Defending the throne -fake-
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Defending the throne -fake-
Shinnok seeks out the triforce of power in a mysterious land far beyond earthream. Little does he know that the king that resides there wields incredible power.
11/07/2019 03:09 PM EST
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RE: Defending the throne -fake-
11/15/2019 02:16 PM EST
11/15/2019 02:29 PM EST

138 Views, no ratings or replies (until now), no nothing. Despite that recurring theme among art, glad to see you're still motivated enough to make some art. I may try and whip out a fake of my own this December.

I don't know what game you're crossing over with, so I have little to comment on that part. You were obviously going for a 3D inspired fake, so I really despise those life bars you decided to use. They are so out of place. The random mountains you threw in the backdrop are also out of place, especially because they are 3 distinct rock colors/type. Then you have the rock color of the floor itself fucking it all up. If you;re mixing two worlds, use two rock colors. I know you know how to change colors. It's a very simple thing to do. As I am writing this, I am just now noticing Kahn's tower hiding back there... the clouds are responsible for hiding it. On second thought, why is it even there? Shao Kahn is not a part of this fake. This is Shinnok. Shouldn't we be seeing Shinnok's Spire or something? What is going on in the clouds? It looks like a chewed nipple on top of that cathedral/castle. Perhaps it's my ignorance to whatever world you're crossing over with.

The character "sprites" themselves look fine. Not sure why Shinnok's neck is spewing out flames... does he bleed blood or bleed fire? Pick one. Or was that a poorly placed torch that is now covered by Shinnok's body? I can barely notice Shinnok's head in that dude's hand.

Overall, most of it looks crisp and "HD" or whatever... but there's just too many colors and details that distract me from the important things happening here. My attention is focused more on that castle than anything.

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