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I'm starting to see these kinds of threads pop up and i think it should become a stickied thread so there arent a million different ones floating around. So post anything and everything you want in a character for the upcoming MK8. And to start it off heres two of mine:

Ruune: He's a necromancer from the chaos realm. He was the one who controlled undead Liu Kangs actions in deception and armageddon and has finally revealed himself.

Plague: A green cyber-ninja who is the new Tekunin leader and specializes in bio-warfare. Weapon idea: a green staff pulse blade (darth maul style yea!)

Join in everybody!smile
11/09/2006 04:20 AM (UTC)
I think it would be cool if another Elder God were to step down because he/she is officially tired of all this weird shit happening and decided to fight against all the main villians (Shinnok, Shao Kahn, Onaga -- barring their survival). Make it a female just so the "pantheon of the Gods" isn't some sausage-fest. And give her a weapon that has the ability to destroy a soul, so that there is no chance anyone killed with it can return.

I think that would kick ass in more ways then one.grin
11/09/2006 06:59 AM (UTC)
In all I made up 8 characters. I made them in "Kreate a Fighter" mode in MK Armageddon. But I'll just list two. (note: I only made 8 fighters because I made 8 profiles.)

HINATA- Earthrealm's Goddess of Fire. Her basic bio includes that Raiden ended up in the Netherrealm after the final battle at the Pyramid of Argus. Hinata reluctantly fought Raiden and defeated him in Mortal Kombat. Hinata was then granted Raiden's old title as Protector of Earthrealm. Her looks include that she has long orange hair (you know, to make her look fiery), a red scantily clad outfit, a red and orange cape, and some shoulder and thigh pads that are red and orange.

NAOMI- Her origin was way back when Onaga's rule over Outworld was relatively new. She belonged to a special clan of ninjas that had an ability to control a dragon's impulse or thought. The clan was called Ryu-Seishi (Dragon Master)[the clan name needs work]. They were nicknamed Ryumancers, plural of the word with the same meaning. Her clan eventually annhilated at the hands of Onaga. Naomi and Onaga fought several times, all ended in a draw. Then Naomi was ganged up on by Onaga and his advisor Shao Kahn. Naomi was defeated and sealed in a casket to only be released when Onaga's body would be completely destroyed. That very thing happens at the Pyramid of Argus, in my fantasy, Blaze erupts obliterating nearly everybody. Onaga was one of them. Naomi was recently awakened. She eventually becomes Hinata's first recruit to protect Earthrealm from peril. Naomi is a scantily clad gold female ninja that looks asian.

I make my character have a connection with a character from the current-gen MK games.
-Hinata fights her brother Raiden
-Naomi fights Onaga
11/09/2006 04:46 PM (UTC)
Hitachi: The grim reaper of the elder gods.
11/10/2006 03:28 AM (UTC)
I've said this before (MKDA to MKD to MKA) and I'll keep saying it untill I see it.

MK needs a samurai character. An evil one (undead). Yoshimitsu from tekken, and Doku from Ninja Gaiden are perfect examples.

Hotaru and Dairou are the closest to be considered as samurai, but not close enough.
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um, so, um, anyway theres like this guy named Bruce.


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11/10/2006 06:26 PM (UTC)
Milo the Cat

Origin: Earthrealm
Race: Cat
Hand2hand: Karate
Hand2handname: Ninjitsu
Weapon stance: Mugai Ryu
Weapon: 2 Daggers

Bio: Milo had entered MK 1 as a secret, not fighting anyone, really. He had been looking for his master, Shaydon. As skilled as he was, though, he was beat by Sub-Zero. He swore he would get revenge. In MK 2 he was still looking for Shaydon. He didn't find him, but he did find a female cat, who offered to help look for Milo's master. Her name was Cleo the Cat. They were beaten by Reptile, though, and were unsuccessful. Then in MK 4 they found another friend, named Max the Cat. He said he would also help look. This time they made it to the final stage, Shinnok. But they didn't fight him. What was the point? They were just looking for Shaydon, not trying to win the tournament. Then in MK DA they met a man named Shang-Tsung. He said he recognized them. He finally said "Yes. You are Cleo, Milo, and Max, the ones who defeated me when I was trying to battle with Shaydon." he said. The cats were serprized. "I bet you don't even remember that your brothers and sisters!" laphed Shang-Tsung. The 3 cats beat him up real good, and left him there dying. In MK D, they finally found Shaydon. They were all happy to see each other. Then Shaydon told the group the next thing they were going to do: locate Scorpion, Shaydon's master. The 3 cats whined for a bit. In MK A they found Scorpion rather easily, really. "Greetings, fellow clan members. I thought you were dead Anyway I'm glad your here, I need help. We need to find the original Sub-Zero, and kill him." Scorpion said. And so they set off on their next mission.

