL, but jack's bugaboo has always been stringing together wins on his ascent to the top! Might be too many bodies to climb over right now, but it's worth keeping an eye on.

Jerrod & Killswitch have done just about everything there is to do as a team in the KFL. They've beaten all of the top teams, found modest success individually, and have been a mainstay for over a year. Looked like business as usual last week against CCShadow & Scott-Howell.

Fans inside The Great Arena expected a slugfest between two heavy hitters, ShoeUnited and TonyTheTiger, but what they saw was utter domination! Shoe looked like a man possessed out there, striking down "The Predator" with a thunderous +12 impact!

Nephrite continues to look renewed and strong with his win over NovaStarr! It was a very close contest, but last year's gold medalist really showed us something last week! The momentum is building towards a potential title shot for Nephrite, he just has to keep holding up his end of the bargain.

It's not too often that the commissioner steps out from behind the curtain and into the KFL ring, but he showed no rust in defeating Ninja_Mime with a strong +5 attack. Will this turn into a more active schedule for the head booker? We'll see!

Another week of action, another new KFL Champion! VenoMark took control of the match from the outset and outmaneuvered Genku all over the ring! Whatever the champion tried, the challenger had an answer! VenoMark's comprehensive victory gives him double gold in The Great Arena, but there is no shortage of challengers looking to end his reign... for both belts!

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RE: MKO Forum Kombat Fight League - Season 2015 Sign-Ups!
02/11/2015 05:02 PM EST
February 6th Results!

1. JUST_A_TARKATAN d. irulegames1234 [+1]
2. Unknown265 & mwgrant0 d. dibula & UlcaTron [+1]
3. nightbreed_16 d. kentei290 [+1]
4. Baraka_MK d. jack4813 [+1]
5. Philip94 d. Zentile [+1]
6. MKRocket d. Chryo_Spyder [+1]
7. Killswitch d. redman [+2]
8. 4avenger5 d. Nephrite [+1]
9. Jerrod d. Maridany [+3]
10. Onryo d. Coltess [+1]
11. DeathScepter d. NovaStarr [+1]
12. VenoMark (c) d. Genku & ShoeUnited [+5/-1/-4] [KFL Championship]

Nice to see JUST_A_TARKATAN open the card with a win. He had an up and down 2014 and so I'd really like to see him build some momentum moving forward.

The newly forged alliance between dibula and UlcaTron is having modest success so far, but they'll need more than that to top a more seasoned team in Unknown265 & mwgrant0! Sometimes you have to take your lumps before you rise to the top, and I think that's what we're seeing here.

nightbreed_16 was a curious omission from the announced #1 Contender tournament, but the snub did not discourage him in the least! He fought with the same ferocity as his other matches, and defeated kentei290 to stay perfect on the year! I like where this cat is going, folks!

Matches 4-11 were all first round matches in the tournament, and there were some hotly contested bouts here! Philip94 and MKRocket barely escaped with victories in their encounters, while Jerrod and Killswitch proved that they're just as effective in singles competition! 4avenger5 got a big revenge win over Nephrite to advance, and he'll be joined by Onryo, DeathScepter, and BMK in the quarterfinals! The competition heats up this Friday!

... and the hopefuls' final boss will be none other than "King" VenoMark! Under the volatile 3-way conditions, the champ left no doubt who the best man is when he deftly defeated both challengers! With his belt safe until a contender emerges from the field, he'll get some valuable time off to lick his wounds and prepare for the encounter. Good timing? Or will there be rust? Stay tuned!

