Cinemassacre, the fine folks behind the popular Angry Video Game Nerd webseries, recently took a nostalgic look back at the sequel that was Mortal Kombat: Annihilation. The video is part of the Rental Reviews series and can be watched right below. Check it out:

- Cinemassacre MK Movie Review
- AVGN 138: MK Mythologies
- MK Online Interviews Movie Cast
- Mortal Kombat Theatrical Trailer
- The Immortals - Techno Syndrome
- Movie Soundtrack TV Spot
- FoMA: Jax vs Rain - Round 1

The 1997 sequel gained early infamy for its liberal use of crude digital effects, its haphazard adaptation of game plotlines, and dialogue that's memorable for all the wrong reasons.

Cinemassacre's Rental Review shares stories of disappointment that many fans will relate to from their own experience, skewering several of these specific flaws with gleeful detail.

As much as Annihilation wasn't the sequel die hard fans may've hoped for -- it was still recognizably Mortal Kombat, and has a camp value that many are still finding a strange, delirious pleasure in. Check out the video to find the joy in the beautiful disaster, and spare them a few minor inaccuracies. They have since acknowledged the difference between Kitana and a "katana".

Be sure to also check out MK Online's interview recording with various players involved in both movies, including producer Larry Kassanoff, Keith Cooke (Sub-Zero), and the immortal star of both movies - Robin Shou!

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