how do you like it? I made it last year. smile by the way, he did not enter MK 3confused
11/10/2006 08:17 PM (UTC)
Aight Aight... We've Seen the Fatalities. We've Been through the Animalities. We've laughed at the "Frendships". We've Almosted died seeing the "Babalities". If we are bringing back the oldways with newer Graphics and Simulations, Scorpion's spear needs to come "Out" of his hand. And should have graphics for a fatality exploiting it. Add Fatality extensions. You throw the Spear and watch it almost movie like to hitting the opponent. Then the button combination will either rip the beating heart out, or you could just shoot the spear further out, watching it - As it moves like a snake weaving in and out of the opponent's Body until it just whips back to Scorpion's palm and lets out a "Raptor"-like Roar. Shredding the body to the Bone.

Brutalities, we've meticulously mastered to watch humiliations of a combo so intense the body just implodes from the pressures of all the Impacts.

Animalities: Bring them Back. The button combos alternating the Ending of the Opponent's fate while in Animal Form could bring a whole new meaning to "Finish Him"

Character Name : Vizzoul
Good or Bad? --- Evil

New to the Realm of Outworld. A man/Beast lurks with shadows being his Ally. His Grasp on the Essence of Mortal Kombat as a feeble Game. He is caught off guard by Onaga, as Onaga tries to set an example of him. Onaga Grabs his Throat and lifts him off the ground. A Dragon Like Claw emerges from the shadows to grab and crush Onaga's arm. Hell's Mightiest Demon has just Emerged. Vizzoul grabs Onaga's throat with an arm that looks almost humanoid. The Oils of the Skin acting like Acid on Onaga literally melts his throat to the bone the Soul being sucked through the hand.
Standing at 8ft. Making Blaze seem almost like a fireant. This new Demon, unleashed by the Realms slowly being Ripped apart opening a New Dimension. Hells revenge for his fallen soldier "Scorpion". Has come to collect The NetherRealm, EarthRealm, Outworld, And the Realm of the Gods, and claim them all for its own. Eyes Thin and scaley like a Dragon. Humanoid Main Form. But, the Beast flows beneath the Flesh that could possibly make this The Final Battle For not just EarthRealm, but for every realm. Gods, Good-Guys, And Evil, all titles and Agendas are set asside to Keep Life itself from Becoming completely Extinct.
Raiden The god of Thunder is easily overcome By this creature. He seems to use the ancient Lin Kuei shadow arts of Ninja Like Noob. A showy figure comes to Light as the thunder God's Body falls thrashed and Trashed. A bloody massacre from a horror Film of blood exploding from the veins as It seems this creature feeds off the powers of the soldiers and warriors consumed by its Wrath. Mortal Kombat : Rise of the DarkLord
11/10/2006 08:40 PM (UTC)
We've been through the Fatalities. We've experienced the thrill of the Animalistic Spirts of the Animalities. We've laughed at the "Friendships". We've almost Died watching the Babalities.

Fatalities: Gruesome Signatures, bring back the variety. Scorpion should have his spear coming OUT of his hand, and a fatality that exploits it. The spear throw being one button combo. The defualt will be the ripping out of the beating hear with the spear opening its jaws and engoulfing the heart, then releasing a Raptor-like shriek. Also, add a button combo to have the spear weaving in and out of the opponent's body until it finally draws back to Scorpion's palm shredding the opponents body as bladelike spikes eject from the slithering body of the spear's base.

