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(Based off of the character "Flippy" from Mondo Media's "Happy Tree Friends")
Name: Flippy
Origin: Earthrealm
Alignment: Evil
Allies: Shang Tsun (Former allies: Cassie Cage, Jaquie Briggs, Takeda Takahashi, Kung Jin)
Enemies: Everyone who meets him.
Fighting Style: Savage Warrior
Weapon: (depends on variation)
Appearance: Flippy wears a green camouflaged army shirt with the sleeves rolled up and matching pants with armored boots. He also has a machete holder on the left side of his belt, with a machete inside it. He has neon green hair with the same coloured eyes, which are a little baggy. He has pale white skin and often has an evil sneer with rage-filled eyes.
Backstory: Geoffrey “Flippy” Robbins was a new recruit for Special Forces after Cassie Cage defeated Shinnok’s. Both his parents were murdered by an assassin from the Red Dragon. However, he wasn’t a man of vengeance and was more of a pacifist. However, he is a veteran in the standard army, which is more simplistic than the modern army. He only killed one person, which he regrets to this day, and instead of killing plans out battle strategies and tactics for operations and missions.

The first mission he was assigned was to confront a man who was thought to be as Shang-Tsung reborn. Along with Cassie Cage, he went to where the man was last spotted to investigate. What they found was Ermac, a construct to carry thousands of souls, lying limp on the ground, not a single soul inside him.

They were about to return back to HQ when Shang Tsung himself appeared. He knocked Cassie away with a magic blast and Flippy tries to run for cover, but Shang catches him. But instead of killing him and taking his soul from him, he instead implants a soul within him. Flippy passes out while Cassie counter attacks. The two battle, and Cassie wins, but instead of finishing him off, she flees with Flippy.

When they returned to Earthrealm, the soul within Flippy awoke and took control of him. The soul itself belonged to the murderous spirit of the Red Dragon assassin that killed Flippy’s parents. Now in control of his body, the assassin goes on a killing spree, setting its sights on the other members of Special Forces.


Simple Kombo: Flippy Punches the opponent multiple times.

Machete Slash: Flippy slashes at the opponent with his machete at mid range. He can combo the move and slash twice consecutively.

Uppercut: Flippy uppercuts the opponent, sending them airborne. Meter-burn: Flippy dashes forward before delivering a strong uppercut, sending the opponent higher in the air.

Headbutt: Flippy charges forward and headbutts them in the head.

Lunge: Flippy lunges at the opponent, then grabs them and throws them to the ground like a wrestler. (Shinnok can copy this move)

Grab: Flippy grabs the opponent and punches them twice in the face, then knees them hard in the abdomen, then finishes with an uppercut.

Throw: Flippy grabs the opponent by the neck and snaps it, then throws them to the ground. Meter-burn: Flippy adds a jumping stomp after the opponent lands.

X-ray move - Dis-arm: Flippy lunges at the opponent and grabs their upper arms and pulls them forward, headbutting their forehead and shattering their skull. Then, he grabs under their upper arms and pulls up while standing on their feet, dislocating their shoulders. Then, he grabs their wrists and hits them with an upward drop-kick, breaking their ribcage. (unblockable but can be avoided by jumping or crouching)


Variation 1: War Hero

Visual Key: Flippy wears dog tags around his neck and has a soldier’s cap on it with an orange shield-like guild. He also wears a belt with a pistol holder instead of his machete and some smoke grenades on the belt as well.

Unique Moves:

Firearms only: Flippy’s machete is replaced with a pistol.

Pistol Play: Flippy’s regular attacks end with him hitting the opponent with his pistol.

Shots fired: Flippy shoots his gun at the opponent before throwing it at them as a second projectile.

Silver Bullet: Flippy punches the opponent in the gut while holding his pistol and then fires a round in their abdomen. Meter-burn: Flippy fires an additional shot before punching them to the ground.

Smokescreen: Flippy throws a smoke screen at his opponent, temporarily stunning them. Can be thrown at different lengths.

Taken by Surprise: Flippy throws down a smoke grenade, which activates immediately, and Flippy disappears in the smoke. He then reappears from the top of the screen, lunging at the opponent. Meter-burn: Flippy throws down the smoke faster and lunges quicker, dealing more damage.

Target practice: Flippy uppercuts the opponent while holding his pistol then shoots them while airborne. (Kombo)

Gun Play: Flippy Draws his gun and smacks his opponent’s face with it, then he slaps them with the handle of the gun before uppercutting him with the gun and pulling the trigger. (Kombo)

Variation 2: Serial Killer

Visual Key: Flippy wears a sash that holds small multiple knives along it.

Unique Moves:

Slash Happy: Flippy’s basic moves are replaced with various machete slashes.

Super Slasher: Flippy can slash his opponent with his machete at low, overhead and aerial levels.

Knife throw: Flippy throws a dagger at his opponent. Meter-burn: Flippy throws a second dagger attached to a rope at close to medium range, which he uses to wrap around their neck and throw them over his shoulder.

Upward Slash: Flippy slashes upward, sending the opponent airborne. Meter-burn: Flippy sends the opponent higher into the air and jumps up as well, open for another attack.

Knife to a fist fight: Flippy slashes the opponent with his machete multiple times then slashes upward, sending them airborne. He follows by jumping in the air while slashing upward, hitting them again, and slashes down, sending them both to the ground, but the opponent bounces back up. He continues slashing until the opponent falls to the ground. (Kombo)

Variation 3: Bloodthirsty

Visual Key: Flippy’s shirt is untucked and unbuttoned, revealing a long bandage bloody wrapped around his stomach area. He also has blood on his face and all over his hands.

Unique Moves:

Blood spray: Flippy slashes his wrist, dealing a little bit of damage to himself, while the blood spatters and temporarily stuns the opponent.

Bloodlust: Level Set
Every time Flippy draws blood during a grab or throw, he gains a level. The level he is on is represented by how much his eyes are glowing green.

Level 1 - Damage buff - 10% (damage to self discluded)

Level 2 - Damage buff - 20% (damage to self discluded)

Level 3 - Damage buff - 25% (damage to self discluded)

- Health gain - 1% per successful hit

When Flippy has a level, it slowly drains his power. The higher the level, the more energy it drains. When Flippy’s energy is completely depleted, he returns to normal.

