Retro documentary Insert Coin: Inside Midway's 90s Revolution has mere days to reach a final Kickstarter target of $75,000!

The project was recently featured on Mortal Kombat Online, and in the short time since, has added even more incredible incentives to reward backers who help the time warped tale become a reality!

    New Insert Coin Kickstarter Rewards:
  • ON FIRE ($50 or more): Blu-Ray copies of the final documentary were an early guarantee, but fans can now look forward to even greater collectible and sentimental value with autographed copies! Midway luminaries John Tobias, Kerri Hoskins & Eugen Jarvis will sign -- a bonus fans who've already donated at this level can look forward to!

  • HIGH RESOLUTION ($150 or more): Donating at this level will now get you a limited edition print by Mortal Kombat co-creator John Tobias! The designer of some of the series' most iconic characters will create an original piece of artwork to be signed and numbered!

  • SOUND AND VISION ($200 or more): Limited to just 50 backers, this level will add a very special mp3 recording by Mortal Kombat voice artist Herman Sanchez! The now klassic Kombat announcer will record personalized messages by request!

  • LEGENDARY EVENING ($7500 or more): This high-level contribution will garner a high-level reward: An evening of dinner, drinks and gaming with some of Midway's best and brightest! developer Eugene Jarvis, Kerri Hoskins (Sonya Blade), Daniel Pesina (Johnny Cage) & Joshua Tsui will attend, with special guests to be advised. Footage of the evening will be recorded for inclusion with your signed Blu-Ray copy of the documentary, as well!

  • GALLOPING GHOST PRO-GAMER ($8500 or more): Fans kicking it up a notch to back the story of the revolution will receive a Revoluton X arcade cabinet thanks to Galloping Ghost Aracde! The machine celebrates the 5th anniversary of the Chicago game hub, and will also be signed by co-creator George Petro and Mistress Helga herself Kerri Hoskins!

The story of Midway Games' domination of early nineties arcades to the ambitions of the dawning millennium will be told by the people who were there - but it needs your help! Whether you reap the rewards of bankrolling at the top dollar, or simply kick in a few bucks to show your support, we're sure every fan will want to see Insert Coin become a reality!

For 48 hours: Chicago firm Bright Bright Great will be matching donations up to $7,500 - so backing Insert Coin via Kickstarter has never been more valuable!

Read Mortal Kombat Online's interview with documentary head and former developer Josh Tsui to learn even more [full story]. Register to discuss and support the project further on the forums! Follow Insert Coin @insertcoindoc for more. Help get the word out by liking and sharing links via @MK_Online, Facebook & YouTube!