With the release of Mortal Kombat last month and the rebirth of the storyline so many of us had become familiar with a new age of kombat was ushered in. With it, changes to existing characters were made and new plots were introduced while old ones were washed away. The landscape of the realms have been altered so dramatically by Raiden's attempts to prevent Armageddon that long-time fans must now learn and accept these changes. Like most franchises, the fandom often theorizes the basis of future releases and often times creates mock versions of these events, generally a wishlist of sorts. Embracing this tradition, we are MK Online are proud to present the sixth incarnation of the website's officially sanctioned Kreate-a-Kharacter tournament.

The Kreate-a-Kharacter tournament invites fans of Mortal Kombat to use their imaginations to the fullest extent; create an original character and insert them into the Mortal Kombat universe. In doing so members can exchange ideas about the future of Mortal Kombat's storyline and showcase their original creations to the rest of the community; along with the chance to win free Mortal Kombat merchandise! Interested? Registering is easy! Simply complete the worksheet below with the necessary data about your character. Be sure to read the few rules outlined below as well. Most importantly however, have fun and let your imaginations run wild!

General rules:

  • This is a fan fiction themed contest in no way affiliated with Warner Bros. or Netherrealm Studios. Winning doesn't mean your character will be used in any future games; this is for fun (and our in-house prizes).
  • Only one character per user may be submitted.
  • Characters must be ORIGINAL creations; no recreations of minor characters (i.e. Tremor, etc.) or crossover characters from other games. No DC Universe based characters either.
  • Absolutely no plagiarism. Users found stealing characters from others will be disqualified as well as being temporarily banned from this site altogether.
  • Once you have filled out the worksheet and are ready to submit your character into the contest, please send me (~Crow~) a private message rather than posting them in this topic. Alternately, you may email me at my MK Online address. Please note: If you send me an e-mail, please include your MK Online account/user name.

Entry sheet:

Character name: (Name of your character)
Gender: (Gender of your character)
Age: (Age of your character; unknown is acceptable)
Height: (Height of your character)
Weight: (Weight of your character)
Origin: (Home realm of your character)
Alignment: (Moral/ethical stance of your character; Good/Neutral/Evil)

Character bio: (Your character's story and connection to the Mortal Kombat universe. Please use your judgment on what is a proper amount of information. Your biography should be at least as long as those in the game itself, but it may be longer if you wish. Please do not submit novel-length fan fictions, however. Please base your character around the most recently released game's timeline.)

Fighting style: (A description of your character's fighting style. You may base this off an actual martial art style exclusively, include your own touches and tweaks or create something altogether original. The choice is yours; but be descriptive enough so those reading about your character can get a sense of how he or she would fight. You may or may not include weaponry in the style of certain characters in Mortal Kombat (2011).)

Special moves: (Minimum of 3, maximum of 8. Please include descriptions of each of your character's special moves.)

X-ray attack: (Your character's signature X-ray attack; limit 1)

Round entrance taunt: (How your character makes its entrance into a fight)

Mid-match taunt: (Your character's reaction to winning a single round)

End-match taunt: (Your character's reaction to winning a fight)

Fatalities: (A description of your characters finishing moves. Please limit to two.)

Character appearance: (A physical description of your character's appearance and attire. Images are optional but encouraged. You may draw your character. You may use games such as MK: Armageddon or Soul Calibur IV's creation engines to create your character as well. You could also use character generators such as Hero Machine. However, images are optional and if you cannot or do not wish to submit an image, a text description will suffice. You will not be penalized for failing to submit an image, but if you do not you must submit a text description.)

Alternate costume: (Read the above and please submit an alternate costume for your character as well.)

Character ending: (Your character's arcade ending.)

Tournament details:

There will be 32 characters (at least) in this tournament. Registration will end when 32 characters have been successfully accepted. If the contest proves more popular than this, I will expand the field as needed. The first 24 entrants are guaranteed slots in the tournament, those that come after may be forced to participate in sudden death contests to determine the final 8 slots. Once 32 characters have been selected, they will randomly be placed into a bracket and fight against one another until there is but a single character remaining.

Characters win their matches by popular opinion; voting. There will be 5 judges. Myself, Ghostdragon, Mick-Lucifer, TonyTheTiger and the MKO Community itself. Whichever character has the most votes at the end wins. During a match, there will be a time period of 24 hours for the MKO Community to vote on their favorite character within the thread itself. The MKO Community's popular opinion on the match will decide where its vote goes. Official judges will rate characters by their originality and believability along with various intangibles that go into making a successful kombatant.

More information and prizes will be announced as we progress through the registration phase. Once again, have fun and may the best character reign supreme as Mortal Kombat champion!