Character Name: Vizzoul
Good or Bad? : Purely Evil

A New Presence has entered Outworld. Onaga's wraith is yet to be felt. Caught lurking in the Shadows, Onaga finds this new participant for his "grand-er" sceme of the knew Realm he wishes to create and Rule. A flash of the shadow's eyes emerge Fire-Colored - Dragon like scaley eyes. Onaga doesn't seem bothered as he grips The Throat of Vizzoul. Before he is able to raise Vizzoul off the ground to make him an "example"; A dragon-like claw grips Onaga's arm and crushes it easily. This sends Onaga to his knees with worry-filled eyes staring up at Vizzoul. A humanoid like arm reaches to Onaga's throat and grips it. THe oils of the hand like acid just melting Onaga's throat to the Bone. Onaga's soul sucked through the skin 's contact schrieking in pain as his lifeless body and headless now falls to the floor with little to no blood spilt. Standing at 8ft tall in a humanoid like form, Blaze is like a Meer fire-ant when compared to this new beast. Human like Form, yet the true beast lay beneath the flesh. Using the ancient shadow arts of the Lin Kuei like noob saibot, he Advances upon Raiden. The god of thunder's body is grated and slashed to minced flesh and bone, sprays of blood misting all nearby. Raiden's soul and it seems his source of power is Consumed by this new Demon, which seems to feed off the souls and powers of the warriors he destroys. Hell's revenge for its lost warriors is now Unleashed, one most important "Scorpion" is about to get Avenged.

Good or Evil, Gods or mortals, all differences are set asside and new alliances are made. Agendas put on hold as a new evil Emerges; which threatens more than Earthrealm, Outworld, NetherRealm, or the Realm of the Gods, but the very Existance of LIFE ITSELF.

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11/10/2006 11:15 PM (UTC)
RevengeOfHell. instead of double posting use the edit option. thats what its there 4. and by the way welcome to MKO.
11/12/2006 06:56 PM (UTC)
this is mine.


place of origin:heavons

Status:supreme elder god

he would be raidens father and be the top elder god.he would carry sword and would have all the powers.not even all the characters put together would defeat him.
11/12/2006 08:04 PM (UTC)
Name: Hakan
Origin: Outworld
Alignment: Evil
Allies: Reiko, Kintaro, and Mileena
Enemies: Goro, Motaro, and Kung Lao
Fighting Style: Mian Chuan
Weapon: Tarkatan Blades and Sai

I am Hakan, son of the Empress of Outworld and deceased General of Outworld known as Baraka. Ever since Shao Kahn and Onaga were defeated, Outworld has become Chaotic and at the beginnings of a bitter Civil War. Our dominion of the land has lessened and we can barely stop simple rebellions amongst are own men. The Centurains wish to remove my mother Mileena from power and make their leader, Motaro, ruler of Outworld. The Shokan no longer serve my mother loyally and they wish to replace her with their Prince Goro. The Tarkatans and the Men still loyal to my Mother cannot get along with one another and this is causing too much trouble for my taste.
In the cover of Night, I will go into their camps and challenge the leaders in Mortal Kombat. Thankfully Kintaro still serves as my royal protector, I will need his aid. If I am successful, I will hang their mutilated corpses from my palace balcony. From that point I will proceed to slay my mother...nothing personal...I love my is the Tarkatan way. I will piece Outworld back together and unite the races under one banner. I will restore Outworld to its former glory just as my Grandfather had before me, and no one will stop me...not even my mother....
11/15/2006 02:30 AM (UTC)
heres one.

name:kion shantana
friends:kintaro,reptile,Kung Lao(for a certain amount of time)
eneimies:Liu Kang,sub-zero,raiden,shang tsung, Jhonny Cage

as shoa khan and sindel's son,kion as a teen killed shao khan himself.
craving power as is dad would,he set on a journey to kill all experienced mk fighters,starting with Liu Kang, and his other enimies first afterwords.
can takes other fighter special ablities, wants to become worshipped by all and the best
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11/18/2006 02:06 AM (UTC)
Okay i got some new ones:

Ming Dao: A warrior monk from Edenia. He enters the next tournament to give his student an opportunity to surpass him.

Dai Shing: Ming Dao's student. is participating for training purposes. at least thats what his master tells him.

Basically Dai Shing has to kill Ming Dao in the tournament in order to surpass him. So if you won with Dai Shing then the ending wood be like: and so he surpassed his master. And if you won with Ming Dao it wood be like: and so he now searchs for a new student to replace the one that had just failed the final test.

