MK11 Random & MK Movie Skins / Easter Eggs
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MK11 Random & MK Movie Skins / Easter Eggs
02/16/2021 04:33 AM EST
02/16/2021 04:53 AM EST

Notice the MK movie pack has a skin of Sandra Hess's outfit from Annihilation?

There's also a loose adaptation of Sonya's outfit from the 2021 film.

Also, Liu Kang with a white headband and his mannerisms resembles the villain from Bloodsport.

When people are skinned alive its an hode to Hellraiser.

Robocop's second skin is really Judge Dredd.

Anyone have any more you want to share?

Raiden has a Dracula skin

Cetrion has a Mummy skin

Geras has z Frankenstein monster skin.

Cassie Cage has a Harley Quinn skin.

Kotal Kahn has a skin where he resembles The Beastmaster.

Scarlett, Jade, Kitana have UMK3 skins.

Sonya says "Kombat Time" sometimes before a Round 2 or 3 fight.

There is a ton of "fan service" / hentai / BDSM references in this game. Scarlett and D'Vorah are two characters who represent this.

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