It has been seven months since Mortal Kombat Online proudly announced its affiliation with Syco Collectibles - a specialty manufacturer in licensed and proprietary collectible products who acquired the Mortal Kombat licence for MK 2011 as well as the Klassic MK games.

The company has since manufactured a wide variety of stunning high quality collectible statues featuring beloved and popular characters from the series such as Raiden, Sub-Zero, Mileena, Scorpion, Liu Kang, Kitana, Jade, and Ermac. You can read the fourth feature right here and our third 'Character Spotlight' right here.

Syco Collectibles has made sure to keep things unique and exciting for MK fans not only by sculpting 10" statues (some with extra accessories) of the characters; they also offer Exclusive statues with special features such as LED eyes and/or alternative heads/hands as well as a Premium Format 18" line and a 1:2 Scale Busts line.

The company is trying to cover every possible angle and they are aiming to sculpt the entire cast of Mortal Kombat 2011. They have been working hard to please the fans by taking into consideration the community's feedback, suggestions, and opinions which are continuously being posted and shared in their Facebook, their Twitter, Mortal Kombat Online, and other MK fan sites.

We can confirm that a selected number of their upcoming characters will present new and exciting special features which include unique base-designs (that relate to the specific character) as well as glow-in-the-Dark material among other surprises.

They are also following the well known tradition of NRS when it comes to adding 'secrets' in their Mortal Kombat games, so, you can definitely expect some 'easter eggs' in their statues. Keep both eyes open for their upcoming reveals which include 'the original lady of Mortal Kombat', Sonya Blade, 'the traitor of the Realms', Rain, and MKO's Exclusive statue, the contestant winner, Motaro!

This week we are happy to bring you Part V of our Syco Collectibles Feature and announce yet another Mortal Kombat Online Exclusive! We are proud to reveal the first teaser images of the much anticipated 10" and 18" tough-blonde and Special Forces Lt., Sonya Blade:

Sonya has been chosen as the first female character to be sculpted in their impressive 18" Premium Format line. The 18" statue will present her Alternate Costume and it will be the first Mortal Kombat statue to be featured in 'Mixed Media'! For those of you who are unaware of the term 'Mixed Media', it means that Sonya will feature hand-made high quality clothing material and fabric designed specifically for her sculpture.

The 10" Statue will feature Sonya in her Primary Costume and you can expect some extra features and accessories for both of her statues. At the moment we can't reveal anymore specific details about her, however, we have a series of clues and hints that relate to both of her statues' features and poses! Keeping up with our last post concerning 'The Rain Clues', we now present to you:

'The Blonde Clues'

1) Might kill you, but, might also heal you.
2) Military Stance is a nice combination of commands.
3) Don't trust her "Rocky Horror Picture Show" introduction.
4) The epak liwl mynee lod bresid angom the.

Can you guess them all? What do you think her statues will feature? Can you guess their unique poses? Discuss it all here!

After the many interesting and wild guesses, we are happy to be the first to announce and reveal the secret character that Syco Collectibles chose as the next MK warrior to be immortalized in their high quality collectibles: the former movie star with the unforgettable quotes, and one of Earth's greatest heroes, Mr. Johnny Cage!

Make sure to check out our latest Poll concerning Johnny and discuss here your favorite pose-ideas for his upcoming statue!

Johnny Cage will join Noob Saibot for their 2012 line. Production on the two characters will begin shortly. At the moment, Syco Collectibles is completing their work on Sonya, Rain, and Shao Kahn. We can also confirm that work on Motaro has already began! Congratulations to all of those who guessed correctly our clue and hint concerning "Johnny Cage" in our last 'Spotlight' thread! Expect some new announcements and reveals in the upcoming months.

Even if your favorite character hasn't been confirmed yet, that doesn't mean Syco Collectibles isn't thinking about him/her. Our last 'Poll' concerning Cyrax and Sektor has caught the company's attention, for example, and one of the Cyborgs has been pushed up the line.

What are your thoughts regarding this announcement? Did you guess it to be Johnny Cage? Share your thoughts here! Don't forget to provide Syco Collectibles with your own ideas and suggestions concerning Skarlet's statue and pose here and Noob Saibot's statue and pose right here.

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