McFarlane Toys Tease Mortal Kombat License
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RE: McFarlane Toys Tease Mortal Kombat License
02/18/2019 09:14 AM EST

Lol. I know why he didn't have the cape and chain moves in early SoulCal, it didn't stop me at the time from being like "They just gave him a generic little hand axe, why bother?" I still found it disappointing even if I understood WHY it happened. But yeah I wouldn't say I'm casual but not a hardcore pro either. I'm a longtime fan but skills wise I'm like high end of mediocre so I don't usually try to talk like I know everything. Unless it's either lore which I may be able to rival Razor in pure memory of or just arguing my opinions, lol. Scorpion is my main since I was 10 in arcades back in '92. I've always liked characters like him, Spawn, Ghost Rider, etc. I'd be stoked to see him and Scorp in a game together but am just hopeful that this time around he won't be a disappointment and will be the second guest character I've ever liked enough to try and include in my top 5 for a game. The first was Predator and I loved Hunter Var. but I wasn't very good with him, lol.

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RE: McFarlane Toys Tease Mortal Kombat License
05/01/2019 03:51 PM EDT

I’m crossing my fingers for sonya to be in this line.

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