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RE: MKO Forum Kombat Fight League - Season 2015 Sign-Ups!
02/17/2015 03:28 PM EST
February 13th Results!

subzero776 d. SK9608 [+1]
Murdoink d. Asesino [+1]
MINION d. bdog_13 [+1]
rick991 d. zebraska [+1]
Methuselah6463 d. DarknessDragon [+1]
CCShadow & Scott-Howell d. Unknown265 & mwgrant0 [+2]
Ghostdragon d. Sekktor [+2]
LordSkarlet d. TheNinjasRock071394 [+3]
Baraka_MK d. Philip94 [+3]
Killswitch d. "The Rocket" MKR [+2]
Jerrod d. avenger45 [+1]
DeathScepter d. Onryo [+1]

As with any Friday the 13th, superstition ran rampant in The Great Arena! The participants who kept it out of their heads would be victorious! A slew of close matches opened the card, with the most notable being Murdoink's win over Asesino! Some would argue that the bout should have been further down the card, but I thought it really set the tone for the rest of the night! MINION, rick991, Methuselah6463, and subzero776 found similar success in the evening's early stages, and they've set themselves up for future success!

It was a tall task for Unknown265 & mwgrant0 to step in the ring with one of the most experienced teams The Great Arena has ever seen, and though they fought well, it showed. CCShadow & Scott-Howell would not be denied this week, striking down their foes with a solid +2 impact!

I wish I knew what it was that has consistently prevented Sekktor from reaching new heights, but that is of no consequence to Ghostdragon! We already know that he has what it takes to reach the summit, but can he speed past the other contenders on his way there?

On any other night, this match was worthy of a main event. Y2K, a powerhouse in the KFL, took on LordSkarlet, an opponent of similar stature. With both men left out of the contender tournament in the name of pushing new blood to the top, there were plenty of chips on their shoulders entering the night! In the end, it was LordSkarlet who came out on top, and convincingly so! The rematch potential is obvious, but when will it happen?

An excellent batch of quarterfinals closed the night, and we have a developing situation on our hands for one of the KFL's top duos! Jerrod and Killswitch each won their respective matches, putting them in the semis against DeathScepter and BMK, respectively. If they both win, they'll square off in the final to determine the #1 Contender! It's high drama, folks! We'll see you this Friday!

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RE: MKO Forum Kombat Fight League - Season 2015 Sign-Ups!
02/26/2015 05:21 PM EST
February 20th Results!

SK9608 d. tghuhyg19 [+1]
zebraska d. rick991 [+1]
Jironobou d. TheMetinPorta [+1]
coltess d. Chryo_Spyder [+1]
MINION d. Maridany [+1]
kentei290 d. irulegames1234 & Zentile [+1/--/-1]
nightbreed_16 d. JUST_A_TARKATAN [+2]
CCShadow & Scott-Howell d. Shoe & Murdoink [+1]
MKRocket d. Philip94 [+1]
Ninja_Mime d. TonyTheTiger [+1]
Baraka_MK d. Killswitch [+1]
DeathScepter d. Jerrod [+2]

The undercard produced some tightly contested matches this week! If I didn't know better, I'd say these guys were championship caliber! SK9608 and zebraska had to give everything they had to defeat their respective opponents, tghuhyg19 and rick991! Tough losses for both men, but they'll recover.

Jironobou re-enters the win column with a decisive victory over TheMetinPorta! Joining him this week in the winners' circle is coltess, who fought off Chryo_Spyder in the latest chapter of their battle that has spilled over from 2014! We saw what coltess was capable of last year, but can he do it again? Can Jironobou reach even greater heights? We'll see!

MINION defeated Maridany in what was a bit of a surprise to me. Maridany had been on a bit of an upswing lately, but "The Manhunter" has fared surprisingly well since he and redman respectfully parted ways! Could this be the boost he needed to climb the ladder?

Triple threats are never easy, but when you show patience and resolve, they can be conquered! Enter kentei290, who allowed the fight between irulegames1234 and Zentle to play out before he struck! His record now better for it, he will set his sights on building momentum. Hard luck for irulegames1234, who really looked strong early on.

The unbeaten run continues! nightbreed_16 isn't the only competitor to rip off five straight wins to start the 2015 season (more on that in a bit), but his run has been supremely impressive nonetheless! A strong 2014 contender has said that he will be the one to end the streak, and he's going to do it this coming Friday! Who will it be?

