Since acquiring the license in 2011; Pop Culture Shock Collectibles have established a strong reputation for some of the highest quality Mortal Kombat merchandise available!

Scale statues have given fans their own Kombat Shrine at home, with classic and contemporary recreations of the games' deadliest fighters, and favorite foes. For the extra heft of holding a kombatant's head in your bare heads: life-size character busts finish them with awe inspiring results! Sub-Zero makes a cold comeback in images below:

This marks the second 1:1 scale Sub-Zero from the company. They blast chilled us with the announcement of their first life-size creation way back in 2012, before unleashing Scorpion the following year. Four years later, they've stunned us once again with a recreation of the Mortal Kombat X design made famous in the first game trailer!

On his initial meetings with Warner Brothers, Pop Culture Shock Collectibles president Jerry Macaluso recounts: "Sub-Zero’s design in Mortal Kombat [2011] was just about perfect, and I wasn’t sure it could be improved upon. It took all of 5 minutes to assuage any doubts, and I think I was already envisioning this piece in the elevator back down to the car. He had some big 1:1 scale boots to fill."

The results speak for themselves: Two 30" (76cm) busts based on original 3D models from the games, and careful hand sculpting to create outstanding life-size collectibles! Each bust sits atop a frosty translucent ice pedestal for $1049.99US, but only the PCS exclusive Cryomancer version has light-up LED mask and eyes!

Pre-ordering for both limited edition busts begins September 12th! The finished product will ship in the final quarter of 2017. Enlarge thumbnails above to see prototype products in detail.

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