MKO Forum Game: Kombat Fight League - Friday Night Fights 9/25
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MKO Forum Game: Kombat Fight League - Friday Night Fights 9/4
11/05/2015 08:55 AM EST
KFL Friday Night Fights: 2015 Week 34 (September 4th)

- Asesino d. tghuhyg19 & rick991 [+2/-1/-1]
- DarknessDragon d. Moco64 [+1]
- JUST_A_TARKATAN d. Maridany [+1]
- MKRocket d. Methuselah6463 [+1]
- Sekktor d. Coltess [+1]
- Nephrite d. Zentile [+1]
- legoslayer10 d. Philip94 [+1]
- MINION d. Killswitch [+1]
- m0s & TheNinjasRock071394 d. Unknown265 & mwgrant0 [+3]
- redman d. nightbreed_16 [+4]
- LordSkarlet & CaTigeReptile d. Baraka_MK & Onryo [+1]
- Mick-Lucifer & Ninja_Mime d. CCShadow & Scott-Howell [+1]

Recovering from his KFL Championship defeat: LordSkarlet had found himself caught in a crossfire of grudges! Battle after battle, he felt himself torn from a sense of purpose, lost in the struggle to survive and overcome! The return of CaTigeReptile had seemed like just another reemerging grudge from the past, but in "The Guardian" he found a renewed sense of direction.

A misunderstanding had fuelled CaTigeReptile's attack, but now she saw the darkness spread by the corrupted souls of Lucifer's Ladder! Her return had drawn an attack by Ninja_Mime who saw the threat she posed - leading CTR to welcome an alliance with LordSkarlet to thwart The Corrupt once and for all!

Together - LordSkarlet & CaTigeReptile became an unrivaled force! They effortlessly swept away Corrupt UlcaTron & hydraslash and set their sights on the dangerous team of Baraka_MK & Onryo! The Corrupt enforcers were shell shocked as they weathered an all-out assault! They had suffered defeats before, but no combination represented such a synchronous super heavyweight attack! They were able to escape with superficial damage, but the message was clear. "The Redeemer" and "The Guardian" mean to destroy The Corrupt!...

... Unbeknownst to the league's newest union, there would be much more work ahead. Mick-Lucifer was not seen since losing possession of the KFL Championship, but news of another deadly duo had drawn him back into the light! Ninja_Mime had encountered one half of the team who were well known to them! CCShadow & Scott-Howell were once fellow members of The Regime, but a War of the Gods had torn the four fighters in different directions. Seeing the potential threat to his vision, Lucifer joined Mime in a sudden strike!

The tactic worked. Mick-Lucifer & Ninja_Mime were winners once again -- but nothing could change the fact their enemies were growing. CaTigeReptile, CCShadow and Scott-Howell... They were nowhere to be seen mere weeks prior. What if there were more warriors plotting their return? What if an unknown force was planning an incursion? What if four warriors nobody thought about were making a return?

What if... The Kombat Pack was next?!

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MKO Forum Game: Kombat Fight League - Friday Night Fights 9/11
11/05/2015 09:26 AM EST
KFL Friday Night Fights: 2015 Week 35 (September 11th)

- kentei290 d. rick991 & tghuhyg19 [+2/-1/-1]
- Asesino d. zebraska [+1]
- Moco64 d. SK9608 & irulegames1234 [+2/-1/-1]
- Maridany d. DarknessDragon [+1]
- TheMetinPorta d. JUST_A_TARKATAN [+2]
- Nephrite d. Coltess [+4]
- nightbreed_16 d. legoslayer10 & Philip94 [+1/--/-1]
- m0s3pH & TheNinjasRock071394 d. UlcaTron & hydraslash [+1]
- Jerrod d. Killswitch [+1]
- CCShadow & Scott-Howell d. Baraka_MK & Onryo [+3]
- Mick-Lucifer & Ninja_Mime d. LordSkarlet & CaTigeReptile [+1]
- Murdoink (c) d. MINION & redman [+1/--/-1]

In the year prior, they were the darlings of the Duo Division! Jerrod & Killswitch had come together through mutual association, but hard work and tenacity had made them much more than a casual pairing -- they were among the KFL's best! VenoMark & MKRocket touted they were the best team fighting today, only to have their claim usurped by arch rivals: m0s3pH & TheNinjasRock071394! It was enough to make Jerrod's blood boil!

