MKAs TBS Premiere, For Guys Who Like Movies Transcript Found; Lemar was present
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MKAs TBS Premiere, For Guys Who Like Movies Transcript Found; Lemar was present
07/06/2018 11:49 PM EST
Until now we only thought Sindel was present given the footage that exists. However, after browsing through the archives of the former fan site, MK Nightmares, I have found a transcript of the entire segments and one with James Lemar, who for now we have no video of. Enjoy.

Mortal Kombat Annihilation Chat Transcript from "Movies For Guys Who Like Movies"

Karyn Bryant (host) and James Remar (Rayden)

Remar> I’m not a professional martial artist, I’m an actor and I do
my own physical work, but the real stunt work was done by an
Olympic Gymnast, by the name of Mark Caso... and Ray Park,
who was Darth Maul.

Bryant> Oh really !!!

Remar> Yeah, he was my double.

Byrant> In Mortal Kombat, you definitely play the heart and mind for
the team. I mean you’re wise, how old are you in this?

Remar> Twenty... er uh... Twenty-three thousand years.

Bryant> Something like that?!

Remar> I lost count at ten.

Byrant> Looking good though there!

Remar> Of course. Byrant> Did they make a doll of you?

Remar> No... I wish they did.

Bryant> Aww... you didn’t get a doll?!

Remar> They never made a doll of me, I guess I’m not cuddly. A little action doll.

Bryant> Was it fun, you know, was it tough shoot?

Remar> Mortal Kombat was fun and it was tough. It was hard physical work.
First, we were freezing in England, and then... the nighttime in Jordan
it was also freeing... it was very dry. And then in Thailand, it was a
like hundred degrees and humidity. I was wearing a full wig and all
this stuff. But, it was great.

Bryant> Are they going to make another Mortal Kombat... do you know?

Remar> I wish they would, and I wish they’d ask me to do it! Go back to
Thailand, go back to the Middle East, and put that wig on again, and
run, and jump... and beat the baddies.

Bryant> It’s James Remar, here on Movies for Guys Who Like Movies.

Remar> Am I supposed to do something special that this point... All right,
let’s see what I can summon up here. Do
I still have it? Gotcha.

Bryant> More Movies for Guys on the way.

Karyn Bryant (host) and Musetta Vander (Sindel)

Bryant> You play quite an evil woman in this movie, how much fun was it to shoot this?

Vander> It was fantastic. I mean, first, when they said, “You are going to have
long black hair with white streaks in it... and you are going to be killing people
with your hair... and giving these vicious screams.” I was like, that’s me!

Byrant> Do you ever run into the fans... you know, the rabid fans who are just jumping
all over you for being in the movie?

Vander> Yeah, I do sometimes... and I get a lot of mail from them. A friend of mine
has two little kids, and when I come over there, they start screaming the minute
they see me at the top of their lungs, and they want me to collapse their house for them.
Their mother just looks at me like, “Please, just scream, so they’ll stop asking.”
You know, cause they’ll go around screaming the entire day!

Bryant> Were you trained well, did you know martial arts before you got into this?

Vander> No, I did not know martial arts. I had a dance background. Martial arts was
really the last minute thing. When I got there, I was trained on the sets. When I
got to London, and when I got to Thailand is where I shot the fight scenes.

Bryant> When you get the offer to make a sequel to a movie like this, what was your
first thought?

Vander> I love the whole Sci Fi genre and I love action. Especially, this movie was
traveling to so many countries.

Bryant> We’re going to get back to some of those places. We’ve got more of the movie
coming up. It’s Mortal Kombat Annihilation. Thank you Musetta for joining us.
Guys, look for her... listen for her... you’ve got the vicious scream.

Vander> Yeah, that’s right... and my hoarse voice now.
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