Mortal Kombat Live Tour (1995) Headband Found
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Mortal Kombat Live Tour (1995) Headband Found
02/27/2021 10:35 PM EST

Up until this point I had only seen photos of this from the official program book. However, everytime a new MK project is announced so come the scalpers. I found another listing where this same headband sold for $20. In fact, if you hold out until after the movie, most of the ridiculously priced items (Mk Hat for $120? No, it goes for $25; Midway Comic for $100+? No it goes between $10-20; Live Shirt t-shirt with illustrated Liu Kang for $360? Sucker! Less than $100!)

This dude wanted $1,000 for this headband. Search Ebay's complete listings for this and you'll find it sold for under $25:

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