Jerrod wanted to prove they were the greatest duo of all, but his partner was nowhere to be found. Killswitch had been called upon by redman to fight the threat of The Corrupt! He had helped redman sway the battle in the KFL's favor - even fighting as a duo to take down the Corrupt Generation enforcers: Baraka_MK & Onryo! Jerrod was incensed! He couldn't believe Killswitch would throw away their status! Was furious that he would team with an enemy! So Jerrod returned with a new objective: make Killswitch pay! And that's what he did...

... Fighters like Killswitch had been vital in protecting reality, but they didn't have the power to take The Corrupt down! Teaming up: LordSkarlet & CaTigeReptile realized they could realistically call themselves the greatest duo of all time if they could work together! Having carved through the lower rungs of Lucifer's Ladder they sought the demon's head! They set eyes on Mick-Lucifer & Ninja_Mime - souls who chose their path of corruption without being tainted! Their vision was clear and their godly powers unchained! LordSkarlet & CTR threw everything they had at their enemies, but still they were still outgunned! Lucifer & Mime combined skills to make an awesome whole! They would not be beaten so easily! The Redeemer & The Guardian would not win!...

...Having lost possession of the KFL Championship, The Corrupt were still carrying out their plan. Corrupt MINION had found the champion inside the arena center. Murdoink was a neutral warrior who struck opportunistically to claim the ultimate competitive prize. redman was a former champion delivered by ideology and sustained by competitive desire! He had tried to reclaim the gold before, but now that MINION was preying upon the champion he had new passion! He took the fight to MINION, fighting a personal war between the seconds! Murdoink could only watch as MINION put redman into the sand! Murdoink was shaken, but ready when MINION turned his attentions to the champion! Try though he would, he could not upset the champion!

Jerrod has returned. What if The Kombat Pack is next?!

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MKO Forum Game: Kombat Fight League - Friday Night Fights 9/18
11/05/2015 09:48 AM EST
KFL Friday Night Fights: 2015 Week 36 (September 18th)

- tghuhyg19 d. rick991 & bdog_13 [+1/--/-1]
- Asesino d. irulegames1234 [+1]
- kentei290 d. SK9608 [+1]
- Jironobou d. Moco64 [+1]
- UlcaTron & hydraslash d. DarknessDragon & zebraska [+1]
- TheMetinPorta d. Maridany & JUST_A_TARKATAN [+2/-1/-1]
- Zentile d. MKRocket [+2]
- CCShadow & Scott-Howell d. Unknown265 & mwgrant0 [+2]
- Sekktor d. Nephrite [+1]
- NovaStarr d. legoslayer10 [+1]
- Jerrod & MINION d. redman & Killswitch [+1]
- LordSkarlet & CaTigeReptile d. m0s3pH & TheNinjasRock071394 & Mick-Lucifer & Ninja_Mime [+2/-1/-1]

In times past, NovaStarr had been on the rise as one of the brightest fighters shining in the Kombat Fight League! Alas; her star had faded and she had been absent from the league for quite some time! When Murdoink was crowned KFL Champion, her lust for glory was restored! She knew she must return to the league to make an impact -- and high ranking legoslayer10 was the perfect start! Without LordSkarlet to protect him, she could use him begin her career again! NovaStarr has returned!

