There are the classic pranks: crank calls about peeing freely, the fly in the icecube, and so on. Then there's Mortal Kombat Elevator Prank -- a video topping 15.8 million hits on YouTube in just one week! If that has your viral kuriosity piqued - hit play on the embedded video below.

For those looking for a little info before they spend the currency of those precious 2mins 37secs, the premise is very simple. A man - the eponymous fouseyTUBE - dresses up in a Sub-Zero rubber mask and costume and lurks around in an elevator.

There's some creepy staring, punches & kicks, and a bit of shouting too, but that's generally the crux of it. The prank is dressing up like Sub-Zero and harassing elevator goers.

We're not entirely sure who this prank is on. It might be the guy who was convinced to do this on film, or us - the viewers who contributed to the viewing bonanza in droves. In either case - Mortal Kombat Online does not advise you try this at home. If only because millions of people will see you annoying people like a complete twonk. Be cool, Sub-Zero.

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