Psycho Slasher: Flippy slashes his wrist, stunning the enemy, then punches them twice and slashes them with the machete. He then uppercuts them into the air before grabbing them before they hit the ground.

Special Grabs (only available for this variation):

Grab: Flippy grabs the opponent and punches them twice in the face, then pulls out his machete and stabs their abdomen, gaining a Bloodlust level.

Throw: Flippy grabs the opponent by the neck, lifting them up off the ground. He then jabs them with his machete multiple times and throws them to the ground. Meter-burn: (same effect as standard throw)


No Guts, No Glory: Flippy slashes the opponent’s midsection with his machete, cutting it open. He reaches in and grabs a strand of intestines, then pulls it out and strangles the opponent with them. Afterward, Flippy lets them fall to their knees and then stomps their face to the ground, smashing it.

Heli-chopper: Flippy throws down a smoke grenade in front of the opponent and disappears in the white mist. As the opponent tries to clear the smoke away, a strange sound is heard: a combination of what sounds like a running engine and blades slashing repeatedly against the ground. Suddenly, a strange wind blows the smoke away as Flippy appears in a helicopter, charging towards the opponent blades first. He cuts the opponents to shreds with the blades of the helicopter and flies off. A final camera shot shows Flippy wiping the blood of the front window of the helicopter and laughing to himself, a few innards caught on the wipers.

Other Finishers:


Bear’s Bite: Flippy turns into a bear and bites the opponent’s chest, ripping their heart out. He returns to a human form with the heart still in his mouth.


Solder’s Strike: Flippy slashes at the opponent’s neck with his machete, decapitating them.

No Mercy: Flippy grabs the opponent’s neck and snaps it (or stabs their abdomen depending on the variation), then throws them to the ground, followed by a jumping stomp on their head, shattering it to pieces.

Gun to a Fist Fight: Flippy smacks the opponent twice with his pistol, then uppercuts them in the abdomen while holding them so they don’t become airborne. Then, he fires two shots into their abdomen, then pulls the gun back and shoves it in their mouth with the barrel facing up. He pulls the trigger, firing a bullet through their brain and flying out the top of their head. He lets go of the gun and lets the opponent fall. (War Hero Variation: replaces Solder’s Strike)

Sneak Attack: Flippy punches the opponent twice then throws down a smoke grenade and disappears in the smoke. The opponent looks around, confused. Suddenly, a machete plunges through their abdomen. It pulls back and does it again, this time with Flippy’s upper arm through the hole. The rest of Flippy moves out from behind the opponent and pushes the opponent to the ground. (War Hero Variation)

Hanging by a Thread: Flippy throws a throwing knife attached to a string at the opponent. After it impales them, he dashed forward and wraps the string around his neck. Then, he throws the opponent over his soldier using the string and after they fall to the ground, he pulls their head off with it. (Serial Killer Variation)

Bad to the Bone: Flippy slices his hand off, blinding his opponent with the spurt of blood. Then pulls the skin and muscles back on the arm, revealing the sharp bone, and jabs the opponent under the jaw with it. Then, he rips the opponent’s head off and throws it to the ground. (Bloodthirsty Variation)

Victory Pose: Flippy bends over, as if he is in pain, then leans back and lets out a shout of victory. He then just stands panting, slightly slouched.

Hope you like it!
09/25/2015 08:16 PM (UTC)
Bio: Ka'Davis is from the ancient realm of Edenia. His father was of the third family which was fighting for sovereignty after J'ulia Kahnum died. Sindel and Jerrod were her favorites, so they were chosen. As a teenager, around the age 15,000, he bore witness to the invasion of his home world at the hands of Shao Kahn. During the chaos that ensued, Kade was smuggled away while his father stayed behind to perform his duties as a general in the Edenian army. They were destroyed, and Edenia was won.
Kade reappeared more than ten thousand years later, hearing that Empress Mileena was in power, and worked his way to defeating her, but was stopped short by Kotal Kahn. He pledges to end Kotal Kahn for his crimes, and free Edenia from its enslavement.

Default: Kade is more reminiscent of an assassin, being dressed in an all black suit and a mask, with a hood over.
Edenian Prince: Having grown used to the lush and luxurious lifestyle of money, Kade wears traditional Edenian garbs: a blue cape, a gold neck piece with gems on it, a gold belt, black pants, and gold boots.

Entrance 1: Kade materializes out of practically thin air, walking towards his opponent, holding his scythe in both hands. As the camera faces his opponent, he twirls them in between his fingers, changing them from his staffed double scythe form to their double chained form. When the camera turns back to him, he puts it (Reaper) on his back, (Ember Lord) into the Netherrealm, (Spell Master) on his waist.

Entrance 2: As the opponent walks towards Kade, he is using his scythe as a cane. As the camera pans to him, he gives his opponent a glare, as he slams his scythe into the ground, and his eye glows silver.

Win Pose: Kade takes his scythe, and scratches a “K” into his opponent’s back.

Default Moves:


* Forward Throw: Kade gouges their eyes with his scythes, and rips them out through the sides. Then he kicks them in the face. (12%)
* Backward Throw: Kade smacks them in the face with his scythe, them pokes them in the back with it. (12%)

Variations and Moves:

Spell Master​
In this variation, Kade uses his magical powers bestowed to him by birth. Additional spells and magic abilities have their place in his arsenal, courtesy of this Variation.

Visual Aid: Kade's scythes are on his waist, and glow blue. His outfit is now white.

* Spellbound; Mobility: Kade shoots out a dark blue spell at his opponent, and they are momentarily rooted to the spot, unable to move until the effect runs out/the person is hit. (5%)
o Meter Burn - Disability: Does more damage, armored. (8%)
* Spellbound; Unflinching: Kade shoots out a dark pink spell, which renders the opponent unable to block. (4%)
o Meter Burn - Unshakable: This enables the opponent to be unable to block for longer. (3%)
* Straight Spell: Shoots a gold spell at his opponent. Doesn't do much damage, but has fast recovery and start-up. (6%)
o Meter Burn – Light Spell: Kade shoots a spell out which, when connects, causes an explosion, knocking his opponent into the air. (10%)
* Spell Absorb: Kade holds out a gold shield, which absorbs any projectile thrown at him, and in the second he does so, he can absorb it for health or meter. (+7), (+1/4)
o Meter Burn - Absorption: Kade can now do either for more meter/health. (+10), (+1/3)
* Arsenal Attack: Button Input Combo: Kade shoots six spells at his opponent, with a gap between the third and fourth, while walking back, putting room in between him and his opponent. (2% 3% 2%, 1% 2% 1% = 11%)
o Meter Burn - Arcane Arsenal Attack: Armored, two more hits. At the last button input, hold block. (2% 3% 2%, 2% 2% 2%, 4% 2%=19%)

Edenian Reaper​
In this variation, Kade has his scythe, which he can have in two separate chained form, or as one staff with a scythe blade on the end. His combos change based on this. He gets specific combo changes based on this (think Kobu Jutsu v. Dragon Naginata Tanya). As he changes stances, his universal combos change in form to be correct.

