For over twenty years arcade fighting fans have pondered the greatest question to challenge the world as we know it: Which game is better - Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter?

In an on-the-street interview with UFC Ultimate Fighter Frankie "The Answer" Edgar, celebrity gossip site TMZ quizzed the former Light Heavyweight Champion on his expert opinion about the greatest digital combatants. Watch the interview embedded below, with details following:

On the all time best fighting game stakes: Edgar favours the pugilistic purity of Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! and its pugnacious protagonist Little Mac for the title round. In the grudge match between arcade fighting's two biggest franchises, his rapid answer leaves no doubt: Mortal Kombat is king!

The Ultimate Fighter Season 19 coach picks Sub-Zero as his ultimate combatant, reminiscing about the famous spine rip fatality known by gamers of all persuasions! A choice that leaves rival alternative Street Fighter an undiscussed second best!

With blood mode activated by TMZ's roving reporter -- the one fighter even Frankie Edgar doesn't want to face is the "Prince of Pain" himself: Goro! As the coach points out, "... The dude with the arms out here and here... He might be tough to deal with. He [can hit you] high and low!"

Sound points from the man coaching his MMA team against UFC legend BJ Penn. A reversal of Mortal Kombat: Legacy star Darren Shahlavi's feelings, though! When MKO asked the man who played Kano which character he'd most like to fight, he took the Shokan by the horns, breaking his strategy down thusly, "I want Kano to kick the sh*t out of Goro, up and down and all around. Big, fast, powerful, well placed kicks, like Hwang Jang Lee against Andre the Giant!"

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