Jasco Games, the game publishing and design company who created the Universal Fighting System (UFS) Collectible Card Game, has offically announced that it will release a series of Mortal Kombat X cards! They have released this announcement trailer:

Not only does has the Mortal Kombat fighting game experience been faithfully translated to a 2-player card game, but in addition, the game is fully compatible with all other licensed cards that are part of the UFS, such as Street Fighter, DarkStalkers, Dragon Ball Z, and others. Here is a small preview of some of the upcoming cards (though the final design may be subject to change):

There are also upcoming pre-release and release tournaments, and entrants will receive enough booster packs to assemble a card deck. Winners will receive limited edition Mortal Kombat X themed playmats. For dull details, check out:

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