The Legacy of the Cryomancer King
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The Legacy of the Cryomancer King
09/06/2013 12:33 AM EDT
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RE: Fan Submission: The Legacy of the Cryomancer King
11/27/2013 08:44 PM EST
I enjoyed this. Your interpretation of the Cyromancer race and its downfall is cool. I like the mention of Gorbak too, obviously you’ve read up on your MK mythology.

One thing, whenever two characters are exchanging dialogue, it’s traditional to indent their individual lines. That way, your reader knows when each character is talking.

So for example:

“One character will start talking,” GTB said.

“And the other will reply to that,” GTB said again to himself, pretending he was another person.

And so on and so forth in that fashion. This was a good Fanfic though. Well done.

I need a new sig, something with Kabal from UMK3 would be sweet. Just imagine that here
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