In the night's only Duo match, the old guard proved to be too much once again! CCShadow & Scott-Howell have been winning matches in The Great Arena for what seems like forever, but they've shown no signs of slowing down! They'll have to watch out once Murdoink becomes a strong player for sure, though.

Good wins for MKRocket and Ninja_Mime this week. Both men appear destined for better results in 2015, and it would be a shame to see their talents go to waste. TTT and Philip94 have nothing to be ashamed of in defeat. They may not have had enough to win tonight, but they've both been to the top of the mountain before. They know what it takes to get and stay there.

The dream match (Jerrod vs. Killswitch) dies in the semifinals! However, we have another developing situation! BMK has now run his record in 2015 to 5-0 with the victory over Killswitch, matching that of nightbreed_16! Should he defeat DeathScepter and then go on to beat VenoMark for the KFL Championship, and nightbreed_16 remain undefeated, the table would be set for a title match of epic proportions! DeathScepter will get the first crack at playing spoiler, with his own designs of becoming the KFL Champion to boot! It's going to be a wild ride this Friday, folks!

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RE: MKO Forum Kombat Fight League - Season 2015 Sign-Ups!
03/05/2015 03:46 AM EST
February 27th Results!

hydraslash d. TheMetinPorta [+2]
dibula d. SK9608 [+1]
UlcaTron d. DarknessDragon [+3]
redman d. Zentile [+4]
zebraska d. rick991 [+1]
NovaStarr d. MINION [+1]
jack4813 d. JUST_A_TARKATAN [+1]
Nephrite d. nightbreed_16 [+1]
ShoeUnited & Murdoink d. Jerrod & Killswitch [+2]
LordSkarlet d. CaTigeReptile [+1]
m0s3pH d. VenoMark [+1]
DeathScepter d. Baraka_MK [+2] [#1 Contender Match]

The opener was basically what we expected; a hard-fought contest between two guys looking for bigger opportunities. In the end, hydraslash proved to be too much to handle. Only time will tell if the result is productive, but they brought it tonight. Good match for both.

Struggling to find success as a unit, dibula & UlcaTron both scored singles wins this week. UlcaTron's win looked more impressive in a vacuum, but since he's previously shown himself as the stronger of the two, we're not that surprised. Still, there's something to be said for going out there and ending with your arm raised. Could be a real confidence builder going forward.

Count redman with the crowd who came to play this week! He looked strong, almost as if he and Zentile were not in the same league! Scoring a +4 impact is sure to make redman's direct competitors take notice. Perhaps he's ready to finally take that next step!

It would seem that the fighter who has benefited most from the calendar turning to 2015 is none other than zebraska! Dead last in the KFL last season, zebraska has already tripled his win total from 2014! Sitting at 3-2, he's currently just outside the league's top ten! However, I think it's best to bring him along slowly. No sense rushing him to the spotlight, only to get crushed.

Some fringe contenders strengthened their cases this week, with NovaStarr, jack4813, and Nephrite all picking up wins. Nephrite's victory was the best of the three, because it put an end to the 5-0 start of nightbreed_16! Not to take anything away from the formers, because they earned it out there too, but stopping an undefeated run really gives you a boost in the eyes of the fans. It did wonders for TNR when he defended his belt against the 8-0 record of 4avenger5, as he held it for another month after that match. This win is sure to spring Nephrite up the ladder! I don't think the defeat hurts nightbreed_16 too much; he'll just have to get back in line.

Looks like Shoe & Murdoink might have something to say about who the best team in the KFL is! Retaining their "United" moniker, they made it look fairly easy out there against two of the top dogs in the division, Jerrod & Killswitch. If this is the seeds of a rivalry being planted, I'm really excited to see where it goes.

LordSkarlet now stands alone as the only undefeated fighter in the KFL this season, though he's only just reached 3-0 now. A modest win streak to be sure, but because it's LordSkarlet it serves as notice to the other contenders. Defeating CTR is no easy task, and he got it done.

