Mortal Kombat has conquered many realms of merchandise, but we haven't seen the beloved fighting franchise make a full entry into the world of miniature tabletop gaming. We first saw designs for Mortal Kombat: The Miniatures Game when it was still an MKX prototype project back in 2015, and now we have designs from its ill fated Mortal Kombat 11 iteration. Take a look:

Colourful and vibrant designs for dozens of miniature figurines based on Mortal Kombat 11 have been released to Discord by the Jasco Games designer. It shows an exciting picture of what might've been had the gaming minifigs come to fruition, including a few Klassic designs, as well. Browse the gallery below:

Prototype Mortal Kombat X inspired figures were displayed at GenCon 2015, but despite a brief detour into the world of Kickstarter crowdfunding, it seems Jasco weren't able to follow through with their grand plans for the Mortal Kombat license. A Street Fighter version was produced.

Mortal Kombat did find its way into the Universal Fighting System collectible card game, which continues to be a focus for the company since its acquisition in March by POW! Interactive.

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