An Important Note About Reporting Rumored Projects
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An Important Note About Reporting Rumored Projects
02/24/2021 07:43 PM EST

A couple people have called me out on posting about rumored projects or releases over the years. Even when some of the rumors are proven true, yet again when I report on another rumored project, more hate spews my way. While the rumor about the trailer dropping on the 26th proved to be false, in this day of age of DCMA takedowns and more, I feel we are at the best time in our lives to report on these rumors, because for the most part they have proven to be true.

Let's take Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion's Revenge for example. When that story broke in 2019, people immediately jumped on it as false and insisted it had to be false because it didn't sit well with them. Posters like myself were questioned why we were even reporting on it in the first place. Let's take a look back at the original headline and source:

RTF EXCLUSIVE: Joel McHale and Jennifer Carpenter Will Lead The Cast of An Animated MORTAL KOMBAT Movie!
January 10, 2019 By Mario-Francisco Robles

Doesn't sound legitimate does it? A comedian leading a MK film? But it turned out to be true and most of us have the 4K or Bluray or DVD to prove it.

A big issue we are having as fans is that new information is being leaked through unknown sources. While during the original days many of us fans were exposed to a lot of nonsense, rather it was through Game FAQs or gaming magazines like Game Pro or EGM, who often in later issues pointed out their rumors were actually false (Aqua and Nibus comes to mind). Nowadays, however, larger companies like Warner Bros. are making great strides in protecting their IP from leaked information (ok they failed in protecting the scripts from being leaked) and having sites removed for listing false information. Not saying we should consider all the rumored info as true but we should have a better understanding that what looks to be a rumor is likely an early unapproved leak (and when a company aggressively has it removed, it only assures us it is in fact a fact soon to come).

So, please understand that when many of us report on projects like MK Ultra Girls or the alleged upcoming animated film, Mortal Kombat 3, we're only the messengers. Don't shoot the messenger, as the old saying goes, especially when the majority of these rumors are proven true.

Let's take the upcoming MK movie, for example. After Rebirth and Legacy, many of us were excited. It meant we could finally see more of MK. At that time it'd been almost 10 years since we'd seen anything MK media related and it was that crappy FOMA shit. When news broke, and I can't recall other than a 2012 date, we were ecstatic. But once rumors started to drop around 2013 we learned about an emo Liu Kang who worked in a grocery store. Many of us weren't so excited but opened to this possibility. Then around 2015 or 2016 we saw a glimpse of casting notices that definitely didn't sit well with fans. Hate to break it to you but from the trailer alone, we learn that Liu Kang has effeminate qualities, like an emo person, which was loosely borrowed from the 2012/3 knowledge, and then many of the casting announcements from 2015/2016 are in fact similar to the characters we saw in the trailer, only with minor differences (MMA vs boxing, etc) for some characters and completely abolished ideas (a kid raiden) for others. As the leak scripts began to drop in 2019 we learn that many, many of the scenes are in fact what was filmed seen in the trailer. We are aware there have been many changes; the Scorpion/Sub opening has been stressed too many times.

So in short, before you click "Post Message," make sure it's not hateful, aggressive, or confrontational toward the messengers. Hate killed the original MK3 movie because so many fans were upset with Kasanoff/New Line back then and hate has definitely affected this cast and crew. That reflection has already been presented by the kast/krew in the recently released Kast Reaction / Director Breakdown of the trailer alone... and if they opt for featurettes and audio commentary, I see it lasting, even if they use such subtle hints as "controversial" or leaks or tell fans to chill out again.

Because most of these rumors have been proven true.

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RE: An Important Note About Reporting Rumored Projects
02/24/2021 08:18 PM EST

I think some of our fellow site members are a little edgy, and can come off as bitter. I'd say anything that gets us talking is good. I've been coming here on and off for some time and it seems a little dead these days. Posting about a rumor is at best, a lead on a new project, and at worst a talking point, and an opportunity for other members of MKO to share thoughts and ideas.

I can't speak for anyone else here, but from Johnny1up's perspective, it is welcome.

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