Two weeks after their Undisputed Championship encounter, m0s3pH and VenoMark collied again under the banner of the KFL! A real treat for the fans, the two heavy hitters put on a great match. Since VenoMark will be defending his belt next week, the match was non-title. Not sure the result does anything for either man right now, but it serves as a warm-up for the KFL Champion, who has not been in action since the tournament began.

I'm not sure that I had him picked from the start, but your new #1 Contender is DeathScepter! With the win, he also moves into the overall #1 rank, befitting of his title. I'm already looking forward to the title match next week! BMK has been a bit of a hard luck guy since originally going solo last year. He's back with Onryo now, but I've always wanted to see him take that next big step as a singles competitor. For now, it'll have to wait.

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RE: MKO Forum Kombat Fight League - Season 2015 Sign-Ups!
03/13/2015 01:53 PM EST
March 6th Results!

TheMetinPorta d. tghuhyg19 [+1]
Chryo_Spyder d. legoslayer10 [+2]
Asesino d. Onimike [+1]
4avenger5 d. Maridany [+1]
hydraslash d. subzero776 & Jironobou [+1/--/-1]
Unknown265 & mwgrant0 d. dibula & UlcaTron [+1]
redman d. MKRocket [+1]
TonyTheTiger d. CaTigeReptile & TheNinjasRock071394 [+2/-1/-1]
NovaStarr d. jack4813 [+2]
Onryo d. Nephrite [+1]
ShoeUnited & Murdoink d. Jerrod & Killswitch [+1]
VenoMark (c) d. DeathScepter [+1] [KFL Championship]

Another hotly contested week of action in the KFL saw many of the undercard fighters jostling for position in the rankings. We've had pleasant surprises so far, but we've also seen some serious disappointments. Guys like hydraslash, Asesino, and redman have looked solid thus far. None of them were major factors in 2014, but perhaps their luck is finally beginning to change. On the other side of the coin, tghuhyg19, legoslayer10, and Onimike have really failed in their quests to improve their performance over last year. It's nice to see Chryo_Spyder and 4avenger5 get back in the win column as well.

TTT picks up a nice victory in a triple threat match against two decorated fighters. Both CTR and TNR are off to rocky starts this season, but there's still plenty of time for them to right the ship, so to speak. NovaStarr and Onryo also improved their standing with impressive victories over jack4813 and Nephrite, respectively.

Shoe & Murdoink, for my money, are now the #1 team in the KFL! They've really impressed the brass and fans alike! However, with no championship belt for teams here in the KFL, what's next for them? Could this slingshot Shoe towards a singles title?

If it does, he'll still have to go through VenoMark to get it! The champ retained his title once again, defeating the winner of the contenders' tournament, DeathScepter! The challenger fought well, but he could not match the strength of the champion in the end. Who's next?

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RE: MKO Forum Kombat Fight League - Season 2015 Sign-Ups!
03/13/2015 02:15 PM EST
March 13th Results!

Onimike d. legoslayer10 [+1]
TheMetinPorta d. bdog_13 [+1]
Maridany d. SK9608 [+1]
Zentile d. Chryo_Spyder [+1]
kentei290 d. hydraslash [+1]
4avenger5 d. JUST_A_TARKATAN [+9]
Nephrite d. MKRocket [+1]
jack4813 d. redman [+1]
Onryo d. nightbreed_16 [+1]
CCShadow & Scott-Howell d. ShoeUnited & Murdoink [+1]
Baraka_MK d. DeathScepter [+1]
VenoMark (c) d. LordSkarlet [+12] [KFL Championship]

It's nice to see Onimike finally get into the win column, albeit at the expense of legoslayer10. Maybe it's time to give him a long hiatus, because he can't buy a win. Onimike had a great 2014, and so I'm looking forward to seeing if he can work his way back up the ladder.

TheMetinPorta and Maridany were also winners, and for the former, that's two weeks running. He's slowly gaining momentum, and hopefully he makes the most of it. Maridany has been up and down so far, and therefore I'm not convinced he can sustain this success... yet.

