The Mortal Kombat Online stream team are gearing up to go live with their first Twitch broadcast! Mark your calendars for the middle of the week: Round 1 begins streaming Wednesday, May 30th starting 8PM EDT/7PM CDT!

Watch the stream live right here on Mortal Kombat Online!

As outlined in a recent preview, the stream will feature discussion about a variety of Mortal Kombat topics, as well as kommunity guests and special prize giveaways!

During each stream members of the MKO Kommunity can answer Mortal Kombat trivia questions to advance to the Jackpot Round! Inspired by the Kombat Kode system first introduced in Mortal Kombat 3; winners will hope fortune smiles on them as they try to crack the kombat kode to win prizes and join the leaderboard!

Initial prizes will include a Raiden style bamboo hat signed by official Raiden voice actor Richard Epcar! For added authenticity - the hat, pictured below, has been sourced from the very Chicago costume shop that outfitted the digitized actors in the original Mortal Kombat!

A t-shirt used to promote the unofficial Book of Souls Kombatpedia project will also be on offer! The shirt bloodspatter and chain spear logo can be seen inset above.

Be here Wednesday to experience the action live on MK Online and via Twitch! Make sure you register to post your feedback on the forums and tell us what you enjoyed! Help spread the word by liking & sharing this story via Twitter and Facebook and save the date!