Visual Aid: Scythe is on his back, and his clothing is darker, silver in Edenian Prince. He starts out in SSS.

Double Scythe Stance

* Slash Shop: Kade rapidly spins in place, his Scythe Blades out, striking enemies multiple times and propelling them away. (3% 3% 3% = 9%)
o Meter Burn - Chop Shop: Armored, more hits, will kill some armor. (3% 3% 3% 3% 3% = 15%)
* Scythe Swing (Downwards, Upwards): Kade swipes with his scythe in an arc, either up to the sky, or down towards the ground. The upwards one can extend combos, the downwards is an overhead. (9%)
o Meter Burn - Double Scythe Swing: Kade swings with both scythes in whichever direction, now faster. (7% 8% = 15%)
* Devil Hands: Command Grab. Kade grabs his opponent, stabbing his opponent multiple times. (5%3%4%3%4%=19%)
o Meter Burn - Evil Hands: If the above connects, Kade follows with more hits, if the button input is pressed. (5%4%4%5%4%5%4%=31%) It is so much damage because it doesn't lead into a combo so it is 31% for 1 bar.
* Uppercut: Uppercut is altered, Kade slices up with his scythe. (12%)

Single Scythe Stance

* Scythe Swipe: Kade swipes in an arc with his scythe, great range. (12%)
o Meter Burn - Scythe Slam: Does more damage, armored, allows a pop-up for combos. (16%)
* Under Scoop: Kade swings his scythe under his opponent, knocking them down. (9%)
o Meter Burn - Scoop Up: Faster, now pops up. (12%)
* Scythe Spin: Kade sticks his scythe into the ground and kicks his opponent, jumping off of the ground. (11%)
o Meter Burn - Super Kicks: Kicks his opponents multiple times, pops up for a combo. (16%)
* Scythe Swing: Kade holds onto his scythe, which is implanted in the ground, and lifts his feet up, like a jungle gym. He is unaffected by all low projectiles or hits, and can cancel out of this move. This disables the need to jump.
- Scythe Kick: An Add-on to Scythe Swing. Now that he is in this stance, he can do a move where he twirls upwards, forcing his feet over his head, and kicking his opponent twice. (6% 8% = 14%)
* Anti-Air Slap: Kade swipes at the air with his scythe quickly; it will only hit airborne opponents. (10%)

Ember Lord​
In this variation, Kade utilities Ember, the ancient crystal of creation, used by few people, in his combos. He has been possessed by Dark Ember, and uses both in his pursuit of power.

Visual Aid: His scythes are missing; in fatalities etc., they glow green like Ember. His skin tone is darker, and glowing green tattoos are seen all up his body, they are everywhere, in intricate swirls, but his eyes are glowing green too. He has the crystal replacing whatever clothing he had, and he has a green (depends on the state) aura surrounding him. His voice is also altered; sounding like multiple people, not like a revenant, but like Skarlet, or Ermac. His combos are different, as he doesn't have his scythe, and he has a different stance. His run speed is much faster, and he floats above the ground when walking, like Shinnok or Ermac.

* Jutting Krystal (Far/Medium/Close): Kade simply raises a hand, and a stalagmite raises out of the ground. (7%)
o Meter Burn - Jutting Krystals (Far/Medium/Close): Three shoot up in the spot. Kade is very plus on block after this. (16%)
o Meter Burn - Triple Krystals: Three stalagmites shoot up in three separate spots. (8%)
* Jewel Shards: Kade holds his hand out and allows hundreds of Ember shards to hit his opponent. Can be delayed, and is more or less negative, depending on when you end it. (11%-17%)
o Meter Burn - Long-Range Shards: This gives the shards significantly longer range. Armored.
* Ember Gem: Kade holds a shiny gem in his hands, and throws it at his opponent. Can be cancelled for pressure or combo potential.
o Meter Burn - Ember Blast: More damage.
* Ember Parry: A wall of Ember appears, and if his opponent hits it with either their fist or a projectile, it will shatter, shooting Ember everywhere.
o Meter Burn - Lord Parry: The opponent in covered in Ember, frozen in place.
* Ember Smash: Kade smashes a block of Ember shards to crush his opponent.
o Meter Burn - Krystal Smash: More damage.
* Red Aura: Kade twirls on the spot; his tattoos now glow red; for 10 seconds, all of Kade's Ember moves will glow red and not green, and they will do 30% more the damage. If Jewel Shards or Long-Range Shards connects, it will cause a burning effect.
* Blue Aura: Kade twirls on the spot, and his tattoos glow blue; for 10 seconds, Kade will take 50% less damage. His Ember Attacks will glow blue for reference.
* Gold Aura: Kade twirls on the spot, and his tattoos glow gold; for 10 seconds, Kade will regenerate 1% health a second.
07/08/2016 03:40 AM (UTC)
ALIBI (revision finished)

African-American Female
145 lbs.
Earthrealm; Unknown
Ninjitsu, Hapkido & Psychic Abilities
Alliances are with Scorpion & Shirai Ryu; Neutral

Alibi can be Tanya from MK4 just with the given code name. She can wear a traditional sleeveless yellow gi with loose fitting ninja pants like a Sashinuki hakama. She also can have a yellow undershirt beneath her gi and a set of black wrists guards with yellow ninja shoes and a yellow clothed mask to conceal her neck and face or maybe be unmasked. She can have a Japanese emblem over her heart to symbolize her alliance with the Shirai Ryu in black. Her alternate can be a darker shade of yellow with a pair of loose fitting ninja pants like a Sashinuki hakama in a darker shade of yellow. She can also where a yellow undershirt in the same matching color and a pair of darker shaded yellow ninja shoes and clothed mask to conceal her neck and face or be unmasked. Again she can have a black Japanese emblem over the left side of her gi symbolizing her alliance with the Shirai Ryu ninja clan. She could also have a black sash tied around the waist on both costumes where the straps hang down in the front. She can also wear a headband with a crystalline structure in the middle of the headband, to generate the source of her psychic beams.