Joining them as winners were Zentile and kentei290, who defeated solid competitors in Chryo_Spyder and hydraslash, respectively. All four have had modest success over the last few months, but hydraslash was really coming on strong before this defeat. Zentile and kentei290 both looked strong out there.

Wow! I had begun to doubt 4avenger5's staying power after his slow start to 2015, but he really took it to JUST_A_TARKATAN! A +9 impact is sure to raise eyebrows around the league, and could propel 4avenger5 towards greater heights!

Two more upstarts fell by the wayside this week, as MKRocket and redman both fell to stronger opponents. That's not to say that Nephrite and jack4813 don't benefit from the spoils of victory; blunting someone's momentum is always helpful to your own. I have a feeling that all four of these guys will be heard from on the bigger stage.

It was a close match, but nightbreed_16 could not bounce back from his first defeat of 2015. Onryo was simply too strong out there. It was a pretty big ask for nightbreed_16 to go out there and defeat one of the upper tier contenders, but he gave The Great Arena faithful a show nonetheless. There's no doubt that he's become a fan favorite!

The battle between BMK and DeathScepter didn't have the fanfare of a title match, or even a #1 Contender match for that matter, but it was still a sight to see! Word backstage is that this match was the crowd favorite of the night, and that both men will continue to participate in high-profile matches for the foreseeable future!

There were many who believed that this was LordSkarlet's time to take over the KFL by winning the championship. So many had said that tonight was the night for the torch to be passed. Apparently, nobody told VenoMark! The champion made it look easy out there tonight, utterly destroying the challenger with a +12 impact. It looks like VenoMark is here to stay, folks!

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RE: MKO Forum Kombat Fight League - Season 2015 Sign-Ups!
03/25/2015 05:47 PM EST
March 20th Results!

legoslayer10 d. tghuhyg19 [+1]
DarknessDragon d. irulegames1234 [+1]
bdog_13 d. SK9608 [+1]
subzero776 d. Jironobou [+2]
coltess d. Asesino [+1]
Maridany d. zebraska [+1]
Zentile d. MINION [+1]
NovaStarr d. DeathScepter [+2]
jack4813 d. Nephrite & 4avenger5 [+1/+1/-2]
CaTigeReptile d. TheNinjasRock071394 [+1]
CCShadow & Scott-Howell d. Baraka_MK & Onryo [+2]
VenoMark (c) d. ShoeUnited [+8] [KFL Championship]

Our 4-match undercard produced some surprising results! At long last, legoslayer10 is in the win column with a close victory over tghuhyg19! We can also count DarknessDragon and bdog_13 among the winners after their tightly contested bouts! The upset of the early going was subzero776 delivering a +2 impact to down Jironobou! Now with an even 2-2 record in 2015, subzero776 will look to move on to bigger and better things!

Not to be outdone, the trio of midcard fights were just as exciting as the first four! Each of the winners climbed back to the .500 mark this season, as coltess (2-2), Maridany (3-3), and Zentile (3-3) did just enough to emerge victorious! Now, they all will look to stay on the right side of the ledger in future contests!

Two weeks removed from getting a title shot, DeathScepter showed the signs of wear and tear this week against NovaStarr. Now sitting at 5-4, DeathScepter has picked up a lot of miles on his tires so far this year. Perhaps it's time for a short break. As for NovaStarr, beating a former #1 Contender is never a bad thing for your standing!

There was a lot of hype for the week's only triple threat, and it delivered everything it promised! Hard luck for 4avenger5 this time around, as he went out early to a +2 from Nephrite. Following that transgression, jack4813 had the initiative and the drive to remain in control and win the match! Strong showing from him and Nephrite, but unfortunately, there can only be one winner!

Considering how long these two stayed at the top of the list in 2014, it was alarming to see both CTR and Y2K with a combined zero wins! What better way to fix that than to pit them against one another? In the end, it was CTR who had the winning formula in a comprehensive result! Whether or not this is the first win in a march to the KFL Championship remains to be seen, but she looked like the CTR of old, for sure!

