If you've ever wondered why Mortal Kombat was banned in Australia a couple of years ago, the following video may just explain it. RackaRacka have clearly taken their Mortal Kombat X fandom to new levels, demonstrating exactly what happens when Aussies play. Explicit Content Warning: The following clip contains scenes of extreme graphic violence, gore, and coarse language. Not suitable for viewers under the age of 15.

The apocalypse of recently revived film franchise Mad Max has never been the focal point, so you might not realize its the documentary result of an Australian barbecue that went just a little too far. They often do. Australia is an isolated, harsh and arid environment, where most things can and will kill you if you don't get them first. Including your barbecue buddies.

The well made video flexes some impressive technical muscles, but may challenge your notions of comedy. The classically rough-and-tumble Aussie humor is at risk of getting lost amid a carnival of carnage. It reflects back upon the most recent game, which took many of the series' finishing moves away from character-driven cartoon creativity, into perhaps their most disturbingly realistic incarnation. Viewer discretion will need to be exercised before watching, and maybe a shower afterwards.

The clip is the work of Danny & Michael Philippou, with music by Patrick Gill. Watch out for a cameo appearance by Scorpion, and his forgotten fatal nemesis - the avenging G-MILF!

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