Alibi, unlike many others, came into the Shirai Ryu at a later age. She was looked upon as a late bloomer by many in the clan. So by the time she had gotten to the age of fighting, her skills weren’t as keen and honed as the others. To make up for weakness in physical ability, she had a mastery of spoken language. She could speak seven different languages (including English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Italian, Russian, and Swahili). She also possessed a well-keened skill of persuasion, and possessed a born psychic ability to read and control people’s minds and because of this skill she was given the initial code name of “Alias“. Although in other circles, these skills might have been looked upon as great, the Shirai Ryu saw her skills as inferior. She often would stay behind on missions and be restricted from learning any advanced fighting techniques. But eventually she would gain the trust and respect of the heralded Scorpion and became his student. Being older than his usual students, Scorpion had to demonstrate patience with her, a virtue he wasn’t use to exhibiting as a Sensei.

The initial phases of their training were routine until the Lin Kuei decided to abruptly end their training by waging a war. Being at novice level of fighting she fought well in the war but witnessed the death of her Sensei. Tormented she fled to a nearby town until the war receded. Months later she would be visited by Scorpion’s specter in random visions and dreams in her sleep. These visions drove Alibi to fight in the Mortal Kombat 4 tournament where ironically enough, part of her identity would be compromised. Tanya, as it was later revealed, had her focus affected with the leak in personal information. The leak in information would cause her mind to wander about other things instead of focusing on her opponent, causing an early round defeat in the tournament. She would also reunite with her former Sensei, Scorpion in the tournament. Scorpion saw that she competed well in the tournament and respected her efforts but scolded her to her face. Feeling that her skill was average at best, he demanded that she train harder, and mediocrity was not acceptable as a member of the Shirai Ryu. So with the events unfolding, and Shirai Ryu now extinct, she went into an isolated location to train with the resurrected Scorpion to instruct her on occasion. This time in her life represented a period of purification from her former self. She was given the new code name “Alibi” by Scorpion himself and honed her psychic abilities into a useful fighting weapon against foes. Alibi enters Mortal Kombat for redemption and for her resurrected Sensei.

As a member of the Shirai Ryu, Alibi was trained initially in Ninjitsu and Hapkido fighting styles at a novice level but because of her physical limitations she was not trained in any advanced techniques by her Sensei Scorpion. Her training would pick up and she would be taught the full principles of Ninjitsu by Scorpion. In her continued teachings she proved to have developed proficient skills in Taijutsu in hand to hand combat, as well as espionage techniques. Being low key in nature, discretion and secrecy came natural to her, highly regarded principles within Ninjitsu she mastered very quickly. She also was taught the Black Arts of the Shirai Ryu from Scorpion and honed her abilities as a psychic to use as a main tool of attack against her opponents. She has quick, precise and stealth movements which are trademark qualities of the Shirai Ryu ninjas. Not necessarily known as an assassin, her more recent assignments have been infiltration of enemy quarters.

Standard Teleport - Alibi teleports either vertically or horizontally across the screen leaving a blinking image of her behind.

Psychic Blast - Alibi motions her hands over the temples of her head to generate a blast of sonic energy from her forehead across the screen that stuns her opponent.

Upward Psychic Blast - Alibi motions her hands over the temples of her head to generate a blast of sonic energy from her forehead diagonally upward towards her opponent. The beam stuns them and knocks the airborne opponent out of the air to the ground.

Downward Psychic Blast - Alibi motions her hands over the temples of her head to generate a blast of sonic energy from her forehead at the feet of her opponent causing a sonic explosion. This explosion launches her opponent in the sky and provides an opportunity for her execute a series of combos/juggles to execute on her airborne opponent.

Crouching Psychic Blast - Alibi is bent on one knee in crouching position. She then motions her hands over the temples of her head to generate a blast of sonic energy from her forehead across the screen. The beam strikes the lower extremities of opponent, knocking the feet of her opponent from underneath them sending them face first to the ground.

Psychic Sphere - Alibi motions her hands over the temples of her head to generate a sonic force field from her forehead, forming a spherical shaped ball to incase her. This allows her to temporarily ward off any projectiles thrown at her and also acts as a barrier to physical hits. It delivers a mild level shock to opponent blowing them back up off their feet across the screen falling on their back facing up if psychic barrier is physically touched. The sphere then disappears.

Magnetic Psychic Beam - Alibi motions her hands over the temples of her head to generate a blast of sonic energy from her forehead that incases her opponent’s body. She then retracts her psychic beam back to her forehead dragging her disoriented opponent towards her in close range to execute a series of combos and free hits to disoriented opponent.

Psychic Suffocation - Alibi motions her hands over the temples of her head to generate a blast of sonic energy from her forehead that incases her opponent’s body. The beam shocks her opponent into disoriented state. Opponent then stumbles to a bended knee position gasping for air, leaving them open for a series of combos or free hits to be delivered on her opponent.

Repellant Psychic Beam - Alibi motions her hands over the temples of her head to generate a blast of sonic energy from her forehead that repels her opponent across the screen against the wall.

Rising Psychic Beam - Alibi motions her hands over the temples of her head to generate a blast of sonic energy from her forehead that launches and suspends her opponent in mid-air temporarily to free fall to the ground. This provides an opportunity for Alibi to execute a series of combos/air juggles on her opponent.

Psychic Sphere of Chaos - Alibi motions her hands over the temples of her head to generate a sonic force field from her forehead, forming a spherical shaped ball to be launched across the screen. If not properly defended, the sphere traps her opponent in the sphere and generates a series of psychic beams to chaotically ricochet off the walls of the sphere, scoring Alibi with multiple hits before disappearing.

Mental Beam – Alibi motions her hands over the temples of her head to generate a sonic laser beam from her forehead, forming a small illuminating aura around and incasing the head of her opponent in a flash of energy causing disorientation, confusion and disabling her opponent for a brief moment.

Third Eye Beam – Alibi motions her hands over the temples of her head to generate a sonic laser beam to upper extremities of her opponent rendering them into a slow motioned hologram image. This also causes her opponent’s attacks to become temporarily harmless and see through giving Alibi an ample chance to execute another series of combos and hits on her opponent before her opponent materializes back into themselves.