Another week, another monkey wrench thrown into the debate of "Best KFL Duo!" CCShadow & Scott-Howell have been one of the best in the business for years, but BMK & Onryo have no shortage of accomplishments of their own! The co-main event had all the makings of an instant classic! Shadow & Howell controlled the pace early and rode the momentum to a +2 win, once again lending credence to the statement that "anything can happen in the KFL!"

Wow! Shoe had been riding a string of Duo success with Murdoink lately, and the momentum he built had many Great Arena fans picking the upset! However, when you step into VenoMark's yard, he doesn't take kindly to trespassers! A punishing +8 impact later, and there was no doubt about who the top dog in the league is!

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RE: MKO Forum Kombat Fight League - Season 2015 Sign-Ups!
04/01/2015 01:46 PM EST
March 27th Results!

TheMetinPorta d. DarknessDragon [+1]
Philip94 d. rick991 [+1]
Unknown265 & mwgrant0 d. dibula & UlcaTron [+1]
redman d. MKRocket [+1]
Maridany & kentei290 fought to a complete standstill!
Jerrod d. Zentile [+6]
Onryo d. Killswitch [+2]
Shoe & Murdoink d. CCShadow & Scott-Howell [+1]
nightbreed_16 d. jack4813 [+1]
LordSkarlet d. Mime [+5]
VenoMark (c) d. Baraka_MK [+10] [FATALITY!] [KFL Championship]

The undercard once again did its best to shine in the early stages of this week's FNF, and they did not disappoint! Building block wins for TheMetinPorta and JUST_A_TARKATAN, while Philip94 kept himself sharp against a lesser opponent. On the Duo circuit, Unknown265 & mwgrant0 were once again victorious over the fledgling team of dibula & UlcaTron!

The midcard delivered the most surprises of the night, including a draw! Maridany and kentei290 took part in an instant classic, ending in a stalemate! Surely they'll revisit this feud next week! In other action, redman continued to build his solo résumé with a win over MKRocket! Jerrod made it look easy against Zentile, but Killswitch was not so lucky! He faced a tall order in defeating Onryo, and it proved to be too much for him. Still, valuable experience.

The premier Duo match of the night saw Shoe & Murdoink topple CCShadow & Scott-Howell! With the mantle of "Best KFL Duo" being passed around so much, the question begs: does anyone really want it bad enough? LordSkarlet took care of Mime in a decisive result, and nightbreed_16 knocked off jack4813 in a close contest! Business as usual for LS, but could this upset be what nightbreed_16 needs to reach the top?

Does he even want to reach the top right now? VenoMark is on fire! As the #1 Contender, BMK was adamant about competing for the title even though he was clearly fighting hurt. The decision proved disastrous, as early post-fight reports suggest that "The Dude" will be out of action for a while! Perhaps the time is now for Onryo to embark on his quest for solo glory!

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RE: MKO Forum Kombat Fight League - Season 2015 Sign-Ups!
04/07/2015 09:25 PM EST
VenoMark hasn't seen the last of me.
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RE: MKO Forum Kombat Fight League - Friday Night Fights 4/3
04/23/2015 03:34 AM EST
KFL Friday Night Fights: 2015 Week 12 (April 3rd)

- SK9608 d. tghuhyg19 [+1]
- Onimike d. Jironobou [+2[
- Coltess d. hydraslash [+1]
- TheNinjasRock071394 d. Chryo_Spyder [+2]
- Methuselah6463 d. zebraska [+1]
- redman d. Nephrite [+1]
- 4avenger5 d. Ghostdragon [+1]
- Maridany d. kentei290 [+1]
- DeathScepter d. NovaStarr [+1]
- CCShadow & Scott-Howell d. Jerrod & Killswitch [+2]
- LordSkarlet d. ShoeUnited [+1]
- VenoMark (c) d. Onryo [+4] [KFL Championship]

Blood stained the battlefield during the last Friday Night Fights. Baraka_MK - the victim of a Champion King whose fighting reign has seen no true challenge Onryo had rarely been thought of as a threat to the gold, but there could be no other logical course. BMK must be avenged. The "Mad Dog" would be the one to do it - or so he hoped.

