With the Epic Battles Trading Card Game release right around the corner, the folks over at Score Entertainment have been kind enough to send us some sample cards that we may show you here. In this update, we've got four of the Mortal Kombat: Deception cards and four of the Street Fighter III: Third Strike cards as well.
Epic Battles Preview - Jade Character CardEpic Battles Preview - Sindel's Super ScreamEpic Battles Preview - Dark FistsEpic Battles Preview - You're Not Worthy
Epic Battles Preview - Ken Character CardEpic Battles Preview - The Master's TeachingEpic Battles Preview - Basketball PokeEpic Battles Preview - Gill's Resurrection
Not only does the game play really well, but the artwork from Udon Comics is astounding. Our thanks again to Score Entertainment for providing us with the exclusive images for this update!

UPDATE: To see more previews of thes cards, head on over to Mortal Kombat Guides as well as Top Tier Gaming!