More on Kano ; Mortal Kombat (2021) Premieres April 15 in UK, Australia, and Most of Europe
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More on Kano ; Mortal Kombat (2021) Premieres April 15 in UK, Australia, and Most of Europe
03/04/2021 01:07 PM EST

Note that the US usually gets early releases of films the night before the official release date. However, since I've only went to one movie in November, I have no clue how theaters in the USA are treating the traditional early release where normally you can watch a film early with a late-night showing the night before a film officially released. But if most of our theaters are still doing this, this isn't exactly discerning news for those of us here in the US. After all, the film was made in Australia so why not treat the Australians, especially after the 2011 banning of MK9?

FYI: Sydney Australia is 16 hours ahead of New York Time. So when it's April 15 in most of Australia, it will actually be April 14 in most of the United States. So many of us here in the USA will actually get early reviews and early spoilers. For anyone in Australia or Europe who sees the film early, PLEASE use the spoiler tag and mention [SPOILERS] in the headline so many of us won't be spoiled. Please keep your reviews on point and without any bias, at least until the end of your review. It doesn't do anything when you tell us if the movie sucks or is awesome without explaining why and it's redundant to say it sucks when it's not "Enter the Dragon" when that's been common knowledge based on the leaks since 2019.

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