VenoMark was prepared for Onryo's assault. Not specifically. Though BMK & Onryo had fought to the top of the KFL ranks as partners, VenoMark had not concerned himself with their "New Generation". He simply knew someone would come. Onryo fought valiantly, but King VenoMark would not be dethroned by mere savagery. His power has grown too great for that! VenoMark could have killed Onryo. It was a testament to the challenger that he survived. Only just...

The result sent Onryo tumbling down the rankings to meet his fallen comrade. Still standing - a former contender on the rise once more. It seems in the wake of deadly tragedy, nightbreed_16 will be reborn as the next contender. Pray that he is ready for it!

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RE: MKO Forum Kombat Fight League - Friday Night Fights 4/10
04/23/2015 08:17 AM EST
KFL Friday Night Fights: 2015 Week 13 (April 10th)

- legoslayer10 d. tghuhyg19 [+1]
- Jironobou d. Chryo_Spyder [+2]
- Sekktor d. SK9608 [+2]
- MINION d. hydraslash & UlcaTron [+1/--/-1]
- Zentile d. Coltess [+1]
- Unknown265 d. kentei290 [+4]
- TheMetinPorta d. JUST_A_TARKATAN [+1]
- mwgrant0 d. Maridany [+1]
- 4avenger5 d. ShoeUnited [+1]
- redman d. Murdoink [+1]
- DeathScepter d. LordSkarlet [+1]
- VenoMark (c) d. nightbreed_16 [+3] [KFL Championship]

Death hung in the air on the 13th Friday of 2015...

Baraka_MK lost his life fighting the KFL Champion two weeks ago. Onryo attempted to avenge his fallen friend, only to suffer the same fate in the days following the last Friday Night Fights. Onryo succumbed to the injuries of his battle, pursuing his feud to a bitter end. The "New Generation" is dead. Long live the King.

One fighter's loss is another fighter's opportunity. Emerging from the dark is the one called nightbreed_16 - a forgotten challenger with a new lease on his competitive life! Training had transformed him into a more serious threat, but as so many other warriors have discovered - there is no greater threat in the KFL today than VenoMark!

When nightbreed_16 entered the arena, he was overcome by an incredible aura. VenoMark was waiting - harnessing the fullest of his power! It was enough to overwhelm the new challenger. Try as he might, he could not gather the strength needed to phase the reigning champ. VenoMark dominated his opponent. An effortless defense for an unstoppable King!

VenoMark's reign has come to define Season 2015, but on April 14th a new challenger will be forged in the fire of kombat! The Fatal 8+ EX Tournament will bring together sixteen randomly selected kombatants and the "Fatal 8" qualifiers to battle it out! To the victor will go the glory of being tournament winner, important kombat experience, and the right to challenge for the KFL Championship during next week's Friday Night Fights!

The Fatal 8 Automatic Qualifiers: nightbreed_16, LordSkarlet, DeathScepter, redman, Unknown265, mwgrant0, 4avenger5 & CCShadow.

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RE: MKO Forum Kombat Fight League - Fatal 8+ EX Tournament 4/14
04/23/2015 09:05 AM EST
KFL Special: Fatal 8+ EX Tournament (April 14th)

Round 1 (Random Draw):
- Asesino d. Nephrite [+1]
- Methuselah6463 d. Ghostdragon [+3]
- UlcaTron d. Maridany [+1]
- m0s3pH d. Jironobou [+19]
- Sekktor d. Zentile [+5]
- CaTigeReptile d. legoslayer10 [+9]
- TonyTheTiger d. Scott-Howell [+1]
- irulegames1234 d. subzero776 [+1]

Round 2 (Fatal 8+):
- DeathScepter d. redman [+1]
- nightbreed_16 d. Unknown265 [+2]
- LordSkarlet d. mwgrant0 [+5]
- 4avenger5 d. CCShadow [+1]
- Asesino d. Methuselah6463 [+1]
- m0s3pH d. UlcaTron [+6]
- CaTigeReptile d. Sekktor [+6]
- TonyTheTiger d. irulegames1234 [+3]

