Mortal Kombat (2021) Soundtrack Audio CD an Epic Success
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Mortal Kombat (2021) Soundtrack Audio CD an Epic Success
04/21/2021 07:08 PM EDT
Pretty much all of the tracks contain an interpolation of Techno Syndrome. But all of this movie is epic and cinematic. There's a variety of really calm and serene stuff to unnerving and suspenseful and even upbeat like Techno Syndrome. Recommend to buy and own the CD if you still buy CDs or just to kollect. The CD from Amazon is professionally pressed and is NOT manufactured on demand as some other retailers suggest.
The CD contains about an 8 page booklet of mainly character promo art, pretty much the vertical slides. There is full-page emphasis on the back of the booklet given to Sub-Zero and for the CD back insert it's all to Scorpion. The track listing appears only on the back of the CD with the same graphic used as the visualizer that pounded with the beat of the music on the free Youtube copy. The CD contains the new metal Dragon logo itself so it's interesting if the 4K UHD will still use that route and which Dragon logo variances will be used across the UHD / Bluray / DVD discs.

Missing from the soundtrack, since another artist composed it, is the trailer music. Also missing is the Puppet song that has been credited in the WB Media Pass site.

You can buy the CD or stream it or download the MP3 here:

You can listen to it on Youtube for free and across most music services: and

You can also find the Emergence trailer track here:

You can listen to the I'm a Puppet song here (I have yet to find where it played in the movie but it was credited in the official credits released by WB Media Pass):

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