The Mortal Kombat feature film has made its way from theatres to home media, but its success on the HBO Max streaming platform continues to be a focus as analysts examine viewership data for other major releases on the service. A new examination of the opening three weeks for six streaming blockbusters has put MK on top. Take a closer look:

Third-party ratings analyst Samba TV has shared a breakdown of estimated United States viewership for six of HBO Max's recent streaming juggernauts, putting Mortal Kombat on top of an 18 day stream window with 5.5 million households. That's slightly ahead of theatrical titan Godzilla vs King Kong at 5.1 million, which also conceded its record premier to the fighting game adaptation.

This month's DC cinematic soft-reboot The Suicide Squad stands strong at third, having also enjoyed the streaming service's second strongest premier. WarnerMedia doesn't release exact viewer numbers, but HBO Max chief Andy Forssell recently told The Hollywood Reporter that Mortal Kombat still holds the biggest opening.

Mortal Kombat exceeded WarnerMedia expectations with its successful release, despite recent success of games. The movie found broad audience interest, even as it received mixed reviews from fans and critics alike. Talk of a sequel quickly followed.

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