The live-action cast of Mortal Kombat: Legacy has added another actor to the second series: Harry Shum Jr confirming his presence on set in the latest news from twitter!

We don't know who the actor is playing, but a certain Shirai Ryu ninja's catch phrase got a mention in the tweet, leaving his affiliations open to speculation. Ian Anthony Dale returned to the series as Scorpion on November 28 [full story], confirming a start to photography.

Director Kevin Tancharoen first announced the second series of the YouTube serial in July, confirming a long list of characters in the process [full story]. The Mortal Kombat tournament itself is said to be a feature, meaning even if Shum filmed with the Scorpion actor, their affiliation may be inconsequential. Dan Southworth also joined the cast this week.

In an interview with Shogun Gamer, departing cast member Matt Mullins elaborated on the circumstances of his exit as Johnny Cage. It seems the part has been recast, continuing an on-screen tradition for the fictional actor-cum-kombatant who was similarly recast for the 1997 feature sequel, Mortal Kombat: Annihilation.

They requested footage from films that I worked on this last year which I gave them, and then they wanted me to actually read again for the second season. So I read and I auditioned for the same part as I did in season 1. Then they basically decided to go in another direction. - Matt Mullins on Cage recasting [via Shogun Gamer]

Jeri Ryan (Sonya Blade), Tahmoh Penikett (Kurtis Stryker) and Jolene Tran (Mileena) have also been ruled out of returning for the second series. Sam Tjhia, who appeared as Kitana in Episodes 4 and 5, teased a possible return [via Twitter].

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