Not sure about the weapons or specials though...
11/18/2006 03:09 AM (UTC)
Name: Asia

An Asian female with huge boobs and bowlegged from Asia.
11/24/2006 03:41 PM (UTC)
I wanna see the ultimat in drunken trash talking baseball fathers thats right i want to seee.....THE BAT DAD!
11/29/2006 11:56 PM (UTC)
Viper: Green Ninja thats smaller and younger than Reptile and alot faster.....He is Reptile and Khameleons offspring
12/01/2006 08:52 AM (UTC)
Name: Luna

Origin: Earthrealm

Gender: Female
Race/Class: Vampire/Assasin
Appearence: similar to Shadow from Segas classic "Eternal Champions" with a cloak
Summerized Story: In an attempt to kill Nitara...Luna and her party of hunters is outnumbered by Nitaras clan of vampires. After her party of hunters are killed...Nitara was reluctant to kill her so then desided to turn her into one of her vampire slaves.Luna gets turned into Nitaras right hand and temporarily is forced to do her bidding...that is until she can plot an escape or kill Nitara.
Enemies: Nitara
Allies: depends on a more in depth story...anyone against Nitara and her doing.
Special moves: Wooden stake- she throws a wooden stake to impale and stun the opponents
Vampire myst- temporarily makes her unable to get hit (similar to noobs old fireball move except no fireball)
Summon Bats- she summons a small flock of bats to attack the opponent (works like a fireball)
Hyper charge- super human strenght charge attack
Free fall- similar to raidens fly across the screen ecept when the opponent is grabbed she flies upward and drops the opponent
Fatalities: Canibal Cloak- she wraps the opponent in her cloak and floats in the air as screaming and blood starts splattering from within the cloak....she opens the cloak and reveals a dangling skeleten.
Vampire Rage- she screams in rage then tears the opponent into pieces....head,arms,legs go flying as the torso and chest remain intact on the ground she is rabidly eating the flesh like an animal.
(If)Animality: Giant mosquito- she jumps off the screen hissing and then the opponent pauses and looks up to see a giant mosquito flying at him or her....the mosquito then impales the opponents head...the opponent falls to the ground from the impact...twitching as the mosquito sucks the life out of the victim.
I have a few more chars i will post when i come up with story lines for them .... grin
12/03/2006 10:10 PM (UTC)

story: my name is Malficus. I was created in the Netherrealm by Shinnok to rule over the Netherrealm while he invaded Earthrealm. I have kept his realim in stability and order, and demons respected my authority while i ruled in Hell. I side with no one; i ally or became rivals with no one. I need no one else other than myself.
When Shinnok was defeated, i had grown in power, and almost defeated him, but insolent demons held me while Shinnok thought he killed me. He thought wrong.
I killed any demons who got in my way as Shinnok fought in Armageddon. He lost, again, and was banished here for the last time. Whiile he was fighting in Armageddon, i stole power from any i killed, and became 1000 x's stronger than him. All i had to do was wait for the time to strike.
When he came back after Armageddon, i followed him, out of sight, into his Spire. When he got to his throne, i showed false alleigance. As he was accepting my truce, i sprung myself on him. I sliced him into 100 pieces with my 20 ft.-long sword that i named Hellreaver. I now control this realm forever.
But i yearn for more. I have already taken over the vampires world, and Edenia. With a massive meteor i made, i destroyed Outworld, as i have no use for that world. Earthrealm is my main target. Puny earthlings believe Onaga is unstoppable, i am unstoppable. His strength is like a fly compared to mine. I slit his throat from behind, b/c of his slow speed. I now have no one standing in my conquest of Earthrealm; i will get power behind comprehesion!

look: he looks almost exactly like Sephiroth from FF7. Except he has red eyes, long sliver hair with black/red highlights, devil horns, vampire teeth, and his sword is longer, and has a eye jewel at bottom of sword; the sword's blade is totally black, but has tints of red in it.

that's my made-up character.
12/12/2006 11:41 PM (UTC)
Sindel with all her signature moves from MK3 is all I want for MK8 and all other future MK games.
12/13/2006 04:24 AM (UTC)


Origin: Outworld
Allegience: Evil
Allies: Shao Kahn, Goro
Enemies: Everyone else
Fighting style: Mantis
Weapon Style: Katana


