Cyrax Versus Pose
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Cyrax Versus Pose
05/01/2014 09:58 AM EDT
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RE: Fan Submission: Cyrax Versus Pose
05/06/2014 10:52 PM EDT
I didn't know you had any creative bones in your body. But these are really good! Love all of them! Awesome work, Mick. ^^
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RE: Fan Submission: Cyrax Versus Pose
05/14/2014 02:17 AM EDT
I really like this! I dug Cyrax's MK 2011 look, but I missed his classic helmet. I also really like his MK3 metallic loincloth thing, even though it doesn't make much sense as a piece of armor (definitely more of an aesthetic piece). Overall this is great! The only thing I'm not huge on is that bit of yellow taking up about 1/5 of his head on the back. But it doesn't bother me enough to not give this a 5/5 because this is just freaking awesome!
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