Happy 25th Anniversary Mortal Kombat Movie!
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Happy 25th Anniversary Mortal Kombat Movie!
08/02/2020 09:22 PM EDT
08/02/2020 09:24 PM EDT

This month, on the 18th, marks the 25th Anniversary of the theatrical release of the 1995 film...

We have a 25 Facts video from GameSpot:


The ONLY thing I have found where WB honors it was the release of the MKL:S film this year.

If you recall for the 15th Anniversary we were given Conquest series on DVD (I think we were given Legacy 2 which starred Cary Tagawa from the first movie reprising his role as Shang Tsung for the 20th).

So far nothing else. That's sad Casper can get a 4k release on its 25th yet MK fans appear again left out.

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