After Armageddon Shao Kahn and Goro hid in a small cave in outworld. after 2 months of hiding Kahn and Goro went to a small village where Kessen an 18 year old lived as a free warrior. The village members attacked Kahn and Goro. Kahn and Goro fought bravely against the villagers, but their number begun to tire them. Kessen saw the fighting skill of Kahn and aided him. After the fight Kahn took Kessen in as if he were a son. Together the three of them re-built Shao Kahns army and the war which became known as the "Great War Of Outworld" had begun!
12/13/2006 11:54 AM (UTC)
This will eventually be a big topic...I think it should be stickied
12/16/2006 09:29 PM (UTC)
Name: Dezma
Origin: Vampire Realm
Allegience: Nuetral
Allies: Alkishnians
Enemies: Nitara, Telkipnians
Fighting style: Fu Jow Pai

Special Moves:
Blood mist: Dezma spits out a mist of blood which the opponent breaths in and stuns them, allowing a free hit.

Blood Cycle: Dezma spins with her wings sticking out, and a mist exceling from her. When the oppoenent gets within sweep range of her, their life slowly drains as the mist hurts them, and if they are hit by the spinning wings, they launch, and it allows Dezma a free combo.

Air tackle: while in air, Dezma charges at them, crushing and air kicks and punches

Story: The Vampire realm was a place where Vampires roamed freely in eternal night. We've transfers to other realms to seek out prey to feed on for many years. Until the faithful day where Shao Kahn invaded the Vampire Realm and took the entire royal family and placed us in a prison. There, slowly dying of thirst, we served him as vampire slaves, the rest of the vampire's whereabouts were unknown to me. After countless years, I was freed from shao Kahn's imprisonment by other vampires, as the only one who didn't dehydrate. I was told that Vampire Nitara had shattered the mystical orb that bounded our realm to Outworld for ages. The Vampire Realm was free once more, and because the Queen had died, I would take over as new Queen.

Alt Story: The Vampires had been debating on who should be the next Queen. Althought it was my rightful duty as princess, many thought that Nitara, who had saved the land, deserved the right to the throne. Thus, a civil war had begun, between the Alkishnians, followers of I, and the Telkipnians, followers of Nitara. Alkishnians were angered that Nitara had disobeyed the ancient scriptures of the Vampire Realm, that the next Queen shall be the Princess, but the Telkipnians feared that I wouldn't protect them as Nitara had saved them. This war will be fought on who has the right to the throne, I will make personally sure that Nitara's blood be drained from her body.

Ending: The war between the Alkishnians and the Telkipnians was becomeing feirce, and the battle between Dezma and Nitara high in the sky was becoming crucial, however, the Vampire Realm couldn't go one with out a rightful queen. Nitara's militia was clearly outnumbered, and each Telkipnian was drained of their blood my Dezma's followers.

Nitara began to weaken, and Dezma took to oppotunity to defeat her enemy, and take what is right fully hers. Dezma grabbed Nitara's head and began taking every drop of blood Nitara had in her, until she threw her on the ground. Dezma was crowned Queen of the Vampire Realm.

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12/30/2006 12:26 AM (UTC)
Name: Kadonte
Alignment: Depends on who he works for.
Occupation: Assasin
Origin: Outworld

Kadonte is an expertly trained assasin who was originally hired by Shao Kahn to eliminate his foes. But now that Kahn is dead, Kadonte searches the Outworld realm in search of new work. He comes upon a clan of strange warriors who claim to be in dire need of his assistance. Assured a large sum of money, Kadonte searches for his next target: Sub-Zero.

Invisibility (something all good assasins should have)
Smoke Bomb (works like sonyas powder)
High Swift Shuriken (throws blade quickly)
Low Swift Shuriken (throws at legs)

Weapon: Dual Katana

Fighting Style: Gai Djinn (swift combos that end with a powerful attack, sweeps and swift punches)

Ending: Im gonna leave this open to peoples imagination.

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01/03/2007 04:13 AM (UTC)

Race: Human
Group: White Lotus Society
Height: 7'6
Weight:226 Fighting Style: Nuevop ( a type of ninjistu i made up) Weapon:Kensorie Special Moves: Normally just uses green blasts like ermac Alliance : Good Status: Shaolin Ninja (White Ninja)
01/03/2007 09:23 AM (UTC)
I wouldnt mind seeing a werewolf character that morphs back an forth from both forms...whatever the name shape or size that would be awesome i think.
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