Alibi can look like the picture shown above except she could wear yellow attire without rips or tears in the shoulder region of her garments and no holes exposing the skin in her yellow Sashinuki hakama/ninja pants and yellow ninja shoes with a yellow ninja clothed mask concealing the neck region as well as her face. And she can have the sleeveless gi with the black Japanese emblem over her heart.

Psychic Gamma Ray - Alibi, within long range, stands with an illuminated glow pulsing from her head and strains with her chin up from a burst of sonic energy to generate vertically to the sky. She then motions her head down towards the ground to generate a trail of sonic energy to race across the pavement to her opponent’s feet and engulf them in a sudden explosion of light. The light suddenly melts away her disoriented opponent into thin air.

Alibi turns to the camera and raises her right arm in victory.

Alibi drops down vertically from top of the screen into a discrete, low key crouching position and slowly stands up to transition into her fighting stance with a stoic facial expression at her opponent.

Alibi turns to the camera and raises her right arm in victory. She then stretches/adjusts herself and attire and motions back into her fighting stance.

Psychic Phenomenon - She cocks back her hand and thrust it forward in a front hook jab to the face of her opponent cracking their jaw line. She then motions into a back fist towards her opponent’s sternum. The camera showcases the internal damage of the rib cage. She then motions with her hands over her the temples of her head and yanks her opponent into a dashing elbow. This sends them back peddling and grimacing in pain grasping their face for a possible string of combos to be executed.

Alibi can wear a traditional yellow sleeveless gi with a black thick sash wrapped around her waist and a yellow headband with a crystalline structure in the middle that would glisten and be the source of her psychic abilities.

After winning the tournament, and freeing her sisters of the Shirai Ryu, Alibi, gained a new level of respect that she had never experienced within the ranks of her former clan. So much so, that her rival clan members Poison Ivy and Black Widow befriended her and inducted her into the Shirai Ryu’s inner circle. This would mark as a transitioning period of renewed friendship for the sisters. After several months had past the sisters had began to search for other means to live now, now that the Shirai Ryu was extinct. Alibi was offered a proposal from Poison Ivy. In this proposal she was offered to be the face and gate keeper of an upstart secret operative group called “Obsidian Light”. Poison Ivy laid out the detailed description of her offered position after months of thought and planning, as to be a recruiter/filter/combatant/and infiltrator with her skills of spoken language and persuasion. There would be a bonus of a wealthy salary and benefits. Alibi would spend a few days thinking the transition over with advice of her Sensei Scorpion and decided to jump aboard with Scorpion being their first recruit to oversee the organizations’ operations.
09/03/2016 10:45 AM (UTC)
Height:1,85 cm
Weight:95 kg
Fighting style: Ninja+Karate moves
Start stance:Runs,frontflips and quotes:Let me see.
End stance(brutality):Admit it.You ́re awful.
End stance(no fatalities):goes away,quotes:Come on,this is no challange!
Nobody knows what happened to his left part of the face.Never talks about it.Knows all weakness.
https://postimg.org/image/w20klbbbx/ Alternative win stance
About Me

There you go, finding a hidden advantage in an unfortunate circumstance; using pain to take you to the next level. Those are the things that turn players into kings.

01/02/2019 04:57 PM (UTC)

name. keneth " massacre" cade

location. mental hospital earthrealm

height : 6.0

weight : unknown

nationality : white

hair : red:

eyes: black

age : 21


at the age of 8 keneth cade was visited in a dream in the dream world by shinnok commanding him to massacre his entire family diving into his deepest darkest fantasies , ever since than he was put into a psychiatric facility to where he is now 21 years of age , ken cade has a taste for violence wich makes him a formadble foe to the mortal kombat tournament . the evil forces of the nether realm view him as there wild card and makes serial killers like jason voorhees , freddy kruger, michael meyers, leatherface look like kinder gardeners

04/23/2019 04:56 PM (UTC)

Khimera: An amalgamation of Goro, Mileena and many other Outworld Kombatants' made by Shang Tsung in an attempt to create a fighter that could surpass Earthrealm's mightiest. Considered a failure and an abomination, now walks a grey path between the home that hates him and the enemy that might accept him. Raised in D'Vorah's hive, so sees her as his mother.

  • Appearance: Filthy Tarkatan clothing and heavily scarred body covered in old bandages. Traces of Tarkatan DNA cause right cheek to be wide open, but missing the signature teeth. Bull-like horns jutting out the sides of his head, the right larger than the left. One twisted arm-like growth on left side, showing the remains of Shokan DNA.
  • Powers: Can contort his limbs to take the forms of different Outworld and Earthrealm beasts, usually turning his arms into pythons and other large snakes for devastating lashes.
  • Gear (MK11 Kustomization): Snake arm; horns; facial bandages.
  • Fatality Ideas: Wrapping snake arm around opponent and slowly crushing them, allowing bones to splinter and spear out, finishing by biting/ripping the head off; Creating a small cut and sending a small snake into the opponent's bloodstream before expanding it on the inside to have an anaconda burst out of their chest, heart in mouth.
05/14/2019 11:27 PM (UTC)

I was bored and came up with a character the other day. I don't know how this would fit into active stories and might need its own "alternate universe" but it was basically a Planet of the Apes-inspired counterpart to Reptile. He's the leader of an ape-like tribe whose daughter has been poisoned. He goes in search of a cure himself, but ends up attacked by either Kano or Kabal on behalf of the Black Dragon. His species' paws have the ability to grant users of blood magic advanced power. The Black Dragon member is successful and takes his hand. They give it to Havik who uses its power to part the Sea of Blood enough to allow him to bring Geras back as his soul-bound bodyguard.

This simian character decides he wants to hunt down the Black Dragon in addition to curing his daughter. He gets a mechanic hand from the Special Forces, Lin Kuei or Tekunin or something. He can turn this into a drill, of sorts, and also use it to pound the ground. Prior to the actual gamplay he successfully hunts down Kano and takes his skull (he's a skull collector, by the way). He then uses Kano's eye-plate to fire lasers at his opponents as well. He also removes other skulls on his attire to smash into his opponents like coconuts. One of his x-ray or special combo moves (not up-to-date on the latest terms) has him putting a giant skull over his opponent's head and smashing both it and their skull with a single blow.

