Mythos of Rayden: Chapter 4
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Ok instead of submitting this as a fan fic, I thought it would be better just posting it here. Hope you don't mind, but it's really not part of the story only helps to explain a few things about it.


I decided to take some time to answer a few questions that have been asked in regards to the Mythos of Rayden. (Thanks Oracle Thunder!) Note: Oracle Thunder is another author on and it was from there he sent me these questions.

1. Who is the mysterious white haired woman?

Now if I completely answered this one that would give away the big secret I’m holding in reserve for when I finish this series of fanfics. The Mythos of Rayden being part 1, Mortal Kombat: Conquest being part 2, and my presently untitled fanfic being the final part. What I am willing to say that she is of mixed blood, part mortal and immortal. She was or will be given the job after MK: D by one of the Elder Gods to ensure history follows a certain path. Her time controlling abilities was given to her by that same Elder God, but she was also born with a power all her own as well which she doesn’t use very often since that would give away the secret of who she really is. What’s funny is the Elder God that will eventually give her that job, doesn’t even know who she is during most of the stories. (Update: The unnamed fanfic is now in progress and called Mortal Kombat: Echoes of the Past.)

2. How did Rayden not know about Kahn?

This was asked before the final chapter of Mythos of Rayden was posted, but I still feel that some explanation is in order. Kahn, like Fujin is Rayden’s half-brother. Where Rayden and Fujin share the same mother; Kahn and Rayden share the same father. Kahn was born after Shinnoks removal from the Council of Elder Gods and his mother is a she-demon which I haven’t bothered with a name (think Sareena, Ashra and their ‘sisters’). Rayden didn’t know of Kahn because no one knew that Shinnok had another son except for Kahn, Shinnok and Kahn’s mother. Let’s just say neither Kahn nor Rayden really wants the little secret that they’re related to get out which is one possible reason for Kahn’s mask aside from just trying to look scary. The similar appearance may hint at the twin theory, but I have seen half-siblings in real life that looks almost exactly alike as well.

3. What’s the time frame?

That’s a toughie. Since Rayden and many of the characters in Mythos of Rayden are immortal, time has a whole different meaning. When Rayden was Raijin in Shinnoks house I want to say is about the time human civilization first started. There are no big cities yet on Earth, and writing hasn’t really developed yet among humans. The time when Fujin was born was a few centuries later. In god terms, Raijin/Rayden is still young but old enough to go into the ‘real world.’ No more studying for a future job, he’s getting one. Almost a 1000 years pass and Shinnok declares war on the Elder Gods. This is the ‘thousands of years ago’ that is spoken of in the MK4 game. Now time speeds up some, about hundred or so years after Shinnok’s defeat Kahn shows up and another fifty years when Rayden and the white hair woman has that little talk in the last chapter (Yes Rayden is the type to hold a grudge, has a long memory and does have a temper). They won’t see each other again until Rayden is once again a prisoner of Shao Kahn in my first chapter of MK: Conquest which I believe is based about 600-550 years before that MK tournament Liu Kang wins in modern times.

4. How long has Kahn been in the shadows and why?

That’s an easy one even though I’m not really going to touch on it until the presently unnamed fanfic is posted. Remember the ‘plan’ mentioned in Chapter Three? The plan was for Kahn to take out Onaga aka the Dragon King and take over his realms while Shinnok deals with the more freed realms. Shinnok is stronger than Kahn at this time, since his powers haven’t been stripped from him yet so it should have been easier this way. (minor spoiler warning if you haven’t played MK:D) Since Kahn was weaker, he had to trick Onaga into trusting him and betrayed him when he got the chance. This took time and don’t forget Kahn is younger than both Fujin and Rayden. Born shortly after Shinnok was forced off the Council, he needed time to grow up but not as much as a full blooded god.

5. Where is Fujin?

Yes, he is stuck on guard duty at the Temple of the Elements. He doesn’t get out much again until Rayden asks if he could have Fujin as his assistant in regards to protecting Earthrealm. This happens during MK: Conquest. Poor guy, maybe that’s why he asks so strange when he first meets Taja, Siro and Kung Lao.

In regards to bringing other characters in; as for Kung Lao, Taja and Siro I already have. They are in my fanfic MK: Conquest which is what started this all. I created Mythos of Rayden to help explain some of thundergod’s reactions and some vague comments in that fanfiction and the upcoming one. The yet unnamed fanfic will include (hopefully) Sonya Blade, Johnny Cage, Liu Kang, etc. However, I’m not giving anything else away in regards to that one until I finish the MK: Conquest one. Mainly because my plans may change in regards to certain details depending on how Conquest works out. For some crazy reason, Conquest refuses to follow the plan I had laid out for it. (Sigh)

Update: In Mortal Kombat: Echoes of the Past, Liu Kang is in the process of creating a new school in the US with the help of Johnny Cage, Sonya Blade and a little help from Sub-Zero. So far MoKap, Nightwold, Stryker, Tanya, modern Kung Lao, Reiko, Noob-Saibot, Ashra, Scorpion, Mavado, Cyber Smoke and Sektor have made at least an appearance. Plans of bring in others are in the works.

If anyone has anymore questions, please feel free to ask and I will try to post answers to them either here or at the end of the MK: Conquest series once it is completed. Laters!
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I got to start reading the Conquest series. You write very well, and I hope you keep it up!
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