Those fight mongers at ScrewAttack DEATH BATTLE are gearing up for the next franchise fantasy superfight - and they've just announced a doozy!

Building upon the recent resurgence of Killer Instinct on Xbox One - they've chosen to feature fan-favourite UltraTech machine o' death: Fulgore! The natural opponent to challenge his cyborg supremacy is of course Mortal Kombat's Lin Kuei turned Tekunin overlord: Sektor!

This promises to be another tough fight for the Mortal Kombat chosen warriors, who haven't always fared so well in the DEATH BATTLE arena. The Killer Instinct fighter may have Sektor outdone when it comes to cult appeal, but Fulgore is the only one of the two to have received three in-fiction rebuilds. Could it be time for number four?

Who do you think will win - and how's it going to happen? Register to share your Fulgore vs Sektor speculation on the forums!

Prepare yourself for the coming battle with previous Mortal Kombat DEATH BATTLE features on Mortal Kombat Online! You can revisit and comment on: Akuma vs Shang Tsung; Bison vs Shao Kahn and the hugely contentious: Thor vs Raiden! Special thanks to MKOmmunity User hydraslash for tipping us off to the latest announcement!