He's generally be on the side of good and Earthrealm, with his major enemies being the Black Dragon, Reptile, Havik and Geras, but if he gets his technology from elsewhere, it's possible his allegiances could pose a threat to Earthrealm, and Sonya might not like that he took revenge against Kano before she got a chance to. He might also be suspicious of human beings, in general.

I had the name "Rankryll" in mind. A combination of the Dutch word for gorilla and "rank" or even something from "orangutan." I'm not sure if that's the best I can do, though.

08/10/2019 11:18 PM (UTC)

My Top picks for DLC in MK11 or MK12:

Shrek (from Shrek)

Demogorgan (from Stranger Things)

Triborg (from MKX) should come back as all cyborg ninjas like Cyrax, Sektor, Hydro, Flare, Acid, Smoke, Leviathan, ect.

General Grievous (from Star Wars)

Jared Fogle (from Real Life)

08/11/2019 07:06 AM (UTC)

This would be my character if I was in Mortal Kombat:

Name: Royale

Race/Gender: White Male

Powers: Magic, Power Replication, Skill Replication

Weapons: Straight Double-edged Katina, Gada Mace - He switches between them using magic, similar to how Shao Kahn does to switch between his hammer and spear

Morality: Good / Faction: His Unknown Realm / Arch Allies: Kotal Khan, Raiden, Liu Kang, Baraka, Sub Zero, Scorpion / Arch Enemies: Shao Kahn, - Tense relations with Special Forces

Appearance: Red and black version of MK11 Scorpion's outfit with the sides of his torso covered up and a helmet mask that looks similar to Noob Saibot's mask from MK11 called "Noob Saibot". He has magic that he uses that is similar to Ermac's magic, but is light blue.

Story: It is unknown how he got his magic and replication powers. He went to Bo Rai' Cho at the White Lotus and learned to control his powers there. With his powers, he essentially had all elemental powers, and used the power of Creation to create his own realm. It took some of his power to create the realm, but because he created it, his powers are intertwined with the realm itself so he is extremely powerful while in his realm. None of his powers were taken away, but as a result, his powers were weakened in all other realms. He focuses not on killing but on redeeming people, although he will kill if extremely necessary. He remains primarily in his own faction as dictator, but is allies with the White Lotus, New Lin Kuei, and New Shiri Ryu. He is in a tense relationship and dislikes the Special Forces due to them not doing anything to solve the problems of the world.

Role/Playstyle: Mixed, but mainly grabbing zoner

Special Moves with inputs for PC - E stands for enhanced:

Magic Ball - SDJ - Fires magic ball of his light blue magic - E: fires another one

Gravity Charge - ADK - Charge with shoulder as fast as Kabal, but knocks them back

Rock Smash - SDK - Knocks opponent on head with small boulder

Water Ball - SDI - Sends ball of water towards opponent, similar to Reptile's Forceball - E: super fast and extra damage

Speed Grab - ADL - Runs towards opponent super fast like Kabal and stabs him/her - E: bonks opponent on head with Gada mace instead of stabbing with katina

Fire Sprout - ADJ - Shoots fire out of his hand, similar to how Rain shoots water out of his hand

Ice Spike - SDL - Makes ice spike come out of ground, popping the opponent up

Life Drain - ADI - Grabs and sucks out orbs from the opponent, color of orbs depend on blood color, damages opponent and heals Royale

Intro: Spins katina in an X shape twice before putting it back on his scabbard on his back

Outro: Infuses his katina blade magic that fades into glowing different colors and spins it around

X-ray: Punches opponent several times before slashing their ribcage with his katina and cracking their skull with his Gada Mace

Fatal Blow: Slashes his opponent 20 times with his katina, stabs their chest and then kicks them away before firing a multicolored elemental beam out of his hand at the enemy


The Power of Destruction: Holds them by their neck and a red energy flows through his arm into the opponent. All of the opponents flesh turns to smoke and then flies away leaving only their skeleton before Royale sets the opponents skeleton on ground, takes off the skull, and holds it with his hand and looks at it like Shakespeare

Chunk Slice Dice: Stops time and uses speed to slice the opponent's upper body into tiny cubes, before resuming time and punching their chest, causing the cubes to fly everywhere

Ice Spike YT
05/01/2020 06:16 AM (UTC)Edited 05/03/2020 01:29 PM (UTC)

I think they should add THIS kharacter

Kharacter Name : SubXero

Clan : Lin Kuei

Origin :Forgotten brother of Bi-Han and Kuai-Liang nothing else known.

Skills : Manipulation of ice,water,smoke,steam and fire .

Alligment (Or whatever) :Good

Allies : All Lin Kuei (Except Frost ),Predator,Tremor,Noob Saibot,Smoke,Cyrax

Rivals :Frost,Alien,Spec Ops (Except Johhny Cage)

Race :Cryo,Pyro,Necro,Hydromancer

Gender : Male

Appearance : Looks like Sub Zero but pallete swaped.

Weapons :A Fire Axe with Lin Kuei insignia, Scorpions spear with lin kuei insignia ,Flame throwers attached like Sektor and a Pickaxe with lin kuei insignia.

Fatality : Spear wield,Axe sheild .He first does the "Get over here" thing and burns the enemy to a crisp and for assurity he chops off his head and hands.

Special attack :Mine on the body .He uses the pickaxe to cut enemies by swinging it horizontally.

Kold Kunai Kick : He first kicks his opponent 8X then takes out his spear and turns it into ice and throws them and ends with a punch.

X-ray : Elemental Blades.He makes a blade out of elements given then multiplies them by 4 then just insert them into the enemy.

Passives : Forgotten Strength ; If you perform the x ray attack there is a chance of blind of the enemy

Intro:He comes riding a white and yellow dragon.

Outro: He says "Sharpen your wits and sword , bro."

Fighting style : Shokan,Ninjutsu,Kori blade,Kobu-Jutsu.

Oh by the way he has a mask with teeth like the tarkatan.

Realm : Earthrealm

Like if you thoink it is good.

(Give a sub to my channel.)

12/22/2020 02:03 AM (UTC)

Name- Minato

Race- Edenian

Description- Tall man, about 6'4 with blonde hair and blue eyes

Alignment- Good, previously evil


Minato is a Edenian who was born during Edenias 9th MK tournament against Outworld. His mother was a priestess to Delia and his father a noble, possibly an ambassador. While his mother was pregnant with with him she had visions of Outworld's future invasion of their realm. Fearing the death of her husband and son she convinces her husband to join her in sabotaging the tournament thus giving Outworld the win. In exchange Shao Kahn will guarantee their safety.