Round 3:
- DeathScepter d. nightbreed_16 [+2]
- LordSkarlet d. 4avenger5 [+4]
- m0s3pH d. Asesino [+4]
- CaTigeReptile d. TonyTheTiger [+1]

Semi Final:
- LordSkarlet d. DeathScepter [+2]
- CaTigeReptile d. m0s3pH [+MAX]

Tournament Final:
- LordSkarlet d. CaTigeReptile [+9] [Tournament Final]

Fighting out of the Fatal 8, LordSkarlet redeems himself with the ultimate victory! He effortlessly dealt with upstart Fatal 8 opponent mwgrant0, moving confidently onto the challenge of name-to-watch 4avenger5! The Fatal 8 continued to throw up challenges - DeathScepter a potent threat vanquished with convincing efficiency in the Semi Final!

Meanwhile, CaTigeReptile & m0s3pH emerged through the random draw as two heavyweight former champions and instant favourites to win! They crushed their first round opponents - m0s3pH making the most devastating statement with a +19 result on Jironobou! They cut through the second round with relative ease. In Round 3, CTR grappled with old KFL nemesis "The Predator" TonyTheTiger, while m0s ended Asesino's rise. Meeting inevitably in the Semi Final - the two destined kombatants exploded! Both fighters were obliterated by the collision of powers! The devastating impact left m0s3pH suffering MAX damage, but CaTigeReptile could not recover in time for the finals.

LordSkarlet moves on to Friday Night Fights with a shot at the ruling champion. Will he finally end the King's reign? The war begins!

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RE: MKO Forum Kombat Fight League - Friday Night Fights 4/17
04/23/2015 10:54 AM EST
KFL Friday Night Fights: 2015 Week 14 (April 17th)

- Chryo_Spyder d. tghuhyg19 [+3]
- legoslayer10 d. SK9608 [+1]
- rick991 d. DarknessDragon & bdog_13 [+2/-1/-1]
- Onimike d. subzero776 [+1]
- Sekktor d. kentei290 [+1]
- MINION d. MKRocket [+1]
- Methuselah6463 d. TheMetinPorta [+3]
- CCShadow & Scott-Howell d. Shoe & Murdoink [+1]
- Nephrite d. Asesino [+2]
- 4avenger5 d. redman [+3]
- m0s3pH d. CaTigeReptile [+1]
- VenoMark (c) d. LordSkarlet [+1] [KFL Champion]

Once, LordSkarlet and King VenoMark were friends... Together they were "Redeemers", restoring order to a world plagued by a dreaded force called "The Horde". As they neared their objective, LordSkarlet's definition of redemption began to change. Glory makes enemies of the best of men, and in VenoMark, LordSkarlet saw an ingrate who turned his back on their friendship in the name of a King's crown.

LordSkarlet had claimed his victory, but still a yearning burned deep within. He needed more. He needed gold. When LordSkarlet was invited to participate in the Fatal 8+ EX Tournament, he saw his opportunity. Powerful opponents lurked within the ranks, but the gods smiled upon LordSkarlet, granting him safe passage to the final, where a badly weakened CaTigeReptile fell before his might. Vengeance would be his... or so he thought.

Avarice proved a powerful motivator for "The Redeemer" LordSkarlet. Where the KFL Champion's sheer might had forced his last challenger to contract in awe -- it was VenoMark who this time found himself rattled by the aura of his foe! It would be a KFL Championship epic the likes of which had not been seen for some time! They fought brutally for much time, but the very thing that made LordSkarlet a threat proved his undoing. His passion sustained him, but made him reckless. The King would not relinquish his crown so easily. VenoMark wins!

Though LordSkarlet failed to claim victory, he has struck the first blow in a war for King VenoMark's throne that will only intensify. The Fatal 8 Tournament has awoken forces that even now are conspiring to claim the KFL crown for themselves. We can only ask - who's next?

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