Mortal Kombat (1995): There were 3 girls cast as Sonya Blade but...
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Mortal Kombat (1995): There were 3 girls cast as Sonya Blade but...
06/24/2018 12:40 AM EST
Many of you may remember my heyday when I began producing my own mini-videos about theories and facts regarding MK media (what Kasanoff has called "trans-media." If not here is my original video about this subject: Sonya's casting troubles

Thanks to my friend titan, he referred me to a book called 'Lights, Camera, Game Over'. The book sheds light on some of the information that has been confused, even by the producers over the years, and clarifies this:

1. Cameron Diaz was cast. However, no footage was filmed as she was injured during a rehearsal scene.
2. McCellean (sic) DID have footage filmed and some does appear in the movie. But it's only her backside as Kasanoff frankly noted she wasn't a crew favorite and didn't feel she was right for the role. She lasted about a week before Bridgette Wilson returned.
3. Much of the reason for the Bridgette Wilson issues were because she was denied the money she wanted originally. Obviously with a $750k salary she got what she wanted.
4. No more mention about Bridgette's first injury (which was reported by Bridgette in the video I linked above in a magazine) or about who the hell is the girl as Sonya Blade during the techno club scene where she appears to have makeup (I have yet to hear what stunt woman Barbara Goldstone done in the film)

Kasanoff goes on to say that, for Annihilation, pretty much only Soto and Shou tested well and, for the most part, everyone either wanted more money or Kasanoff didn't have a good working relationship with them (even Anderson goes on to say his relationship was very rocky during the movie).

Kasanoff also blamed New Line for MKA's failure because it was rushed and released unfinished with a ton of stuff cut out.

Ultimately, MK began production without being greenlit and despite it held the #1 spot for three weeks in 1995 (it was replaced by the To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything... film with Wesley Snipes as a transgendered man), everyone from New Line to Ed Boon/Tobias said it was shit. MKA was both a bomb and financial loss.

The "series bible" is mentioned again, it is believed the DOTR Writer's Guide, available at my site, was this bible since it chronicled a timeline of MK at that time and had character descriptions but was mixed in a section with Conquest, so I don't know.

The original release date for the first MK film was not May 1995 like the original posters suggest but June 1995. New Line pushed it forward to May because they just wanted to get it over with and Kasanoff requested August to film the new fights and MK3 tie-in ending - the Cage/Scorpion fight originally ended with them "dematerializing" and no one dying and Cage reappearing as the victor, by the way.

Much of the stuff in it is already known and widely available from my site and official MK merch like the movie magazine, making-of documentaries, and behind the scenes book; it's cool that Kasanoff briefly mentions as "a TNT special" the Mortal Kombat: Behind the Dragon documentary, which I uploaded to here: . TV Guide, in its listings, called the documentary "Mortal Kombat Preview" despite that's the name of a promo VHS tape containing only a variant of the film trailer.

By the way, there was some obscure (and I think an error) statement that Quan Chi was hinted in The Journey Begins. I'm not sure what reference they're making or if this was meant to be a reference to Quan Chi's deleted MKA scenes or his use in MKDOTR.
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