Unfortunately Minato gets left behind and is raised as an orphan and his hated by the people of Edenia since they believe it's because of him their realm is doomed. So in order to get treated better he vows to become the MK champion and save their realm.

His abilities are lightning based as he was taught how to use chi and views Sindel and Jerrod as his mother and father figures since they took him in. He fights his way through the tournament and faces the champion. He puts up a good fight but ultimately loses thus dooming the realm. He is very injured and wakes up in bandages to see Outworld is invading. Knowing King Jerrod is danger he rushes to the palace and arrives just in time to see Kahn kill Jerrod and take his soul. Lost in rage and sadness he attacks the emperor but he defeats him. Seeing his potential Kahn fakes his death by blasting him with some green energy so Sindel believes he is dead but Kahn teleported him to the dungeons of his fortress.

He then gets tortured for months, maybe years until he breaks and Kahn transforms him into his secret assassins (think the Winter Soldier of MK). His mother and father believe he died and his father attacks Kahn only to get killed and have his soul stolen. His mother then pledges to become a shadow priest having believed she has lost everything not knowing her son is alive.

Eventually he will break free, preferably after MK3 when Kahn get's defeated and is racked with guilt for all the people he's killed. He was specifically viscous towards the Edenians since he had lingering hatred for them for how they treated him. Eventually he will be paired up with Mileena since he is a firm believer of don't judge a book by it's cover and will teach how to harness her chi so she can become stronger and rule Outworld as a better ruler and have the strength to defend her throne herself.

03/28/2022 03:12 AM (UTC)Edited 03/28/2022 03:17 AM (UTC)

So, okay, here's a concept for a character from Hugtto! PreCure as a Kombatant

Hana Nono/ Cure Yell

Note, her facial model is based off an aged down version of Tricia Helfer, Mortal Kombat X's Sonya Blade's voice actress who would voice her English voice lines. Appearance wise, she would still be the same with the addition of a waist holster at the left side of her waist to hold her Melody Sword


In her teen years, Hana Nono had a lot of adventures. Starting off with encountering Hariham Harry and Hugtan; survivors of a future frozen in time , she was thrust into the battles between the PreCures and Cirasu Corporation. Fighting as the Pretty Cure of High Spirts; Cure Yell, she led her team in the battles against Cirasu Corporation. In the battles that followed, she learnt about Hugtan's origin as Cure Tomorrow and her connection to both her and George Kurai ; the leader of Cirasu Corporation as her mother and his wife respectively . Eventually, they managed to restore the future that Hariham Harry and Hugtan came from and they returned to their normal lives.

It's been several years since the Hugtto! PreCures' battles and Hana Nono is living a normal life as an adult running a flower shop in Hagukumi City together with her husband; George Kurai and her daughter, Hagumi (aka Hugtan). All was well until one day, a mysterious woman appeared in her shop, identified herself as Kronika and kidnapped both her husband and her daughter and worse, turned her hometown into ruins . Hana was in despair until her Mirai Crystals and PreHeart shone brightly. Knowing that her daughter and husband were still alive, Hana inserted her transformation Mirai Crystal into her PreHeart and transformed into Cure Yell once more. Stowing away on a Special Forces expedition group, she travelled to Outworld to free her beloved from Kronika's grasp and restore her hometown.

Select Screen Animation: Cure Yell converts her cuffs into pom-poms then thrusts her arms into the air. She then converts them back into her cuffs and pulls out her Melody Sword from it's waist holster from the left side of her waist.

Gear: Melody Sword, Cuffs and Mirai Crystals.


Hooray! Hooray! (Focuses on hand to hand combat and heart blasts)

High-Spirited (Melody Sword focused).

Criasu's Assets (Gains the ability to summon an Oshimada as an assist)

Johnny Cage Announcer Nicknames: "Yell", "Hooray! Hooray!", "Cheerleader" , "Cure Mom" "Pink-haired Sonya" and "Mechokku!"

Skins: Default (based on her appearance in Hugtto! PreCure), Cheerful (Based on her Cheerful Style), Schoolgirl (based on her school uniform) , Ex (Mortal Kombat X Sonya themed skin)


Cheering on Everyone: Cure Yell does her end of transformation pose.

Bitter Memories: Cure Yell looks at a photo of herself, George and Hagumi in happier times before putting it away.

Tact Inspection: Cure Yell inspects her Melody Sword before noticing the opponent.

Shopping List: Cure Yell inspects a long shopping list before noticing the opponent.


Hooray! Yell!: Cure Yell does a cheerleading routine, spelling out H, P and C in semaphore flag signalling with her pom-poms.

Heart For You! Cure Heart pulls out her PreHeart, then uses it together with her pom-poms to fire a blast to the camera.

Selfie: Cure Yell takes a selfie with her PreHeart.

Happy Memories: Cure Yell pulls out a photo from her PreHeart pouch and looks at a photo of herself in her younger years together with her team in her hands.


Hugyuu!: Cure Yell lifts and hugs the opponent in a bear hug powerful enough to break her opponent's spine. She then places the opponent back onto the ground, then punches them in the face to send the opponent sprawling onto the ground.

Yell In Your Face: Cure Yell grabs the opponent and performs Flower Shoot point blank in the opponent's face, knocking the opponent to the ground.

Fatal Blow: Pointy End Up.

Cure Yell fires off a blast using her Heart For You attack to stun the opponent, then executes a series of rapid fire punches on various parts of the opponent's body, bloodying and dazing them even further. She then removes her Melody Sword and places it on the ground such that the diamond tip is pointing up, then grabs and piledrives the opponent head-first onto her Melody Sword.


Fatality 1: Heart Faced:

Cure Yell uses her Melody Sword to disembowel the opponent. As the opponent is trying to scoop his/her guts back in, Cure Yell gets behind the opponent and uses a point blank Heart For You! blast to blow off the opponent's face from the back of their head.

Fatality 2: Rip For You!:

Cure Yell uses Heart For You to fire off a blast right into the chest of the opponent, searing a heart shaped hole into the opponent's chest and exposing their spinal cord. She then grabs the opponent's spine and breaks it into two. She then hoists the opponent over her head. The opponent only has time to scream (usually word-lessely in horror, though Kollector would scream that he wants to hand in his resignation for his job), before Cure Yell uses the snapped-in-two spine as leverage to rip the opponent in half.