Unsatisfied by merely beating his former partner, Jerrod saw an opportunity for further educating Killswitch in the ills of choosing redman! Long ago, Jerrod had shared a brief acquaintance and partnership with another chosen warrior: MINION! Jerrod wasn't technically corrupt, but his madness drew him to the unholy union! Killswitch had no choice but to call upon redman, but it was no use! Corrupt MINION was finally getting under redman's skin, and Jerrod had more than enough motivation! A shocking victory!

m0s3pH & TheNinjasRock071394 weren't shocked when LordSkarlet & CaTigeReptile failed to defeat Mick-Lucifer & Ninja_Mime. How could they? They weren't the greatest combination in the Kombat Fight League! As LordSkarlet & CTR hunted the demon's head of Lucifer's Ladder -- m0s & 071394 leaped between them! Their intrusion was enough to upset the balance, allowing LordSkarlet & CaTigeReptile to get the better of Lucifer & Mime! m0s & 071394 saw their opportunity to strike, but the combined powers of LS & CTR were finally coming to the fore! Their energies swirled like a firestorm as they each delivered a finishing blow! The Redeemer & The Guardian were triumphant! LordSkarlet & CaTigeReptile were the greatest!

Jerrod & NovaStarr have returned. Who's next?

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MKO Forum Game: Kombat Fight League - Friday Night Fights 9/25
11/05/2015 10:07 AM EST
KFL Friday Night Fights: 2015 Week 37 (September 25th)

- bdog_13 d. kentei290 & zebraska [+1/--/-1]
- rick991 d. tghuhyg19 [+1]
- Asesino d. Moco64 [+1]
- NovaStarr d. DarknessDragon [+8]
- UlcaTron & hydraslash d. Maridany & TheMetinPorta [+1]
- legoslayer10 d. Zentile [+1]
- Sekktor d. nightbreed_16 [+2]
- CCShadow & Scott-Howell d. Jerrod & MINION [+1]
- CaTigeReptile d. Ninja_Mime [+1]
- Ghostdragon d. TheNinjasRock071394 [+17]
- The_Purple_Bunny d. m0s3pH [+MAX]
- LordSkarlet d. Murdoink (c) [+9] [KFL Championship]

A year ago, Ghostdragon and TheNinjasRock071394 had waged a bitter war as top contenders to the KFL Championship! Their feud featured many evenly fought battless - some of the best the Kombat Fight League has ever seen! 071394 had been granted a ticket to ride during his brother's reign as KFL Booker, but he would be all alone when Ghostdragon came to even the score! There would be no title matches in TheNinjasRock071394's future! The game was over!...

m0s3pH was finally regaining the power he'd lost in the Kombat Fight League. As Head Booker he'd lost his grip when his hatred for Genku created a new King nemesis - VenoMark! He relinquished his position and built an army, but was ultimately thwarted by the ragtag forces led by LordSkarlet! Now he was back, and with his brother he was dominating the league once more! A three-way duo battle dented their claims to being the greatest duo in the league, but that hardly mattered to The_Purple_Bunny! m0s3pH's old nemesis had heard the claims of greatness. Few could claim to be greater in the KFL than The_Purple_Bunny! With 4 reigns he was the longest holder of the KFL Championship with 315 total days! If m0s wanted to be great - he'd have to go through him! The_Purple_Bunny wins! Flawless victory!...

United with CaTigeReptile - LordSkarlet had slain his greatest demon! Combining their powers, they had succeeded in beating gods! To ensure Mick-Lucifer & Ninja_Mime could not complete their plans, he knew he must use his newfound powers to again take possession of the KFL Championship!

Murdoink had capitalized on the turmoil of Lucifer's Ladder and its opposition to become the KFL Champion. There was no denying he was a skilled fighter, but he was fighting only for himself with no interest in anything but personal glory! His greedy soul couldn't possibly measure up to the burning blood that coursed through LordSkarlet's veins! He was calm and direct in his attacks. It was as though he was directed by the gods themselves! There was no doubt - it was destined! LordSkarlet was once again the KFL Champion!

Jerrod, NovaStarr, Ghostdragon & The_Purple_Bunny have returned.
The Kombat Pack is here!

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RE: MKO Forum Game: Kombat Fight League - Friday Night Fights 9/25
05/09/2016 10:47 PM EDT
This still a thing?
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RE: MKO Forum Game: Kombat Fight League - Friday Night Fights 9/25
05/12/2016 10:39 AM EDT
legoslayer10 Wrote:
This still a thing?

Can still be played in real time in the chat room, but no more MKO rankings/story lines this year. Will post the final 2015 updates sometime soon (hopefully).

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