Mortal Kombat (2021) Official Red Band Restricted Trailer Link & Subtitle Text
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Mortal Kombat (2021) Official Red Band Restricted Trailer Link & Subtitle Text
02/18/2021 07:50 PM EST

Not to overshadow's MKO's link but I feel this is the link to watch to see global fan reaction. It's widely positive so far, however, I can't help to notice it's only been seen by 500k of the 9m subscribers of WB's Youtube Page. Hopefully it will grow to more so the exposure is real reached.

English Captions / Subtitles Text (in SDH):

First learned about this
seven years ago on a mission in Brazil

to capture a wanted fugitive.

When we got there,
it tore through our unit in seconds.


The target has superhuman abilities.

It had the same marking you do, Cole.

It's a birthmark.
- What do you mean?

He was born with it.

It's not a birthmark, Cole.
It means you've been chosen.

Throughout history,
different cultures all over the world...

reference a great tournament...

of champions.

That dragon marking,
I think it's an invitation

to fight for something known...

as Mortal Kombat.

These are your champions?

I'm Sonya.

That's Kano.

I'm Liu Kang.

Name's Jax.

Kung Lao.

Lord Raiden.

The fate of Earth is in our hands.

No matter how many of my people
you put in the ground...

we will not fail.

Kill them.


I am Sub-Zero.

Get over here.

Finish them!


Kano wins. You fucking beauty.

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