1: The Klassic: Cure Yell uppercuts the opponent's head off.

2: Heart-ache!: Cure Yell fires off a blast from Heart For You that blows a heart shaped hole in the opponents's torso.

3: Mother's Fury!: Cure Yell kicks the opponent to the ground , jumps on their chest, then proceeds to beat the ever-living shit out of the opponent. She then delivers a overhead two handed punch that explodes the opponent's head.*

*Secret Brutality Variation: Against Cetrion, Kronika (if edited to allow Brutalities to be performed onto her) and Geras, Cure Yell actually yells out obscenities and insults against them while beating their faces in such as "You fucker!" , "You asshole!", "You'll die for kidnapping George and Hagumi!" and "I'll make sure this leaves a mark on you in every timeline!". Why? Because Cure Yell knows that Kronika and her servants were responsible for kidnapping her husband and daughter, so she has a massive bone to pick against them.

4: ~Gyuuu! : Cure Yell grabs her opponent in a bear hug similar to Hugyuu, but then squeezes her opponent until her opponent's head explodes and her opponent's entrails are squeezed out from their neck socket.

5: Should Have Kept The PreCure Sword: Cure Yell stabs the opponent in the abdomen with the Melody Sword, causing them to kneel. She then rips out the Melody Sword then projects an energy blade from the Melody Sword and uses it to behead the opponent.

6: Traum's Kompliments: Cure Yell pulls out a Oshimaida doll (yes, it's the same doll that Dr. Traum uses to summon a Oshimaida) and presses the button of the doll to cause an Oshimaida to drop in from offscreen and eat the opponent.

7: Flower Splatter: Cure Yell uses Flower Shoot to hit the opponent with a delayed reaction that causes the opponent's upper torso to explode and a bouquet of flowers to grow from the opponent's lower torso and legs.

8: Pom and Brainless: Cure Yell punches open a hole in the top of the opponent's head, removes one of her cuffs and inserts it into the newly created hole. She then wills the pom-pom to expand to it's full size, exploding the head of the opponent.

9: Flower Shoot!: Cure Yell fires off Flower Shoot from her Melody Sword to take off the opponent's legs. As the opponent tries to crawl towards Cure Yell, Cure Yell stomps on their head, crushing the opponent's head with the heel of her boot.

Brutality Taunts:

Give Me an F, Give Me a U! : Cure Yell turns her cuffs into pom-poms, then uses her pom-poms to semaphore signal the letters F and U*.

Yes, Cure Yell is saying the internet abbreviation for 'Fuck You' with her arm motions.

List Check: Cure Yell pulls out a shopping list and uses her PreHeart to check off the list.

Brutality/ Round Win Lines:

"Hagumi, George, I will find you!"

"Mama will find you, Hagumi!"

"You will not harm my family!"

"You will not freeze our futures."

"Harm my family and friends and you will die!"

"Retribution is long due for what you and Kronika did to my family!" (Against Geras or Cetrion)

"You will not stand in my way of my search!"

"Harm my family, and you will pay!"

"Ever heard of the term, 'mama bear'?"

Friendship: Flower Bouquet:

Cure Yell uses Flower Shoot to create a field of flowers on the ground. She then presents a bouquet of roses to the camera after pulling them out from her PreHeart pouch.

Sample Interaction Lines (With Scorpion, Sonya Blade, Shao Kahn and Sindel )

"I've heard your loved ones were kidnapped."

"Indeed. I'm looking for them."

"That's comforting for you, my loved ones are dead!"

"So, you're a mother?"

"Yes, but you don't have to deal with your daughter being regressed into a baby."

"Indeed, I don't want that to happen to Cassie."

(If Sonya has the Cure Yell costume equipped)

"I did not know you are a fan of Pretty Cure!"

"Every mother has her secrets."

"And you have the same taste in costumes as well."

"You don't deserve to be called a father, Shao Kahn"

"I raised them to be instruments of my will, Cure Yell!"

"Which is why you need to be stopped!"

" Such a foolish mother."

"You should have the same feelings as me towards your own daughter!"

"Kitana is not worthy of my care, Hana!"

Tower Ending:

"With Kronika defeated, Geras and Cetrion were horrified at the goals of Kronika when I enlightened them on what Kronika's aims actually were . They offered to feed themselves to the Hourglass to give it the capacity to run itself and atone for their crimes. But I stopped them and provided them a more productive alternative. In exchange for them releasing George and Hagumi and working with the Elder Gods to defend Earthrealm , I used one of my Mirai Crystals to grant the Hourglass the capacity to run itself, restoring my hometown and the Elder Gods that Kronika ordered executed in the process. Geras and Cetrion departed on good terms with me and I was reunited with my family.

"However, this restoration had a side effect. Initially unknown to me, Quan Chi has returned from the dead. One day, he kidnapped Hagumi right in front of me. I was furious and heard of Hanzo 'Scorpion' Hasashi , the leader of the Shirai Ryu ninja clan who has suffered most from the machinations of Quan Chi . I assembled my PreCure team and teamed up with the Shirai Ryu to hunt Quan Chi down with our combined resources . What does Quan Chi want by kidnapping my daughter? I do not know. But when we corner him, I will show him that the Netherrealm hath no fury than a mother scorned!"

12/06/2022 06:17 PM (UTC)

Would anyone want the Mortal Kombat Online Kreate-A-Kharacter Tournament to return? This year is the 10th anniversary of the last tournament (KAK VII). There have been submissions of original fighters since 2013, but the only tournament(s) that have occurred have included established MK fighters.

With MK11 canonizing a multiverse (where alternate timelines and character outcomes from the games all occurred in different universes, as well as Fire God Liu Kang or Shang Tsung rewriting history depending on who won in MK11 Aftermath), the possibilities of kharacters and stories/timelines/outcome aftermaths are endless. Perhaps another Elder God competed after the MK1 Raiden won Shang Tsung's tournament and invited them to compete in future MK tournaments. Or another champion rose after MK4 Shinnok killed Liu Kang, Raiden, and Reptile. Did someone else defeat Blaze and claim his godlike essence instead of Shao Kahn?

If anyone is interested, please respond to or like this post and maybe someone from Mortal Kombat Online could resurrect the tournament for a new generation of kombatants.

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